Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Run 867 May 26 is in Gasing Playground New Car Park POP

RLC Harriers Run 867, 26 May 2015
Hares : Alice and Uncle Yap
Runsite : Gasing Car Park
Weather : Dry before and during the run but started to drizzle at the

Promptly at 6.00 pm, GrandMaster Woon pressed his roti horn and we all
ran right towards the entrance to the Nature Park. The trail just went
up, up, up until we reached the top and then we came down. David Wee,
one of the hired hares (the other was his wife, Mighty Mouse) a very
sadistic person who did not like to see people with dry shoes when wet
would do. He made us walk along the stream before going up another
hill. At the top, there was a check, but of course, the route had to
go downhill where we met some workers doing some construction work.

This was where there was a clear sign SHORT <--- nbsp=""> LONG
The heroes went right and climbed another hill while the sensible
hashers turned left and walked another km or so before emerging at the
Playground. From there, it was plain sailing walking to the carpark.
Heroes for the day were Steven Khoo and Lim Boon Hiong at 55 minutes.

A little while later at 65 minutes, Mike Kuan came running in, pursued
by Stan, the American from Miri who was one of the guests. Soon after
that, people started coming in left, right and centre until the only
person out was Steven Young (spelling error deliberate). Before the
Circle could get underway, SY was back ... a smart hasher who found
his way back even after starting 30 minutes late.

The hashers tucked into the foreplay food including harm-chin-peng,
fish cake, chaw siew yoke, sweet Philippines pineapple and other
goodies. A slight drizzle came on and all the umbrellas went up. That
did not deter us. Silly charges followed ridiculous charges but we all
had fun.

The nasi lemak was fantastic, so fantastic that the food ran out
before Uncle Yap had a chance to eat anything. We ordered for 50 so
felt a little bit short-changed ...  everything finished except for
some kachang/ikan bilis and some sambal (sorry, Boon Pooi and Janet, 
I need the sambal for tomorow's dinner)

The beer ran out and we started on the GlenMorangie. We continued to
drink into the night and a good time was had by all

p/s I have been told that Tarzan and Jane read my account when they
are in bed on a Tuesday night. So, here is a story, hopefully erotic
enough ....

Tarzan and Jane travelled in the jungle by swinging from tree to tree
using the aerial roots and other tree misai. One day, an urgent call
came (probably Cheetah was in trouble) and both rushed to move to come
to his aid. Somehow, Jane slipped (she was eating a juicy fruit and
her hands were wet and slippery) and she held on to a certain part of
Tarzan's anatomy. "oo-oo-oo oo-oo-oo !!!!" the painful cry of Tarzan
reveberated thro the jungle.

So now you know how Tarzan got his famous jungle call
You learn something useful every week from reading Uncle Yap :-)

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Run 866 May 19 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 866, 19 May 2015
Hares : Mr & Mrs Ng Lai Chong aka B Koh & B Soh
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining before the run but dry during & afterwards

As we gathered at the site before the run, we could not help noticing
that whoever was the Bomoh, he did a good job to stop the rain. At
6.00pm, Misai (in the absence of Woon Koh, happily engaging with China
Mooi in China - Jenny still thinks he is there for business :-)
sounded the horn and off we went

\We went up the slope and then veered off to the left into a small
patch of jungle. The trail then meandered left, right and centre but
it came perilously close to the Playground. At that point, I wanted to
see the recent developemnt, so I broke off for an inspection and then
ran back to the original runsite. 30 minutes, too short, so I took
another route and had some hill-climbs before returning to open the
beer barrel at 6.55pm

In the meantime, the heroes went all the way up, around and through
all the various paths that the bukit could offer. The horrendous rain
that preceded the run had washed away much of the paper laid. It was
the smart runner in the form of Quiksilver Fox who side-stepped the
red herrings and got home at 62 minutes, followed some ten minutes
later by Wendy, Peter, Arthur and Justine (son#2 of Jim Poh)

Ah B Koh presented everbody with a blue T-shirt and the Circle
celebrated the small bladders of Mike Kuan, Yabayabadoo and Dato
Steven Oon. Uncle Yap then pointed out the most erotic and exotic
lady, Lilian Wee whose clothing accentuated her nipples which got
every red-blooded males looking surreptitiously at her chest.

We then adjourned to Unique Seafood, an upmarket eartery where we were
presented with offerings of good food after good food. 12 year-old
GlenFiddich awaited the thirsty souls. We had a jolly good time and
hated to tear ourselves away.

Next Week's Run : Uncle Yap & Alice @ Gasing Car Park 
... POP, park once policy 
... food from Hassan's children will be served - nasi lemak primarily.
Those who like to savour their whisky from glass containers, please
bring your own glass cups ... ice and whisky will be provided.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Run 865 May 12 is in TTDI

Unc Yap was on holiday so there's no scribe report for this run, apologies.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Run 864 May 5 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 864 is by Casey Wong and Dato Nik Gee
  • May 5, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart maybe
RLC Harriers Run 864, 5 May 2015
Hares :  Dato Nik Gee & KCWong aka Chi Mui
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Dry

There was a certain kind of foreboding when Bala was mentioned as
KCWong's sole hired hare ... both of them are not exactly noted for
blasting into new virgin jungle or anything out of the ordinary. 
How true!

GM Woon was having some health issue so JM Misai aka Steven pressed
the roti horn to start the run from the quadrangle. Off we went to the
junction and the trail veered right and then into Lake Garden and out
towards Tun Razak memorial and before we knew it, we were in front of
the National Museum and crossing the road. Then it was a long road run
before we came to the four-road junction. We went on to Jalan
Selangor, Jalan Johor and then Jalan Melaka before turing left into
Jalan Bangsar to go back to the Club via the Museum tunnel.

FROP was Peter Leong at 41 minutes, closely followed by our
indefatigable Mike Kuan. Most were in before the hour. It was a 6.2km
road run, not too interesting and full of motorcar exhaust gases.

The Circle started with some controversy. Mismanagement tried to
impose its views on all regarding the issue of beer. In the end, it
was amicably resolved that henceforth, after the barrel is finished,
the Section will make available chilled canned/bottled beer at a
nominal price, something like RM5 to 7 each (to be decided). 
Note : If Tarzan at VeggieHash could offer 3 cans of beers at RM10,
can we do less?

We all adjourned to Bunga Raya where a feast awaited, together with a
bottle of JW Green Label and a bottle of VSOP. Dato Nik Gee, the hare
in charge of the food also presented each Hasher witha fluffy cake ...
yum yum

So a good time was had by all.

Postscript : This is Uncle Yap's own initiative
I think the Section is currently running at a slight loss ... this is
not good. Please permit me to suggest something.

At each run, I consumed from 4 to 5 beers. At the nominal price of
RM7.50 each, I get value of RM30 to 35. The moderate drinker like say
Lee Seng Chuan aka Buffalo Lee with two drinks will have value of
RM15. Multiply that by 4 runs in a month and he gets at least RM60
whereas he only paid RM20 as subscription. Okay, this is balanced by
non-drinkers like Alice, David Wee and Wendy Lum.

So, may I beseech my fellow beer-drinkers like Allen Tan, Thambi Chai,
Playboy Choo, Shit Stirrer, Quiksilver Fox, Steven Khoo, Burns, etc
etc  to volunteer to pay monthly sub of RM40. If there are 20 of us
each contributing an additional RM20 a month, that will be nearly
RM5000 annually to the Section kitty and then we will not be in

PP/S Tonight plus the next two nights, Guinness Anchor Berhad is
having a promotion at Batek Bar. After 9.00pm, Tiger is RM4.00 per
shot and Guinness, RM6.00 per shot. Damn good value for money
Please invite me to have a drink or two with you tomorrow and the day
after :-)