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CNY Run – 31-01-2012

The run was started off with a bang (fire crackers), it being a run in celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon and all that.

As it was announced before the start that there were “angpows” to be found at certain points along the route, many of the hashers hurried off in hope of being the lucky ones to find one of the red packets. The hares did well to give a balanced run comprising of some road running and hiking through stretches of forest in the vicinity of the club. It was not a long run but enough to give exercise and draw sweat. Most runners were back at the club within the hour.

The hash circle was preceded by a lion dance sponsored by one of the hashers (         ). The President, Yg Bhg Dato Abdullah Sani was on hand to “give life” to the two lions before they could perform for the gathering. There was also a dragon dance to complete the entertainment for the evening.

There was lots of laughter during the hash circle from the many charges drummed up by the grandmaster (Arthur Hoi), official bomoh ( Jim Poh) and others against hashers for sins real or imagined. The hares were thanked for laying a good trail and guests were welcomed. Four hashers were honoured for being in traditional Chinaman attire and sporting a pig tail (hair tied in plaids). They (Alka, Sham, Col. Johan and Burns) were the only ones in Chinaman attire. Col. Johan was also punished for being too well dressed (highly polished shoes with his sweaty run attire).

The celebration dinner, held at the Bunga Raya Chinese Restaurant, was a noisy affair from beginning to end. The caterer operating the place must have been secretly pleased with the hashers for making his outlet so “KO HENG”! The President and Vice –President together with their spouse joined the hashers at the dinner and another guest welcomed by everyone was none other than the God of Wealth. Dinner was disrupted when he made his entrance and he was swamped by admirers wanting to shake his hand, hug him and take pictures with him for you know what reason lah.

Well done to new grandmaster Arthur Hoi and his mismanagement people for having organized the celebration event so successfully. On-On!

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