Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Run 898 Dec 29 is an In Run - RLC (2nd members' run)

  • Run 898 is the December Members' Run
  • December 29, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC 
RLC Harriers' 2015 Send-Off
Tuesday 29 December 2015 / Jane Oon 

After a fantastically eventful year, the Hashers of RLC could not let
2015 leave without a bang ... and so it was on the last run of the
year numbered 898.

Some 50 runners turned up and off we went into the Lake Garden where
the first check got everybody squeezing through a narrow gap before
climbing up to the National Monument. The second check was quite
predictable and we gingerly negotiated our way down the slippery
slopes of one of the last remaining bits of jungle in Kuala Lumpur.
When we emerged at Menara LPP, the SCB (short cut b*****ds) turn left
for home while the rest crossed the road where the third check posed a
huge unsurmountable problem.

The Dragon Trail was flooded and no alternative route could be found.
Little did the runners realise it was a back-check into the government
offices and then a road run back to the Club. At the hilarious Circle
that followed, many sinners were punished for crimes, real or

We dressed up in our Cowboy fineries and made our way to The Pavilion
for a night of revelry and festivities. Wine and beer and whisky
flowed freely. Sue and GM Woon won the muscles contest and awards were
handed out for outstanding Hashers - CKLeong got a pair of baguettes
for his untiring efforts in 2015; Boss received a dictionary to
improve her England, oops, English and GM Buta Buta Woon, a blindman's
walking stick.

The band kept the festive mood going - getting everybody on the floor
with evergreens like YMCA, Stayin' Alive and other rollicking numbers
... and so we danced and laughed and had a jolly good time saying
farewell to yet another wonderful year.

Good-bye 2015. Hello 2016. On! On!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Run 897 Dec 22 is at SMK Sri Hartamas

  • Run 897 is by Steven Khoo and Chin F Kee
  • December 22, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Outside SMK Sri Hartamas
  • Park Once Policy (On On on-site)
  • Bring torchlight, chairs mosquito repellent & umbrella/tent
RLC Harriers Run #897 Tuesday 22 December 2015
Run Site : SM Sri Hartamas
Hares : Steven Khoo and F.K.Chin
Weather : Totally dry

As we gathered in front of the school, there was an air of expectation
that Steven Khoo has a surprise for everyone. At the appointed time on
this Winter Solstice Day (a very important date in the Chinese
calendar and one of two celebrated not in accordance with the Lunar
Calendar ... a prize to the first to tell me what is the other one?)

At the appointed time of 6.00 pm, off we went to the main road to be
met with a very early check. It was broken at a point further on
leading to the pylons, after which we traversed some secondary jungle
before climbing down and turning right on to a tarred road. The trail
turned left up another jungle path and soon we were running happily in
the forest. 

Then came the surprise as we got on to a road. There he was, our hare
with his boot open, revealing the very inviting cold beer. That stop
was most welcome as the parched runners quenched their thirst. After
that lovely interlude, everything else was an anti-climax.

FROP was Steven Yong at 72 minutes followed closely by Quiksilver Fox
and Rule #1 Wendy and Mighty Mouse Lilian. We had our showers and sat
round for the inevitably hilarious circle. Our latest recruit,
Catherine Chang was formally awarded her pair of royal butler's

GM Butabuta Woon had to go back to officiate at his family Winter
Solstice dinner so our Tarzan made for a more-than-adequate
substitute. Charges flew left right and centre and of note was the "No
balls at all" song sung to commemorate the altercation between Dato
Nik Gee and Sivanesan (one called the other "no balls" and got "bitch"
in reply) For the record, nine Hashers signed the requisition for the
EGM to hear her side of the story.

The POP (park once policy) dinner was nasi lemak, complete with fried
chicken and kambung fish. Alas, no whisky but cans of cold Carlsberg
from the boot of Steven's car. So UY went home to have some single

The rest must have stayed on to enjoy the ambience, the camaraderie
and the idle chit-chat that make each Hash gathering such great fun.

On! On!

p/s Those who have volunteered to help set the Members' Run next week,
please meet at the usual place on Tuesday 29 Dec 2015 at 3.00 pm.
After the Circle on 29 Dec run, we will adjourn to The Pavilion for
the RLC Harriers New Year's Eve Party ... so dress up and be prepared
to be merry

As a special favour, we reproduce the lyrics to the No Balls song

Come here ye children
And listen to me
I'll sing you a song
That will fill you with glee
About a young lady
So pretty and tall
Who married a man
Who had no balls at all

Chorus :  No balls at all
  No balls at all
  She married a man
  Who had no balls at all

She clearly remembered
The night she was wed
She took off her covers
And jumped into bed
She reached for his shoulders
His shoulders seem small
She reached for his balls
He had no balls at all

Oh mother oh mother
Oh what shall I do
My sorrows are plenty
My pleasures but few
Oh how could you 
Allow me to fall
For this son of a bitch
Who had no balls at all

Oh daughter oh daughter
Oh don't you be sad
I had the same problem 
With your dear old dad
There's many a young man
Who'll run to the call
Of the wife of a man
Who had no balls at all

The young daughter
Tooks her mother's advice
And found the proceedings
Exceedingly nice
A seven pound baby 
Was born in the fall
But the poor little bastard
Had no balls at all

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Run 896 Dec 15 is the 17th Anniversary Run - RLC

  • Run 896 is the RLC Harriers 17th Anniversary 
  • December 15, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - on on in the Orchid (dress rule applies)
RLC Harriers Run #896 Tuesday 15 December 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : GM Woon & Peter Leong
Weather : Rain before and during but stopped around 6.30

There was a festive air around the quadrangular in spite of the
incessant rain that had started pouring down at 5.00pm. People were
trying out Col Johan's wicked punch and the rambutan that Uncle Yap
had brought from Dr Gurmukh Singh's garden. The hashers and the guests
collected their freebie (a sarong) and soon it was time for the
obligatory group picture.

The roti horn sounded and off the 120 of us went along the road to
Jalan Parliament and left at Padang Merbok and into the squatters
colony where the hares had cut a path across the wasteland that had
acted as a public rubbish dumping ground. We came across discarded
sofas, building material waste (from some renovation jobs) and lots of
odds and ends. Very soon, we hit a road and then it was off to another
patch of jungle beside Datin Ann's house. This path has been a
perennial favourite among hashers but on this day, the path was
extremely treacherous and slippery. Wendy Rule #1 could be heard
shouting out the warning, "Don't grab the trees - full of thorns" and
people heard and obeyed and fell on their bums. Lots of backsides were
muddied here.

We emerged at Menara LPP and the SCB turned left and made their weary
way home. The others went straight across the junction and entered
another patch of jungle before traversing the path along Dragon Trail
and then back to the Club. FROP was Quiksilver Fox at 68 minutes
(wonder how he can time his arrival to end at 8 (fatt)?)

The Circle was another hilarious affair but soon it was time to bathe
and dress up in our fineries ... all the men in their suits and the
ladies in gowns and each capped by exquisite headgear from feathered
crowning glories from the Roaring Thirties to elegant outfits that
would not be out of place at the Ascot Opening Day. Very posh indeed.

Fine dining followed and it was accompanied by free flow of beer and
wine and many bottles of single malt whiskies, generously contributed
by hash section members. We tucked heartily into the food. In between
the courses, there were cake-cutting, games, fashion parades and lucky

The band played harmoniously in the background ... and we danced and
made merry into the wee hours of the morning and we all had a jolly
good time.

REMINDER : Sunday 8.30am Working Gang to clear Dragon Trail
Bring yourselves and parangs and cutters. All are welcome.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Run 894 Dec 1 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 894 is by Dr Yap and Cecilia
  • December 1, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #894 Tuesday 1 December 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : Dr C.M.Yap & Cecilia
Weather : Rain before, and always threatening

By the time JM CKLeong pressed the roti horn, fewer than 40 runners
had signed in. This got the hares so worried about attendance (or the
lack of it) that they invited some other non-hashers for the On On On

As we ran off up the slope towards the Monuments, UY was the first
since he always cut straight up to Monument Hill whereas the rest
dutifully followed the paper pieces to the traffic lights before
crossing over. Then it was down the grassy hill, across a small stream
and then across to the other side.

The trail then meandered a bit before the unmistakable route back to
the reservoir and then through the deserted governemnt quarters and
then back to familiar territory on the way back home. As usual, our
Quiksilver Fox was the FROP at 53 minutes, followed closely by the
bunch of usual suspects like Mighty Mouse Lilian, Rule #1 Wendy,
Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC Thambi Chai.

The Circle was remarkable as it showed at least ten harriers with new
haircuts. Many of our runs are outside so whenever we run in, many
take the opportunity to visit the barber. Most would just sign the
chit afterwards but we had Bala who, on account of his diminishing
tonsorial assets, audaciously asked Mohan, the Chief Barber, for a
discount due to supposedly less work since he has less hair than
normal. Mohan politely told our lawyer "You should be lucky that we do
not charge you a search fee"

Playboy Choo was asked to reprise his amorous kissing with Ann; which
he did with so much gusto that he fell off the chair. As the hilarious
proceedings carried on, more and more Harriers came in, walking in
innocently one by one. Dato Steven Oon, ChiMui aka Auntie aka Casey,
Pauline Tan, Richard Low, etc etc so much so Cecilia was hard pressed
to place everybody at a table. For the count, we had about 60 diners.
(Dr Yap, just be thankful that Burns & Siti did not turn up)

The hares, mindful of the rapid draining of the beer barrel, quickly
ordered a few jugs and then the wine and 16 year-old GlenGrant Single
Malt made their appearance. The food was supplied by Bunga Raya and we
tucked in heartily ....

... and so we wined and dined into the night and we all had a jolly
good time.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Run 893 Nov 24 is in Jln Desa Kiara (1st members' run)

RLC Harriers Run #893 Tuesday 24 November 2015
Run Site : The Condoland of KiaraMas
Hares : People's Run route set and papered by Peter & CK Leong, Leslie
Weather : Rain before, during & after run 

At the inaugural people's run, the die-hards came in droves. We parked
at the top of the hill and soon the rain came and we set off into the
verdant jungle that still remains. After a bit, a check was found in
the middle of a slope but nobody except UY was fooled. The rest went
straight on and soon we were faced with a steep hill. Up, up and up
with gradients from 40 to 60 and gradually tapering off to 20-30
degrees at the summit. The steep slope was unrelenting and many trees
were hugged before we reached the top. 

Then it was on to another hill. Luckily, this time, it was down, down
& down until we came to the second check across a small stream. The
front runners had broken the back check (before the stream) but
neglected to remove the paper to the stream ... so like fools, the
second batch of runners were stranded on the other side until Thomas
and Ann Choo said they recognised the path home. Like the SCB that I
was/am/will be, I eagerly followed and soon was showering and drinking
beer and eating vadil.

The not-so-smart runners went on to yet another few twists and turns
and Mike, the FROP did not reach home until 7.08pm followed closely by
Thambi Chai and Lilian Mighty Mouse. The runners came trickling home
and soon the only key left in the key-basket was one of a car driven
by David Liew.

The Circle proceeded in its usual merry ways with sinners (e.g. not
wearing RLC Harriers t-shirts, carrying an umbrella throughout the
run, pissing in front of everybody) being punished left, right and
centre. In between finger food and beer, we survived the drizzle. Then
it was time for the On On On at Sai Kong. Most of us were familiar
with the place and soon we were partaking of the splendid spread of
food washed down liberally with GlenMorangie (courtesy UY), Singleton
(Dr Yap) and Green Label (Buta Buta GM) and wine provided by Elvis

We then celebrated the birthday of Playboy Choo who was photographed
kissing his wife amorously. Then came the good news that David Liew
had emerged from the jungle and was safe and sound. The spontaneous
applause that greeted this was so loud and full of relief. Tonight, no
Oily Chapter two ...

... and so we ate and drank and made merry on a night which would have
normal people rushing home to bed but which could not keep down the
indomitable spirit of Hashers. On! On!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Run 892 Nov 17 is in Bangsar Sri Penaga Condo

RLC Harriers Run #892 Tuesday 17 November 2015
Run Site : Vicinity of Bangsar Condoland
Hares : Jim Poh aka Extra Virgin & Dato' Professor John Anthony Xavier
Weather : Rain before, during & after run (totally & miserably wet)

It was a dark and stormy night .........
... and as we walked towards the first piece of paper, we found the
experience somewhat eerie and surreal. But, as hard-core hashers, we
persevered and soon we were walking/running some serious slopes, all
on paved roads. After that free drink the week before, CCGoh even
allowed Uncle Yap to reach check #1 first. That was broken when he
climbed the overhead bridge across a busy road.

We ran/walked through many paved roads and lanes that made up what is
known as Bangsar. Nothing spectacular as we hammered on with the run.
Several checks tried to delay us but we broke them easliy. Apparently
the hares had tried twice, but alas in vain, to give us a run in Taman
Seputeh around Thean Hou Temple ... but development has blocked off
several trails and they could not bash through a decent route; hence
the make-shift drive-by run in the concrete jungle called Bangsar. 

The FROP Quiksilver Fox (who else?) came in just after 75 minutes when
it was already gloomily dark, followed by the usual suspects, S**T
Stirrer Arthur Hoi, Mighty Mouse Lilian & Rule #1 Wendy Lum. The
others came trickling in and the drizzle refused to let off.

It was a time for giving when Extra Virgin gave each runner a Rotary
T-shirt and Aru, some Carlsberg gimme's. In spite of the overcast
weather, our Hashers were not dispirited as we tucked heartily into
the finger food and drank lustily of what Aru dispensed, the golden
elixir also known as beer. The Circle was conducted with people
holding umbrellas and wearing raincoats but that did not stem the flow
of ridiculous charges that make circles such frivolous fun & frolics.

We then walked to Chez Steven Khoo, an eatery on the groundfloor of a
condominium nearby. There she was, our young Tai Kar Cheh (big sister)
aka Vivian Thong bearing a bottle of the best single malt,
GlenMorangie, (what else?) . We greedily ate whatever good nosh that
May (definitely Steven's better half) had to offer.

The GlenMorangie was soon finished and a bottle of Chivas Regal
appeared, much to the delight of the hashers who soon felt very
spiritual ... 

... and whatever the gloom and doom outside, whenever Hashers got
together, it would always be fun, fun & more fun. On! On!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Run 891 Nov 10 is in Kampong Batu Tiga Puloh

RLC Harriers Run #891 Tuesday 10 November 2015
Run Site : Somewhere in Selangor some 500m after 162 milestone to Ipoh
Hares : Buta Buta GM Woon & Jenny
Weather : Fine weather but always threatening to rain 

Deepavali dawned bright and clear and we all went to our open houses
and then it was time to get to Buta Buta GM Woon's run-site. The
directions were very very clear ... after the stone Ipoh 162, slow
down and drive left to an empty lot, made very soggy by recent rain.

Before we could even run off, the hares (hired or otherwise) were
back, saying they laid a quiet and slow run shorter than 7 km. Like
suckers, we all ran off into the abandoned rubber estate (must be
small holdings) 

On and on we ran up a so-called hill which was smaller than the breast
of one of the hares. After that, it was a long slog against miles and
miles between abandoned rubber trees. (what a pity, Malaysians are now
so well-positioned that they can afford to leave rubber trees in their
prime untapped) ...

... and so we ran between the rubber trees and soon it was another
check after the previous check and the flat landscape did not make for
excitement except the will to continue running and finish the
Deepavali trail.

We all arrived back at Base Camp, well before dark, since it was a
5.00pm start. FROP was, as to be expected, Quiksilver Fox in the time
of 68 minutes. We all partook of the numerous finger food including a
duck, courtesy of our Wong Fook Loy aka Duck King .... 

... and then the fun began. At the Circle, people were punished for
helping other runners. People were also punished for NOT helping
others. Some were rewarded for overtaking. Others were punished for
urinating in the open. Our Bomoh celebrated his transient freedom and
"talked big" in the absence of Boss who was away in Singapore visiting
the grandchildren. Alka let the bastards swing and bemoaned the fact
that she was wrenched away by Tarzan from her family Dwali dinner.

In spite of the small number (about 30 hard-core hashers) we finished
the barrel and in view of the auspicious occasion of Dwali, Aru, our
beerman, was invited to join us at the restaurant and given a
whip-round angpow for sacrificing his holiday to serve us beer.

The hares have laid on a sumptuous 4-table spread accompanied by two
bottles of GlenMorangie Lasanta and some bottles of red wine. Most
generous and well appreciated ... and we drank and made merry well
into the night ...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Run 890 Nov 3 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 890 is by Katherine Chang and Gary Chua
  • November 3, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #890 Tuesday 3 November 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden and its vicinity
Hares : Katherine Chang & Gary Chua
Weather : Fine weather for the run but preceded by heavy rain

As we gathered at the Quadrangle, we wondered who the hired hares were
since the two hares were truly Hash virgins. Then at 6.00pm, Buta Buta
GM Woon came and gave a lame excuse about not being able to run and
that his "mah chai" CKLeong would do the honours.

Off we went up the slope and then towards Parliament House ... but
hold it, there was a check and soon we went into the murky darkness of
the Dragon Trail, a pale shadow of its former glories. We had no
choice but to walk through muddy paths and then a right turn towards
unfamiliar jungle. On and on we went and then we spied Jalan Gallagher
and we were led round a merry path.

Later, we saw the folly of our endeavours and soon came running back
to the Club. FROP was, of course, Quiksilver Fox, pursued by Wendy Lum
and Arthur Hoi. Official time was 65 minutes.

The Circle at the Poolside air-con room was, as to be expected.
hilarious and funny with all and sundry being punished one way or

We then adjourned to Bunga Raya where some bottles of wine and a
bottle of gin (courtesy of Peter Leong) awaited. And we dined and we
wined and we had a jolly good time.

Exciting Next Week
The next run (on Deepavali Day, a public holiday) is in the wilderness
off the old road to Ipoh and hosted by our own Buta Buta GM and his
lovely wife, Jenny. 5.00 pm

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Run 889 Oct 27 is in the New Car Park Bkt Gasing

  • Run 889 is by Bob Yong and Daniel
  • October 27 Tuesday 6pm
  • New car park Jalan Tanjong 5/4 Bukit Gasing
RLC Harriers Run #889 Tuesday 27 October 2015
Run Site : Gasing Carpark
Hares : Bob Yong & Daniel Tan
Weather : Fine weather for the run but masked by haze

As we drove in to park, we found the carpark nearly full 30 minutes
before the run ... then we found the culprit; the Shah Alam chapter
was also running there. At exactly 6.00pm, our ButaButa GM pressed his
roti horn and off we went into the familiar entrance to Gasing Hill.

We strolled along the stream and then abruptly, left up the slope and
then there was a check. While the other front runners went in search
of the trail, I went on up the steep incline and soon I was at the
top. Then I heard faintly "On! On!" and the pack moved right to
another path.

What to do? I was not about to give up the height that I had so
painfully gained; so I went on and soon found the Shah Alam papers
which I followed in the hope that I will soon come upon the RLC
recycled paper. After reaching the bottom, there was another hill and
up I went until I chanced upon another lost RLC Harrier, Professor
Tie. We continued with the Shah Alam trail and soon, we emerged on the
road opposite the playground and rejoined the RLC homeward path.

We came back and found ourselves behind at least ten front-runners. We
tucked into the finger food and had our shower before assembling for
the Circle. A drop followed by another drop and suddenly, the sky
opened and all the hashers made a beeline for their cars and emerged
with umbrellas. But RLC Harriers are RLC Harriers ... we stayed and
the circle was conducted with us carrying umbrellas. 
"Par see boh chow" (hit until dead but never run away)

We honoured the outstanding dancing dual, Katherine and Thambi Chai
who raised the Chicken Dance to a new level at the recent Oktoberfest.
In spite of the rain, charges came fast and furious, one after another
and the Weather God relented and allowed the last bit of the circle to
be rain-free. Our latest faithful butler, Katherine (should she be
called buttress?) was sworn in and she promised to run the hash every
Tuesday come rain, come shine, come tsunami, come anybody's birthday.

We then adjourned to Kam Kee, next to the old Padang Merbok ... they
have cleared this site for a condo project some 3-4 years ago and they
still can't start work ... Malaysian bureaucrazy ?

Anyway, the food they dished out is just as good and we tucked in
heartily, washed down with some alcoholic beverages. We all had a good
time and wondered whatever happened to the absentees. They missed a
good run and a fun evening.

Trail setting at Bukit Gasing PJ.
View photo on Face Book

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Run 888 Oct 20 is at the Hash Heritage House TTDI

125th Anniversary Celebrations
                          The Fatt Fatt Fatt Hash Run
                       20 October 2015   /    Uncle Yap

As part of the Club's 125th Anniversary Celebration, it was entirely a
happy co-incidence that Run #888 was scheduled for a bright albeit a
tad hazy Tuesday. What a propitious number and what sweet serendipity!

As the two hundred plus runners gathered at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail
site of the Hash Heritage House, there was an air of expectancy. Music
played in the background while members and guests collected their
freebies and partook of the finger food.

At exactly 6.00pm, President Jon Azman pressed the button to flag off
the impatient hashers (talk about mixed metaphor). Into the verdant
secondary jungle, they filed and soon reached a suspension bridge
leading to a walkway under the canopy of leafy tropical trees.
Suddenly, everything was clear and for the duration of the run, the
haze was forgotten.

Then came the change in the path pointing upwards and painstakingly,
the hashers climbed the steep incline which reached 60 degrees at
certain sections. It was a relentless climb with no quarters given.
The couple of hundred metres on that killer path must have seemed like
a kilometre. Hashers were seen hugging the trees or taking a breather.
As the tired runners reached a jungle path, a welcome sight greeted
them - "Short Run, Turn Right" Phew! Many gratefully accepted the
reprieve and started the downward walk home. FROP was Wong Fook Loy at
45 minutes followed by Emily Chew from Klang.

In the meantime, the normal run went up to yet another hill before a
circuitous path home. But hashers are made of sterner stuff and in the
gathering gloom of twilight, they persevered and came home led by
Quiksliver Fox at 1 hour 13.8 minutes. Yet Yet Sang Fatt, how
fortuitously auspicious for the occasion.

Ah B Kor's portable generators went into action and the whole run-site
was lit up like a fairyland. The exhausted hashers slaked their thirst
and massaged their tired limbs. The isotonic drinks flowed followed by
beer and more beer as we sat down for the Circle where sinners were
punished for various infractions. Hash must be the only oxymoronic
place where the so-called punishment is a reward of a glass of cold

Uncle Yap presented the annual Sour Grapes Awards to recognise the
best (or is it worst?) cases of sour grapes. In Shyam's house with a
swimming pool - "Aiyah, my water bill is less than RM10; he pays
hundreds". Eying Dato Allen Tan's Ferrari - "He only gets ten miles to
the gallon; my Proton get 25". The winner was when Dato Steven Oon
presented his wife with a C200 (a Mercedes-Benz car) - "I gave my wife
C4" (Altantuya remembered)

We made our way back to the Club where a feast befitting the occasion
awaited at the Banquet Hall. The various sponsors and people who had
contributed to the success of the 888 Run were suitably recognised and
honoured. The beer and whiskies flowed; more than ten litres of
Macallan and other single malts were consumed in addition to the three
barrels of Carlsberg. 

It was indeed a grand celebration. On! On!

For the record
OC for the event - Steven Khoo
Hares for short run : UY, David Wee, Boss, Serena
Hares for normal run : Shyam, Alka, CCGoh, Edward

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Run 887 Oct 13 is in Taman Sri Bintang Kepong

RLC Harriers Run #887 13 October 2015
Run Site : Seri Bintang, Kepong
Hares : The 2 sissies ... CC Goh and CC Adrian 
Weather : Raining cats and dogs elsewhere; but at the run-site,
totally dry (proving, once again, that the Weather God is a Hasher)

As we parked our cars (totally wet, of course), we noticed that two
other chapters were also having their runs here today. At the
appointed time, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed bhis roti-horn and off we
went down the the hill and then to a series of upward climbs.
Unrelenting up and up.

A check was found but soon broken and off we went upwards to the top
of the hill where pylons carrying thousands of volts appeared
dangerously by. The other chapters were there at the same time as

While we searched for the correct trail, some SCB (short cut bastards)
came and tempted me to go down by a direct route home. Being very
morally weak, I, of course, succumbed and was soon back home with time
to spare. I was then joined by Jennifer Kuan and we wandered off to
Jalan 6 where we came across the water tank that used to be the
landmark for our runs many many years ago. That reservoir used to be
infested by monkeys but today, not a single one  .... developement had
cut off their path from forest to tank.

The other macho runners went up another hill and meandered back via
City Park. FROP was (surprise, surprise) Steven Yong at 46 minutes.
Then our erstwhile champion, Quiksilver Fox came limping in a couple
of minutes later, together with the other fast runners like Dato
Steven Oon, Chai, Rule #1 (aka Wendy Lum) & Shit-Stirrer Arthur Hoi.

As the runners trickled in, we asked "Where is Uncle Teh?" Someone
said, "Alamak, He and Auntie Margaret  are the consultant hares, the
masterminds of today's run" Don't play play eh !

Last one in was CheeMooi (aka KC Wong) and then the Circle started
when the street light went on. Our ButaButa GM introduced the hares
and also the guests and soon the announcements were read out. 

Of great importance was the celebration Run #888 which will be held at
the Hash Heritage Site next to Rumah Bakti in TTDI. CKLeong, the
greatest lover of siew chee, also the CO of #888 did not promise that
he will sponsor a siew chee but he entreated everyone to tell guests
to bathe on site and go for the celebration dinner at the RLC Banquet
Hall. Sorry, no loaves of bread will be distributed as door gifts.

Bomoh Mike was at his best tonight, castigating one and all and
enthralling us with his wit and charm. Of special interest were the
happenings at the latest Ball-Breaker Run where two of our members
completed the tought run; CCGoh and Might Mouse aka Lilian Wee
(personally coached & inspired by UY)

Soon the barrel ran out and it was time to met at SaiKong (now renamed
in the best Hanyu Piying, Xi Gong (West Public). The food was, as to
be expected, delicious and fine and we all tucked in, helped down by a
couple of bottles of the finest Scotch whiskies.

... and we partied on, well into the night, wondering whatever
happened to our good friend, Dato Allen Tan and his fair maiden,
Shirley ... we miss you - come back soon, all is forgiven

Good night

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Run 886 Oct 6 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 886 is by President Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng
  • October 6, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #886  6 October 2015
Run Site : RLC and its vicinity
Hares : President Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng 
Weather : Slight drizzle prior to the run; thereafter fine weather 

President Jon Azman celebrated his birthday in style, hosting a run
with our resident Elvis, Lawyer Chew Kar Meng. The trail led from the
Lake Garden and then towards Masjid Negara before crossing the
underground tunnel into the old KL Railway Station.

At this point, the smarter hashers made alternative plans to run back
towards the Club. The rest of the macho gang followed a route running
alongside Sungei Klang towards Brickfields, passing temples and
churches (indeed a very spiritual run). Then they turned back passing
Kuen Cheng School and after a long 9.0 km, made it safely to the Club
way beyond the usual one hour mark.  

We used to run along the river (including an incident when a lady
hasher was nearly swept away in the torrential rain water - she
immediately resigned form the Section) and from there even ventured
through the graveyard behind MAPTB (remember the Dracula Run?).
Run 886 certainly brought back some memories, some pleasant and
others, not so.

The Bar did not open until 8.00pm, unlike out-runs when it opens when
the first runner on paper returns. UY would like to suggest that we
follow the hash convention of FROP signalling the opening of the bar.
Sticking to a fixed time does not give us the flexibility when say it
is a short run with FROP of 45 minutes and a long thirsty wait. I have
been told that this is a safeguard and preventive against non-running
hashers coming just to drink and eat. Now, who are these? They can't
be that many such hashers as to cause so much distress and anguish
arising from unslaked thirst. Please ButaButa GM, I will vote for you

After the usual riotous Circle, we adjourned to Bunga Raya for a
slap-up meal. The hares surprised everyone by opening another barrel
of beer. Hurray!! We also feted President Jon Azman with a hearty
birthday song after which he performed a satisfactory blow job.

A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Run 885 Sep 29 is in Bkt Sg Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)

  • Run 885 is by Peter Leong and Steven Yong
  • September 29, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Sungai Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)
RLC Harriers Run #885 29 September2015
Run Site : Carpark behind OCBC, Cheras
Hares : Peter Leong & Steven Yong
Weather : Fine weather with a tinge of haze interrupted by downpour
from 6.30 to 7.30pm

By hook or by crook, we followed the faulty instructions to get to the
run-site and only due to the prominence of OCBC facing a main road,
most of us got there in time. Some complained of going round and round
some industrial lots of warehouses and factories while other bemoaned
the absence of signs leading to a new run-site.

We found another chapter (CHHHH) running the same site; however, they
used pieces of paper printed in red while we used recycled paper. At
exactly 6, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed his horn and off we went
across the road and up a hill. The trail meandered up the steep
incline, with gradients of up to 60 degrees at places. The checks were
quite easily broken and then came the junction which pointed right for
a shorter route home.

The more adventurous ones went up straight for an additional loop
before starting the descend, joining the short-route runners on to a
housing estate and then a road run back to site. In the meantime, rain
came pouring down in buckets and most of us were drenched. Somehow,
this was quite welcomed as the rain washed away some of the suspended
particles (collectively called the Haze) and the dirt off our bodies.

For the record, FROP was Quiksilver Fox at 54 minutes 13 seconds
(%$!# erm say yet sang - won't die but grow and prosper) followed by
CCGoh, Tambi Chai, Bugs Bunny while Vivien Hoi was FROP for the
shorter run.

There were fewer than 30 runners. It transpired that many Harriers had
just returned from an overseas trip to Hanoi; hence the absence of
Dato Alen Tan, Dato Steven Oon, Rule Number One among others. But the
hardier hashers like Quiksilver Fox, Thambi Chai and CCGoh came
straight from airport to run-site. Such dedication to hashing was
rewarded by a free glass of beer.

As we gathered for the Circle, the rain tapered to a halt and we
partook of the congenial company, the beer and the finger food.
As usual, the banters, the teasing and the so-called punishment of a
glass of beer contributed to an evening well-spent; after which we
convoyed to a restaurant where we shared some delicious food, washed
down by three bottles of spirits plus many others of wine ...

... and we partied well into the night. C'est la vie

Footnote : Ooops, wrote this on Tuesday night but forgot to press
"send"  blur lah !! Never mind, better late than never

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Beerman always rings once...

The Beermen from Carlsberg are to deliver & serve our draft beer every Tuesday. That is their only job function.

The disposal of garbage is not part their duties but they oblige us in return of a small token (min RM20).

With the Govt ruling of waste separation being enforced, please throw your rubbish in the appropriate garbage bags allotted and not to the Beerman.

If you feel the token is too expensive, hares please clear your own rubbish.

Run 884 Sep 22 is in TTDI (Bangunan Bakti)

RLC Harriers Run #884 22 September2015
Run Site : Rumah BAKTI, TTDI
Hares : Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Weather : Fine weather ; no haze since the return of UY

As we gathered at the familiar spot next to Rumah Bakti, there were
lots of ooh's and aah's between hashers meeting one another again
after another week. Buta Buta GM asked "Where's my horn?" and when he
found it next to his manhood, the run started up the familiar path

Somehow, after the first five runners who stumbled upon the first
check, the rest seemed to know where the trail would continued. On we
went up the hill under the shade of the tropical trees until we came
upon the second check and there we were stuck until our heroine (who
else by Rule #1 aka Wendy Lum) found the connecting paper. 

It was fun running under the shade and then the 3rd check appeared
half-way up a hill. Only Boss and UY bothered to climb up all the way
to the road and there we saw the homeward trail ... lucky bastards eh?
Of course, we were first altho Jennifer expected her husband to
overtake her any time.

FROP was , of course, who else but Quiksilver Fox at a time of 58
minutes followed by the usual gang of CCGoh, Rule #1, KFC aka Tambi
Chai and surprise surprise Dato Allen Tan who has improved so
tremendously that he is now in the first quartile. The rest came in
not so soon afterwards, all with praises for a run well laid.

The Circle was predictably a lot of fun fun fun. Burns won the
inaugural Professor Henry Higgings Award for subjecting his wife, Siti
to a continuous series of duties, fetching him his drinks, his snacks,
etc while he sat on his fat bum. Kiasu Health Freak aka Allen Tan came
prepared with face mask for the run. Alas, the beer soon ran out and
all charges had to be postponed to next week

At the restaurant in Uptown, we all tucked in with voracious appetite
and three bottles of spirits made their appearance. Now, who says that
Hashers are not a spiritual lot? 

We ate and drank and once again I ask people who are reading this and
who were not there tonight, "What the hell are you doing away from our
weekly run?" "Come back, all is forgiven"

Until next week, I really missed our hash during my sojourn in London
(too bloody cold)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Run 883 Sep 15 is at the new Gasing car park

  • Run 883 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • September 15, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • New Gasing Car Park on Jalan Tanjong 5/4
Hares: David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite: Gasing Carpark
Weather: Hazy but cool

This year's haze is  one of worst in a few years with Api index exceeding 150. Thus it was with trepidation that we congregated at the Gasing Carpark. Afterward the run must go on...

We arrived just in time to see Boss aka Jennifer arriving at the back of a Superbike complete with helmet. GohCC was the proud owner who had the ladies eating out of his hand asking for a spin. Next up was Auntie Margaret and Wendy!

JM Steven started the run, GM was conspicuously absent due to the haze, with a warning that anyone not staying on paper and getting lost would have to wait till after 10 pm for the search party to go in. We started the run with aplomb up right to the Indian Temple where a check caught the FROPS but the trail was called back down the hill where we had to tread carefully. Back on familiar grounds and up another hill  to  Pantai Park and thereon over the monstrous hanging bridge and up Chempedak Hill. Then it was a home run with right going long and left being the short cut. Though  the haze was bad at least it was manageable in inside of Gasing. Nonetheless most got back within half hour of each other but wait..where was Dr Yap, Cecelia and Bob!

Fortunately they arrived just as it was getting dark. Another surprise was the Gm and wife making an appearance just as the circle was about to start.

The Circle was another riotous affair with numerous charges:
Red Shirts gathering, Sole Bersih rep in the form of Catherine Chang, sinners not wearing hash tees, EV showing off his moobs, GohCC and his Biker chicks, Sole guest of David Liew who went orgasmic during the run, etc etc...till the beer was at long last finished. We then made a beeline to Kamkee Restaurant at Sec 5 for the on down where the hares had generously provided Royal Salute, Highland Park Single Malt and red wine. The food was delicious esp the garoupa and prawns and finished off with Hokkien Mee. Thank you hares for a great do. Glad to get some workout even with the haze which thankfully got better as the evening progressed.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Run 882 Sep 8 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 882 is by Lee Bulchand and Jai Belani
  • September 8, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Hares Lee Burchard and Jai Balani
Runtime: Rlc
Weather: cool after rain overcast skies with haze

The second inrun of the month saw the usual group congregating at the hash corner and ready to go despite the annual  haze that had descended upon the Klang Valley yet again. Fortunately rain had cooled the weather somewhat thus ensuring that at least two thirds of the pack finished the run.

The run took us across to Jln Parlimen and up again to the jungle behind Tugu Negara into the old Tayar trail and then across the road to Mahameru. Then it lead to the road to Kenny Hills and came home via  the pandan Hill. Note that this information is second hand as I once again did an UY and SC home earlier.

Once showered we adjourned to the temporary hash circle at Pavilion where the ambiance was definitely an improvement from the Gazebo currently under renovation. Indeed we had high chairs and tables to sit on with staff to serve tidbits provided by the hares as the circle commenced.

The Gm started the circle with the usual hares on down and most importantly the introduction of a new member Katherine Chang who was sworn in by Burns. Seems she has higher IQ than the usual as she managed to follow instructions correctly and is thus deemed suitable for hashing.

After announcements the Bomoh then took over and charged the usual suspects amongst them  Steven Yong for not wearing hash attire yet again, two dumber than normal hashers who did an ultrarun recently and Bala for his nonsensical ramblings. Jai Balani was as usual up to his hijinks by commenting on all and sundry.

After the raucous circle we adjourned to the Bunga Raya for a feast. Loved the fried noodles but the assam fish was huge. Growing boy Peter did justice to it as he walloped two bowls of rice with it. Drinks as usual were aplenty and Wendy supplemented with her agar. Thanks Hares for a great fun do and interesting run to boot.

Lilian Wong

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Run 879 Aug 18 is in Tmn Sri Bintang Kepong

RLC Harriers Run #879 18 August 2015
Run Site : Taman Seri Bukit BIntang/ Taman Seri Sinar/
Kepong-Bandar Manjalara
Hares : Cina Tambi & One Foot Long
Weather : Pre-Run: Overcast and humid and Heavy rain at sharp 6.
Run proper conditions was wet but cool in intermittent rain.
Circle: cool but dry.

The skies threatened to open up even as we made our way to the run site. Many of the usual suspects were there already including (surprise, surprise) Bee Koh and Bee Soh. However, as it started pelting even before the run commenced, they surreptitiously drove off! as is hash tradition, the run must go on, come sun, rain, snow, etc...with the horny On Cash leading in the absence of the GM and Unc Yap.
The trail started on the usual track but led straight up left where the first check near the big rock boulder stopped everyone short. On On was called back down but up left again, this time taking us to the famed 'Grand Canyons' of Bukit Sri Bintang, where we had to step delicately due to the slippery wet terrain. Another check at the top had everyone running helter skelter around broken of course by 'pak tou lou' Mikey taking us to the top of the hill and then down to the other 'longkang' hill. (At this juncture, I did an "Uncle Yap' and short cut home, meeting others doing their own short trail  as well ie Bob, Jennifer,  etc). As it turned out, the rest ran up the longkang and up to the pylon hill where a clever check bamboozled everyone except clever Quicksilver who ran home in record time of 1 hour 2 mins.
As we waited for the rest to return, Dato Dr Xavier drove in, proclaiming that he had spent the better part of the hour looking for the elusive Kepong 'Water Tank". As the rest of the pack drifted in, the debate on where, how and who of the run intensified into an 'almost shouting'  match as we partook of tit bits and Yam cake provided by Vivian Hoi.

All were forgotten as the circle commenced, this time under the direction of the On Sec Tarzan and ably assisted by Bomoh Quicksilver Mikey. And what a circle it was, the longest, but then, one of the funniest in a while. Notable on downs:
1. Usual late comers who were early for once: Tarzan & Jane, Steven Yong, Goh CC, David Wee, Steven Oon.
2. Prof Xavier for being unable to get to the run site on time even with three sets of different driving directions (the mystery was cleared when it was revealed that they were sent by a 'non-driver'.).
3. Buta buta Mismanagement committee for (not) performing duties as they were suppose to.
4. Auctioning of stools left behind by Prem and Kumar from last run.
5. Steven Yong for starting the run with his umbrella.
6. Guest Junior Bloodsucker Daniel Hartog who was on a semester break.
Despite directions and convoy to the On Down restaurant, a few 'below 40 IQ' hashers still got lost, notably (again!) Prof Xavier.However, once there, dinner commenced and was a smashing sucess. The food was good, the hares were generous with their bottles of Glen Morangie and Glenlivet, and even supplememted with hokkien mee, hilarious fellowship and topped by Wendy's jelly dessert made it a fun night to remember.

P/S Good Mood Veloo (who came and left when the rain started) : you missed a good run and company. 

PPS: Next week's run is hared by Burns and Siti and will be at The Tanglin food Court, Lake Gardens.
(in absence of scribe UY)
Lilian Wee.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Run 878 Aug 11 is in Kemensah Heights

  • Run 878 is by Dr Paul Lim and Sammy
  • August 11, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Tropika Kemensah
RLC Harriers Run #878 11 August 2015
Run Site : Tropika Kemensah, near Zoo Negara
Hares : Dr Paul Lim and Sammy
Weather : Fine weather preceded by some horrible wet storm

The day had dawned seemingly normal but the Weather God (usually very
friendly to Hashers) acted a tad erratic. Shortly after midday, it
rained cats and dogs at most places in KL. Flash floods occurred
everywhere and pockets of traffic jams were the results, causing most
of us long delays reaching the run-site behind Zoo Negara.

We ran off at six up into a long road (actually a trail still passable
to any 4 by 4 vehicles) that seemed to ascend for ever and ever. We
traversed pools of water until we reached some kind of peak, after
which it was downhill (phew!). 

Then, it was up again through some tropical jungle. The hares had cut
a lot of vegetation so it was not difficult to keep to the intended
route. Eventually, we reached the top and we came down and meandered
our way home ... what a welcome sight to see the beer man (not Aru who
is on a month's holiday). Mike Kuan was FROP at 63 minutes, followed
by the usual suspects (Arthur, China Thambi, CCGoh, Steven Oon &
Steven Yong). Vivien Hoi was not far behind and one by one, the rest
trickled in.

The Circle introduced us to Paul Lim's family, wife Ruby Tuesday and a
pair of strapping manhood, two fine twin gentlemen. As usual, many
charges here, there and everywhere.

We had expected a small crowd due to the weather but that small crowd
was the hard-core and we finished the barrel in good time before
heading for the appointed restaurant where we tucked into some good
food and a bottle of Macallan ...

... and so we drank into the night which turned balmy and gentle 

See you next week

p/s UY and Alice will be travelling to London to see their
grandchildren for the next 4/5 weeks and Mighty Mouse aka Lilian Wee
has agreed to take over the scribing duties.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Run 877 Aug 4 is an In Run - RLC - Dress Smart

  • Run 877 is by Thomas and Serena Tan
  • August 4, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #877 August 4 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : Thomas & Serena Tan
Weather : Fine weather

As we waited for the clock to reach 6.00pm, people were still talking
about the last two runs, the Quadrangular in Klang and the Bukit
Lagong "feed the leeches" run, so beloved of Tommy Chin and the
durians that he brought. At the appointed time, we set off to the left
while for some obscure reasons, Extra Virgin was seen turning to the
right. Up we went to Monument Hill by a circuitous route and then made
our way to see the Sultan of Selangor. 

However, His Majesty had been called away on important state duties
and our tea had to be postponed to another day. As we climbed down to
yet another piece of jungle, we reflected sadly that we are running in
pieces of greenery that is fast disappearing daily. We meandered here
and there like the TV programme, "Dunia Di-Sana Sini" and then came
the long stretch home. As usual, the sly Quiksilver Fox was FROP
slightly over the hour while the rest came trickling in.

At the Circle, there were a lot of finger food and GM Woon was
officially christened Buta-Buta amidst other wild and frivolous
charges against all and sundry. 

The concept of Open Run was further discussed whereby 6 hashers will
be involved each time, 2 to recce and lay the trail, 2 to provide
tidbits and 2 to provide extra drinks like wine and whisky. Food will
be served to people who must positively opt for it in writing before
the run and the cost per table shared among the people on that table.
The first of such runs will be on the last Tuesday of October and
thereafter, the last Tuesday of every month. With this innovation,
every RLC Harrier will only be burdened with one hare duty per
calendar year.

We made our way to Bunga Raya where a feast awaited us. As always, a
good time was had by all.

See you at next week's run, somewhere near Zoo Negara

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Run 876 Jul 28 is in Bukit Lagong

RLC Harriers Run #876 28 July 2015
Run Site : Bukit Lagong
Hares : Tommy Chin & Yem
Weather : Fine weather

As we waited (most of us arrived early because we were so unsure about
the traffic), we saw the hares from the ParkCity Hash coming back but
our hares who went in at 4.00pm were still not out ... trouble

At 6.00pm, GM Woon pressed his roti horn off we went up the slope
along the makeshift unpaved road used by Forestry Dept officials and
maintenance workers from TNB servicing the pylons. The upward path
seemed to go on for ever and ever until broken by a check. The
not-so-clever runners went left, only to be met by some pieces of
papers and then no more ... so back to the right and then we continued
to climb up and up.

Then the road stopped and we were led into the jungle and what a
relief. After the heat of Kuala Lumpur, this place was like an
air-conditioned forest. We climbed up and up and then at footcamp
Everest where we could see the sky, something happened!

Ann Choo was caught in an avalanche. Playboy Choo was at hand and
rescued her, giving her the kiss of life and then decided to carry her
down to base camp. UY, the ever willing gallent gentleman, agreed to
go down ahead to ensure no snow drift would impeded their progress and
he did a wonderful job. Playboy Choo will certify that no snow was
present on the route home.

As soon as we arrived home, Mike Kuan came in FROP at 7.20pm. Then the
fun began ... our hare, Tommy started opening the durians and
rambutans. Everybody who came home made a beeline for Tommy's truck
while the itchy fellows started looking for leeches that had managed
to climb aboard. 

When the circle started, we had some unfinished business from last
Saturday's Quadrangular Run in Klang. Short-cutters like Cecelia Yap,
Serena Tan and Vivien Hoi were punished for crossing the railway
lines, ignoring the safety bridge above. The 4 drinkers who won the
Boat Race for RLC Harriers were feted - Peter Leong, Leslie Antoine
and the absent Good Mood Veloo and Prema. Well done, you did us proud.
Col Johan was honoured for waving the RLC flag proudly with his "Balls
to your partner" performance.

After the circle, we made our way to a restaurant where good food was
served, washed down with a bottle of GlenMorangie, courtesy of UY.

We all had a wonderful time as always
Now for those of you reading this report and were not there at Bukit
Lagong tonight, what the hell ... come and join us.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Run 875 Jul 21 is in Kelab Darul Eshan Tmn TAR Ampang

  • Run 875 is by Col Johan and Leslie
  • July 21, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Kelab Darul Ehsan, Taman TAR
Directions supplied by hare(s):

Get to Ampang  Jaya using the new Sungai  Besi  Highway to MRR2 or AKLEH. Exit to Jalan Kolam Air Lama next to Petronas  station. Go straight past the International School all the way to Kelab Darul  Eshan (KDE ). When you pass the Guard House turn right and park near the shed which is for the beer man should it rain. 

Shower facilities are available at the far end of the swimming pool but you have to bring your own towel. Please do not use the pool. Walkers may follow triangular  paper that will appear half way up the trail. The runners run will be a medium run. On on will be announced at the run site. 

Action if lost: Call Col  Johan 013 364 7373 or Leslie 019 261 3736.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Run 874 Jul 14 is in Jalan Desa Kiara 1

RLC Harriers Run #874
Run Site : Vicinity of Mont Kiara
Hares : KitKat & Derek Wong but mostly plotted by Wendy Lum
Weather : Fine weather, thank goodness

As we waited and watched the Filipino maids walking the designer dogs,
little did we know the drama that would unfold later that evening.
Exactly at 6.00 pm GrandMaster Woon pressed his roti-horn and off we
went straight up the hill and into the cool verdant covers of Bukit

Up and up we climbed and then there was a check which stopped
everybody for quite some time. At the bare hill-top, we looked down on
some pretty sights. Soon "On! On!" was heard and we came down sharply
on some steep ground. Mercifully, the ground was largely dry,
otherwise many backsides would be muddied.

At the bottom, there was some confusion. Shit-stirrer (aka Arthur Hoi)
was heard shouting "Short cut" and like fools, we all followed him up
a trail that seemed to go on for at least one km, only to find the
trail ending abruptly without a single shred of paper. In the
meantime, Wendy (she was everywhere) assisted the slower runners to
the correct trail and off we climbed up another steep hill.  We could
see the amount of work Wendy and her crew had put into clearing the
path through a jungle little run by other chapters. 

At the top, Wendy was there (told you she was everywhere) to point to
the Walkers' Trail and the Runners' trail. The difference was an extra
long loop which covered some treacherous steep inclines. The walkers,
meanwhile walked along a path carved out by water flowing down all
these years. It was quite a long way down before we emerged at the top
of the highest condominium block. After that, it was plain walking
down to the site for a welcome drink.

It was quite a remarkable trail, well thought out and marked (yes,
with plenty of identification paper saying 874) and should rate as one
of the best runs of the year (Sorry, Ann Choo, have to borrow your
favourite phrase)

As we bathed and drank and had our usual circle of fun and
frivolities, little Jeremy Poh could be seen asking everyone "Have you
seen my Dad?" Extra Virgin Jim Poh was still missing and after the
recent escapade of Oily Teo in Bukit Hatamas, we were all so filled
with misgiving and apprehension.

We went to D'Fong for dinner but the mood was not quite the same ...
on everyone's mind was the nagging anxiety of a lost comrade. We did
not notice that Derek, a true connoisseur of the finest Scotch and who
has one of the best collections of whiskies in Malaysia had fobbed us
off with ordinary single malts like GlenLivet, Glen Fiddich and Old
Pulteney ... as soon as we had satisfied our physical hunger, we all
made our way up to the run site to await news of the search for Jim

A search party had gone in and sometime after 10, there was a cry of
joy and jubilation "He's found!". We all burst out spontaneously with
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a poor wretch like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

Thus ended an evening of high drama. Anxiety and anguish were replaced
by relief and delight. Nope, Jim, you will have to wait another time
for your headline in The Star.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Run 873 Jul 7 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 873 is by Uncle Teh and Margaret
  • July 7, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run (RLC - dress smart)
RLC Harriers Run No 873 
Run Site : Vicinity of Lake Garden
Hares : Uncle Teh & Auntie Margaret 
Weather : Fine weather 

As we waited for GM Woon to press his roti horn, we were introduced to
Trevor, a New Zealander here on IT business with Steven Yong. Trevor
is a keen runner and he has been running with us recently. He will be
coming to run with us again next week and has promised to do the Haka
(a NZ dance usually performed by the All Blacks before a rugby match,
please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hYlNO61ImA for samples)

The trail led up to the National Monument and then on to Datin Ann's
house where the route led downwards into a forest that emerged at the
junction of the MRR (middle ring road lah). We were held up by a check
which was soon broken when Wendy came along (everything happens when
Wendy is around). Right into another bit of forest which ended up
inevitably into the Dragon Trail. 

Alas, the whole Trail is now seriously blocked by fallen trees and is
impassable (anyone keen to join UY and Dato Steven Woon on a Sunday
outing to clear the Dragon Trail? Anyone has access to a power saw?).
So a short cut to civilisation was to run along the fences of
Parliament House and then down and back to the bridge/road from
Parliament House to the Club. FROP was, as boringly usual, Quiksilver
Fox at 52 minutes.

At the Circle, we bid welcome to Dato Xavier whose readmission meant
that if one were to throw a stone at an RLC Harriers Circle, it would
hit a Dato' and the stone would rebound and hit another Dato'. Colonel
Johan sang all the assembled Dato's a lovely song about the pleasure
of digital manipulation. The new Dato will be formally inducted next

There was also a changing of the guards (even grander than the one
performed in front of Buckingham Palace) when new member, Leslie was
formally inducted as the new Butler. Alas, the out-going butler forgot
to bring the royal gloves and was on-downed for his oversight.

All the leg-pulling and teasing were taken in true hashing spirit and
we then made our way to Bunga Raya where we were treated to many
courses of delicious food, washed down generously with a bottle of
GlenMorangie and a smoky-peatish Scotch. 

We all had a jolly good time and if you were not there but still
reading this, then, what the hell are you doing? Missing out on all
the fun
P/S Next week's run is at the same site as Wendy's two weeks ago in
Kiara Mas (remember parking on one side of the road and then watching
all the Filipino miads walking their dogs?)

PP/S Tarzan & Jane will be celebrating an anniversary next Sunday (12
July) with a pizza run at Gasing Playground at 5.30pm plus an
invitation to their hill-top residence for a swim and refreshments. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Run 872 Jun 30 is in Duta Nusantara

RLC Harriers Run No 872
Run Site : Duta Nusantara
Hares : Dato Good Mood Veloo
Weather : Fine weather

It has been a couple of years since we last ran here and the changes
in the meantime have been tremendous, one aspect of which was the
total absence of natural vegetation in the public domain. Every inch
around the area has been exploited by rapacious developers for big

GM Veloo had laid on a pre-run spread of curry puff and vegetarian
pakoras at the Clubhouse of his gated community. The slow clock (by 15
minutes) at the Clubhouse resulted in the run being horned off 5
minutes late. Then it was a relentless road run from here to eternity.
We covered the whole of the Government complex and across through the
hockey stadium and even crossed a main road via one of the entrances
to the Agong's new palace. A long 8km or so of dangerous road running
while cars whisked past us perilously.

The bunch of 9 front-runners led by Quiksilver Fox came in about 65
minutes, followed by another foursome (no, not the taxi-patrons who
love to reprise the previous week's run but Steven Yong and his New
Zealander colleague, CKLeong, the siew-chee lover and UY) some five
minutes later. Thereafter, the rest came in proudly to claim their
t-shirts. Some of the hashers took of their tops and dived into the
inviting pool while others sipped cold beer or partook of the ABC.

The hare had also provided a wide array of drinks which included 4
different brands of whisky and this side-bar was open even before the
beer ran out. The Circle was the usual riotous affair with absentees
being welcomed back into the fold. Then we sat down in comfort to a
sumptuous buffet of bryani rice with mutton and other goodies like
freshly-made tosais. It was a generous spread by a generous host who
also brought his daughter, oops, wife (she is quite young-looking) to
savour the ambience of a hash gathering. The only minus note was the
absence of fish-head curry (next Veloo on-on-on should be in Sentul
where we can have a POP run around the old golf course)

... and so we yakked and drank into the night in the safety of the
gated community and all had a good mood time ... 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Run 871 Jun 23 is in Mont Kiara

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

This was such a good run that 4 hashers led by Uncle Yap crossed the
fence and re-ran Boon Hiong's short trail (marked identically with
small triangular paper), ending up once again at Rumah Bakti where
they caught a cab and paid RM21.40 (can buy empat ekor?) to join the
rest at Wendy's Lum's intended run-site.

Okay fast forward to ------>

RLC Harriers Run No 871
Run Site : Mont Kiara
Hares : Wendy & Lum Seng Yip
Weather : Fine weather

We waited patiently at Jalan Desa Kiara 1. watching Filipino maids
walk their dogs and watching exotic dogs shit all over the grass. Then
the roti horn held by JM Steven Khoo sounded and off we went across
the road and into the green wilderness yonder. The hare was on hand to
take pictures of us running up the hill and also to accompany Uncle
Teh and Auntie Margaret down safely home.

It was a route that we have not run for many a year and remained quite
challenging as we struggled all the way up this side of the Kiara
Hill. As we started to climb down, a check beckoned and the front
runners had to backtrack. On and on, we meandered through the forest
until the short trail appeared, marked by small bits of triangular
paper. Some sort of confusion arose near the fencing and the front
runners ran helter-skelter, trying to make out which paper was facing
the right way and which was fresh. Eventually, the correct way home
was found except for the four heroes who felt nostalgic about last
week's run and did a reprise. 

As Ann Choo would say, it was the best run of the year; although
Steven Khoo felt Wendy needed another lesson in laying paper which
should include the following :
- on the same hill as last week's run, use different paper (certainly
NOT the same small triangular)
- once in a while, do put up some RLC identification to differentiate
from other chapters' trails
- once in a while do make clear the direction of the trail (chalked
arrows or RLC identification paper facing you on a tree)

GrandMaster Woon rose from his sick bed to join us for the circle and
there was a discussion on the unfortunate case of Teo Kim Lean, the
hasher who is still missing at Bukit Hatamas in Cheras. Past GM Veloo
informed the group that next week's run-site is a gated community and
only cars registered with him will be granted entry and that bathing
facilities will be made available.

The Circle was, as usual, a bundle of frivolous fun and enjoyable
entertainment as sinners were hauled up for all manners of
transgressions which emptied the beer barrel before we made our way to
Chez Steven in Bangsar for our 5-table dinner. Head Chef May presented
us a good table, complete with vegetarian curry, smoked chicken and
other goodies. Lum Kor brought a bottle of GlenFiddich and a bottle of
Grant and guest Edward, some bottles of wine.

We dined and wined into the night.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Run 870 Jun 16 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

As we gathered at the familiar spot, it was evident that many of our
die-hard regulars were missing, mostly travelling to others places
like Allen Tan in the UK, Steven Oon in Pangkor Island, Playboy Choo
playing somewhere, etc. Nevertheless the 40-odd of us pressed on up
the hill and into the cool shades of tropical trees.

The trail meandered to the left and allowed runners to run parallel to
one another. I chose the upper route (never like to lose the height so
painfully gained) and could see the rest running below. On and on we
went until we reached the summit where pieces of triangular paper
appeared, indicating the short route back. Of course, I followed that
whereas the macho runners like Peter Leong, Steven Yong and Wendy Lum
opted to punish themselves further. Their route took on more up's and
down's whereas the triangular route was almost a beeline to the
run-site. I was FROP at 65 minutes.

The regular FROP was again Quiksilver Fox Mike at 75 minutes, followed
quite quickly by the rest. Alas, there was no young chikoo from the
Poh family to push the old fox. Most came back in the diminishing
daylight and we tucked in heartily into the finger food galore ...
chicken legs, pows, kuehs and Duck King's duck. The Circle was
slightly enlivened by the arrival of the Chairman, Burns who nowadays
is not running but only eating and drinking (you are going to grow
fatter) and Buffalo Lee. Try as the various bomohs and quasi-bomohs,
the beer just could not be finished. So the rest was poured into a
Coleman and brought to the restaurant.

One issue was discussed and it was overwhelmingly accepted that one
run per month wef September 2015, will be declared an open run with
nobody assigned as hare and the food at the On On On paid for on a
pro-rata basis. Only two , Veloo and Yong Tow Foo objected but they
graciously accepted the will of the majority to give the proposed
scheme a try. The whole idea of the change is not to burden each
hasher with more than one hare duty per year.

At the restaurant in Uptown, we walloped the mee-hoon curry, the
chicken and all the other goodies provided by the generous hares;
actually too much, judging by the number of tar-pow. Yes, we managed
to finish all the beer left over from the Circle and polished off
another bottle of Green Label.

Indeed, a lovely evening with good friends, good run, good fellowship,
good food, good beer and good whisky; what more can a person want?
This is life, c'est la vie as the French would say. On! On!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Run 869 Jun 9 is in Bukit Subang

  • Run 869 is by Choo Yon Kit and Ann
  • June 9, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Denai Alam Bukit Subang
RLC Harriers Run No 869
Run Site : Bukit Subang - Denai Alam
Hares : Playboy Choo & Ann
Weather : Fine weather

The last time we came here, it rained cats and dogs and the whole area
was flooded. This time, Playboy Choo did a slight tweak and shifted
the run-site a couple of streets away and we had fine weather the
whole evening.

Some 40 RLC Harriers started off into the palm oil plantation which
has some hilly bits but mostly flat land. Break after break were
broken and as we came to the final stretch, it was a ding-dong battle
between Quiksilver Fox and the young upstart, Justin Poh. Experience
won the day as Mike came in at 56 minutes FROP. 

It was a well-laid run with usual SCB completing the route in
daylight. At the Circle, Leslie who almost became a PIG (permanently
invited guest) of Col Johan was inducted as a member on his own right.
Col Johan was also feted as the person who invited the most number of
guest for the Beer Crawl (all 67 invitees) and his two children, Marie
and Daniel were similarly applauded for helping to bring down the
average age of RLC Harriers (now going above 60 years)

We then moved to Thiam Fatt, a restaurant in Subang Village (more like
pekan now) for a feast, complete with more beer and whisky. 

For those not here tonight, where were you? Notable absentees included
Bala, Guru, Allen, Woon, Alka, Tarzan, Wendy Lum ... 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The 2015 Beer Crawl - Now Everyone Can Crawl!

  • Run 868 is the 2015 Beer Crawl
  • June 2, 2015 Tuesday 5.30pm
  • Royal Lake Club, KL
RLC Harriers Run No 868 ... Beer Crawl
Run Site : Lake Garden & vicinity
Hares : The usual suspects
Weather : Rain before the run and dry thereafter

It rained cats and dogs at around 3pm but at 4.30 it stopped ... we
always know that the Weather God is a hasher. Hashers from other
chapters came and registered and each got a running shirt and a cap
(courtesy of Jake, the steak-house next to Victoria Station, Damansara
at the back end of Bangsar)

In the meantime, Colonel Johan was making an evil concoction
innocently called a 'punch' and Bala was improving the taste of 5
bottles of Pepsi Cola with a bottle of Black Label. Others were busy
loading up the two beer trucks with Carlsberg beer and Royal Stout. It
looked like a very good run ahead.

Promptly at 5.30, we set off up to the National Monument and into the
jungle next to Datin Ann's house. Then it was across the road and into
the Dragon Trail and round Parliamet House and back to the Club to
join the walkers into Lake Garden for a leisurely stroll to the
carpark below the Planetarium above the stair to the National Museum.

The beer trucks were waiting and everyone loaded up with beer, stout
and Isomax while Bomoh Quik Silverfox conducted a circle. After that,
we ran (no, walked) past the Police Museum and towards the National
Mosque where another check stopped us. Eventually we walked past
Tanglin Medical Centre and towards Selangor Club and back to Jalan
Parliament where there was another stop. Among other things, pizza was

We went back to the Club and had another Circle where donors were
suitably honoured. A quick shower and it was to Bunga Raya for a
slap-up meal where more beverages awaited. We wined and dined and had
a jolly good time.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Run 867 May 26 is in Gasing Playground New Car Park POP

RLC Harriers Run 867, 26 May 2015
Hares : Alice and Uncle Yap
Runsite : Gasing Car Park
Weather : Dry before and during the run but started to drizzle at the

Promptly at 6.00 pm, GrandMaster Woon pressed his roti horn and we all
ran right towards the entrance to the Nature Park. The trail just went
up, up, up until we reached the top and then we came down. David Wee,
one of the hired hares (the other was his wife, Mighty Mouse) a very
sadistic person who did not like to see people with dry shoes when wet
would do. He made us walk along the stream before going up another
hill. At the top, there was a check, but of course, the route had to
go downhill where we met some workers doing some construction work.

This was where there was a clear sign SHORT <--- nbsp=""> LONG
The heroes went right and climbed another hill while the sensible
hashers turned left and walked another km or so before emerging at the
Playground. From there, it was plain sailing walking to the carpark.
Heroes for the day were Steven Khoo and Lim Boon Hiong at 55 minutes.

A little while later at 65 minutes, Mike Kuan came running in, pursued
by Stan, the American from Miri who was one of the guests. Soon after
that, people started coming in left, right and centre until the only
person out was Steven Young (spelling error deliberate). Before the
Circle could get underway, SY was back ... a smart hasher who found
his way back even after starting 30 minutes late.

The hashers tucked into the foreplay food including harm-chin-peng,
fish cake, chaw siew yoke, sweet Philippines pineapple and other
goodies. A slight drizzle came on and all the umbrellas went up. That
did not deter us. Silly charges followed ridiculous charges but we all
had fun.

The nasi lemak was fantastic, so fantastic that the food ran out
before Uncle Yap had a chance to eat anything. We ordered for 50 so
felt a little bit short-changed ...  everything finished except for
some kachang/ikan bilis and some sambal (sorry, Boon Pooi and Janet, 
I need the sambal for tomorow's dinner)

The beer ran out and we started on the GlenMorangie. We continued to
drink into the night and a good time was had by all

p/s I have been told that Tarzan and Jane read my account when they
are in bed on a Tuesday night. So, here is a story, hopefully erotic
enough ....

Tarzan and Jane travelled in the jungle by swinging from tree to tree
using the aerial roots and other tree misai. One day, an urgent call
came (probably Cheetah was in trouble) and both rushed to move to come
to his aid. Somehow, Jane slipped (she was eating a juicy fruit and
her hands were wet and slippery) and she held on to a certain part of
Tarzan's anatomy. "oo-oo-oo oo-oo-oo !!!!" the painful cry of Tarzan
reveberated thro the jungle.

So now you know how Tarzan got his famous jungle call
You learn something useful every week from reading Uncle Yap :-)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run 866 May 19 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 866, 19 May 2015
Hares : Mr & Mrs Ng Lai Chong aka B Koh & B Soh
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining before the run but dry during & afterwards

As we gathered at the site before the run, we could not help noticing
that whoever was the Bomoh, he did a good job to stop the rain. At
6.00pm, Misai (in the absence of Woon Koh, happily engaging with China
Mooi in China - Jenny still thinks he is there for business :-)
sounded the horn and off we went

\We went up the slope and then veered off to the left into a small
patch of jungle. The trail then meandered left, right and centre but
it came perilously close to the Playground. At that point, I wanted to
see the recent developemnt, so I broke off for an inspection and then
ran back to the original runsite. 30 minutes, too short, so I took
another route and had some hill-climbs before returning to open the
beer barrel at 6.55pm

In the meantime, the heroes went all the way up, around and through
all the various paths that the bukit could offer. The horrendous rain
that preceded the run had washed away much of the paper laid. It was
the smart runner in the form of Quiksilver Fox who side-stepped the
red herrings and got home at 62 minutes, followed some ten minutes
later by Wendy, Peter, Arthur and Justine (son#2 of Jim Poh)

Ah B Koh presented everbody with a blue T-shirt and the Circle
celebrated the small bladders of Mike Kuan, Yabayabadoo and Dato
Steven Oon. Uncle Yap then pointed out the most erotic and exotic
lady, Lilian Wee whose clothing accentuated her nipples which got
every red-blooded males looking surreptitiously at her chest.

We then adjourned to Unique Seafood, an upmarket eartery where we were
presented with offerings of good food after good food. 12 year-old
GlenFiddich awaited the thirsty souls. We had a jolly good time and
hated to tear ourselves away.

Next Week's Run : Uncle Yap & Alice @ Gasing Car Park 
... POP, park once policy 
... food from Hassan's children will be served - nasi lemak primarily.
Those who like to savour their whisky from glass containers, please
bring your own glass cups ... ice and whisky will be provided.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Run 865 May 12 is in TTDI

Unc Yap was on holiday so there's no scribe report for this run, apologies.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Run 864 May 5 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 864 is by Casey Wong and Dato Nik Gee
  • May 5, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart maybe
RLC Harriers Run 864, 5 May 2015
Hares :  Dato Nik Gee & KCWong aka Chi Mui
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Dry

There was a certain kind of foreboding when Bala was mentioned as
KCWong's sole hired hare ... both of them are not exactly noted for
blasting into new virgin jungle or anything out of the ordinary. 
How true!

GM Woon was having some health issue so JM Misai aka Steven pressed
the roti horn to start the run from the quadrangle. Off we went to the
junction and the trail veered right and then into Lake Garden and out
towards Tun Razak memorial and before we knew it, we were in front of
the National Museum and crossing the road. Then it was a long road run
before we came to the four-road junction. We went on to Jalan
Selangor, Jalan Johor and then Jalan Melaka before turing left into
Jalan Bangsar to go back to the Club via the Museum tunnel.

FROP was Peter Leong at 41 minutes, closely followed by our
indefatigable Mike Kuan. Most were in before the hour. It was a 6.2km
road run, not too interesting and full of motorcar exhaust gases.

The Circle started with some controversy. Mismanagement tried to
impose its views on all regarding the issue of beer. In the end, it
was amicably resolved that henceforth, after the barrel is finished,
the Section will make available chilled canned/bottled beer at a
nominal price, something like RM5 to 7 each (to be decided). 
Note : If Tarzan at VeggieHash could offer 3 cans of beers at RM10,
can we do less?

We all adjourned to Bunga Raya where a feast awaited, together with a
bottle of JW Green Label and a bottle of VSOP. Dato Nik Gee, the hare
in charge of the food also presented each Hasher witha fluffy cake ...
yum yum

So a good time was had by all.

Postscript : This is Uncle Yap's own initiative
I think the Section is currently running at a slight loss ... this is
not good. Please permit me to suggest something.

At each run, I consumed from 4 to 5 beers. At the nominal price of
RM7.50 each, I get value of RM30 to 35. The moderate drinker like say
Lee Seng Chuan aka Buffalo Lee with two drinks will have value of
RM15. Multiply that by 4 runs in a month and he gets at least RM60
whereas he only paid RM20 as subscription. Okay, this is balanced by
non-drinkers like Alice, David Wee and Wendy Lum.

So, may I beseech my fellow beer-drinkers like Allen Tan, Thambi Chai,
Playboy Choo, Shit Stirrer, Quiksilver Fox, Steven Khoo, Burns, etc
etc  to volunteer to pay monthly sub of RM40. If there are 20 of us
each contributing an additional RM20 a month, that will be nearly
RM5000 annually to the Section kitty and then we will not be in

PP/S Tonight plus the next two nights, Guinness Anchor Berhad is
having a promotion at Batek Bar. After 9.00pm, Tiger is RM4.00 per
shot and Guinness, RM6.00 per shot. Damn good value for money
Please invite me to have a drink or two with you tomorrow and the day
after :-)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Run 863 Apr 28 is in Bkt Hatamas Cheras

  • Run 863 is by Tan See Meng and Pauline
  • April 28, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Taman Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
RLC Harriers Run 863, 28 April 2015
Hares :  Tan See Meng & Pauline
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Kepong
Weather : Raining all the way until during/after Circle 

It was a dark and stormy night

Yes, Lilian, tonight was one of those days when it was miserable, wet
and thoroughly gloomy. 

We gathered at Ah Pak San (old man's hill) and it was raining cats and
dogs. We waited a while but the cats and dogs kept on coming down

6.00 came and GM Woon had no choice but to press his roti-horn to
start the run. Off we went to the right and into a series of jungle
paths. The paths were slippery and soon we came to a check. Playboy
Choo broke it and off we ran through some more jungle path until we
saw daylight. The daylight was at the side of the hill where you could
see the world and where you came from.

Of course, being the lazy scb, I chose to run down, followed by Thomas
Tan and other intelligent hashers whereas the other heroes turned
right up the hill and continued with the long route, together with two
other hash chapters. Alas, the torrential rain had swept away much of
the paper trail and subsequent checks were either missed or not
broken. For those who persevered, it was one mistake after another.
When the FFROP (false front runner on paper) in the shape of CCGoh
came back at 7.08pm, he was quickly followed by Mike Kuan and Peter

Tan See Meng, the hare said nobody broke the 2nd and 3rd check; so
everybody who came back did not complete the intended run. Anyway, all
of us had fun, notwithstanding the horrible weather. Never mind the
weather, as long as we're together.

We tucked into the wide spread of snack food, nuggets, chicken
backside, oneh oneh, yam cake, roast duck, etc etc. Then we started
worrying when someone mentioned that the two Joint Masters (CKLeong &
Steven Khoo) were still in the wildiness but life must go on and the
Circle started when the rain let off a wee bit. More charges followed.
In the midst of another ridiculous charge, someone shouted "They are
back!" and we saw the faces of CKLeong and Steven Khoo. Phew! Tan Meng
See, according to Bala, had been spared the duty of going in to rescue

It was then time to announce next week's in-run. Dato Nik Gee was
mentioned as one of the hares and then C.K.Wong. A voice in the crowd
shouted "Dato and Datin's run" We do have some witty comics in this

We then partook of the fantastic array of food from fried ikan kembong
to chee-toh tong (non-halal soup) to chicken rice. By this time, we
could see the moon shining brightly on the Hashers. Someone announced
the opening of good Scotch and we made a beeline for that elixir of
life aka Scotch whisky.

We drank and we ate through the night. What a wonderful time we had.