Sunday, 28 June 2015

Run 872 Jun 30 is in Duta Nusantara

RLC Harriers Run No 872
Run Site : Duta Nusantara
Hares : Dato Good Mood Veloo
Weather : Fine weather

It has been a couple of years since we last ran here and the changes
in the meantime have been tremendous, one aspect of which was the
total absence of natural vegetation in the public domain. Every inch
around the area has been exploited by rapacious developers for big

GM Veloo had laid on a pre-run spread of curry puff and vegetarian
pakoras at the Clubhouse of his gated community. The slow clock (by 15
minutes) at the Clubhouse resulted in the run being horned off 5
minutes late. Then it was a relentless road run from here to eternity.
We covered the whole of the Government complex and across through the
hockey stadium and even crossed a main road via one of the entrances
to the Agong's new palace. A long 8km or so of dangerous road running
while cars whisked past us perilously.

The bunch of 9 front-runners led by Quiksilver Fox came in about 65
minutes, followed by another foursome (no, not the taxi-patrons who
love to reprise the previous week's run but Steven Yong and his New
Zealander colleague, CKLeong, the siew-chee lover and UY) some five
minutes later. Thereafter, the rest came in proudly to claim their
t-shirts. Some of the hashers took of their tops and dived into the
inviting pool while others sipped cold beer or partook of the ABC.

The hare had also provided a wide array of drinks which included 4
different brands of whisky and this side-bar was open even before the
beer ran out. The Circle was the usual riotous affair with absentees
being welcomed back into the fold. Then we sat down in comfort to a
sumptuous buffet of bryani rice with mutton and other goodies like
freshly-made tosais. It was a generous spread by a generous host who
also brought his daughter, oops, wife (she is quite young-looking) to
savour the ambience of a hash gathering. The only minus note was the
absence of fish-head curry (next Veloo on-on-on should be in Sentul
where we can have a POP run around the old golf course)

... and so we yakked and drank into the night in the safety of the
gated community and all had a good mood time ... 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Run 871 Jun 23 is in Mont Kiara

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

This was such a good run that 4 hashers led by Uncle Yap crossed the
fence and re-ran Boon Hiong's short trail (marked identically with
small triangular paper), ending up once again at Rumah Bakti where
they caught a cab and paid RM21.40 (can buy empat ekor?) to join the
rest at Wendy's Lum's intended run-site.

Okay fast forward to ------>

RLC Harriers Run No 871
Run Site : Mont Kiara
Hares : Wendy & Lum Seng Yip
Weather : Fine weather

We waited patiently at Jalan Desa Kiara 1. watching Filipino maids
walk their dogs and watching exotic dogs shit all over the grass. Then
the roti horn held by JM Steven Khoo sounded and off we went across
the road and into the green wilderness yonder. The hare was on hand to
take pictures of us running up the hill and also to accompany Uncle
Teh and Auntie Margaret down safely home.

It was a route that we have not run for many a year and remained quite
challenging as we struggled all the way up this side of the Kiara
Hill. As we started to climb down, a check beckoned and the front
runners had to backtrack. On and on, we meandered through the forest
until the short trail appeared, marked by small bits of triangular
paper. Some sort of confusion arose near the fencing and the front
runners ran helter-skelter, trying to make out which paper was facing
the right way and which was fresh. Eventually, the correct way home
was found except for the four heroes who felt nostalgic about last
week's run and did a reprise. 

As Ann Choo would say, it was the best run of the year; although
Steven Khoo felt Wendy needed another lesson in laying paper which
should include the following :
- on the same hill as last week's run, use different paper (certainly
NOT the same small triangular)
- once in a while, do put up some RLC identification to differentiate
from other chapters' trails
- once in a while do make clear the direction of the trail (chalked
arrows or RLC identification paper facing you on a tree)

GrandMaster Woon rose from his sick bed to join us for the circle and
there was a discussion on the unfortunate case of Teo Kim Lean, the
hasher who is still missing at Bukit Hatamas in Cheras. Past GM Veloo
informed the group that next week's run-site is a gated community and
only cars registered with him will be granted entry and that bathing
facilities will be made available.

The Circle was, as usual, a bundle of frivolous fun and enjoyable
entertainment as sinners were hauled up for all manners of
transgressions which emptied the beer barrel before we made our way to
Chez Steven in Bangsar for our 5-table dinner. Head Chef May presented
us a good table, complete with vegetarian curry, smoked chicken and
other goodies. Lum Kor brought a bottle of GlenFiddich and a bottle of
Grant and guest Edward, some bottles of wine.

We dined and wined into the night.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Run 870 Jun 16 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

As we gathered at the familiar spot, it was evident that many of our
die-hard regulars were missing, mostly travelling to others places
like Allen Tan in the UK, Steven Oon in Pangkor Island, Playboy Choo
playing somewhere, etc. Nevertheless the 40-odd of us pressed on up
the hill and into the cool shades of tropical trees.

The trail meandered to the left and allowed runners to run parallel to
one another. I chose the upper route (never like to lose the height so
painfully gained) and could see the rest running below. On and on we
went until we reached the summit where pieces of triangular paper
appeared, indicating the short route back. Of course, I followed that
whereas the macho runners like Peter Leong, Steven Yong and Wendy Lum
opted to punish themselves further. Their route took on more up's and
down's whereas the triangular route was almost a beeline to the
run-site. I was FROP at 65 minutes.

The regular FROP was again Quiksilver Fox Mike at 75 minutes, followed
quite quickly by the rest. Alas, there was no young chikoo from the
Poh family to push the old fox. Most came back in the diminishing
daylight and we tucked in heartily into the finger food galore ...
chicken legs, pows, kuehs and Duck King's duck. The Circle was
slightly enlivened by the arrival of the Chairman, Burns who nowadays
is not running but only eating and drinking (you are going to grow
fatter) and Buffalo Lee. Try as the various bomohs and quasi-bomohs,
the beer just could not be finished. So the rest was poured into a
Coleman and brought to the restaurant.

One issue was discussed and it was overwhelmingly accepted that one
run per month wef September 2015, will be declared an open run with
nobody assigned as hare and the food at the On On On paid for on a
pro-rata basis. Only two , Veloo and Yong Tow Foo objected but they
graciously accepted the will of the majority to give the proposed
scheme a try. The whole idea of the change is not to burden each
hasher with more than one hare duty per year.

At the restaurant in Uptown, we walloped the mee-hoon curry, the
chicken and all the other goodies provided by the generous hares;
actually too much, judging by the number of tar-pow. Yes, we managed
to finish all the beer left over from the Circle and polished off
another bottle of Green Label.

Indeed, a lovely evening with good friends, good run, good fellowship,
good food, good beer and good whisky; what more can a person want?
This is life, c'est la vie as the French would say. On! On!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Run 869 Jun 9 is in Bukit Subang

  • Run 869 is by Choo Yon Kit and Ann
  • June 9, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Denai Alam Bukit Subang
RLC Harriers Run No 869
Run Site : Bukit Subang - Denai Alam
Hares : Playboy Choo & Ann
Weather : Fine weather

The last time we came here, it rained cats and dogs and the whole area
was flooded. This time, Playboy Choo did a slight tweak and shifted
the run-site a couple of streets away and we had fine weather the
whole evening.

Some 40 RLC Harriers started off into the palm oil plantation which
has some hilly bits but mostly flat land. Break after break were
broken and as we came to the final stretch, it was a ding-dong battle
between Quiksilver Fox and the young upstart, Justin Poh. Experience
won the day as Mike came in at 56 minutes FROP. 

It was a well-laid run with usual SCB completing the route in
daylight. At the Circle, Leslie who almost became a PIG (permanently
invited guest) of Col Johan was inducted as a member on his own right.
Col Johan was also feted as the person who invited the most number of
guest for the Beer Crawl (all 67 invitees) and his two children, Marie
and Daniel were similarly applauded for helping to bring down the
average age of RLC Harriers (now going above 60 years)

We then moved to Thiam Fatt, a restaurant in Subang Village (more like
pekan now) for a feast, complete with more beer and whisky. 

For those not here tonight, where were you? Notable absentees included
Bala, Guru, Allen, Woon, Alka, Tarzan, Wendy Lum ... 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The 2015 Beer Crawl - Now Everyone Can Crawl!

  • Run 868 is the 2015 Beer Crawl
  • June 2, 2015 Tuesday 5.30pm
  • Royal Lake Club, KL
RLC Harriers Run No 868 ... Beer Crawl
Run Site : Lake Garden & vicinity
Hares : The usual suspects
Weather : Rain before the run and dry thereafter

It rained cats and dogs at around 3pm but at 4.30 it stopped ... we
always know that the Weather God is a hasher. Hashers from other
chapters came and registered and each got a running shirt and a cap
(courtesy of Jake, the steak-house next to Victoria Station, Damansara
at the back end of Bangsar)

In the meantime, Colonel Johan was making an evil concoction
innocently called a 'punch' and Bala was improving the taste of 5
bottles of Pepsi Cola with a bottle of Black Label. Others were busy
loading up the two beer trucks with Carlsberg beer and Royal Stout. It
looked like a very good run ahead.

Promptly at 5.30, we set off up to the National Monument and into the
jungle next to Datin Ann's house. Then it was across the road and into
the Dragon Trail and round Parliamet House and back to the Club to
join the walkers into Lake Garden for a leisurely stroll to the
carpark below the Planetarium above the stair to the National Museum.

The beer trucks were waiting and everyone loaded up with beer, stout
and Isomax while Bomoh Quik Silverfox conducted a circle. After that,
we ran (no, walked) past the Police Museum and towards the National
Mosque where another check stopped us. Eventually we walked past
Tanglin Medical Centre and towards Selangor Club and back to Jalan
Parliament where there was another stop. Among other things, pizza was

We went back to the Club and had another Circle where donors were
suitably honoured. A quick shower and it was to Bunga Raya for a
slap-up meal where more beverages awaited. We wined and dined and had
a jolly good time.