Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Run 889 Oct 27 is in the New Car Park Bkt Gasing

  • Run 889 is by Bob Yong and Daniel
  • October 27 Tuesday 6pm
  • New car park Jalan Tanjong 5/4 Bukit Gasing
RLC Harriers Run #889 Tuesday 27 October 2015
Run Site : Gasing Carpark
Hares : Bob Yong & Daniel Tan
Weather : Fine weather for the run but masked by haze

As we drove in to park, we found the carpark nearly full 30 minutes
before the run ... then we found the culprit; the Shah Alam chapter
was also running there. At exactly 6.00pm, our ButaButa GM pressed his
roti horn and off we went into the familiar entrance to Gasing Hill.

We strolled along the stream and then abruptly, left up the slope and
then there was a check. While the other front runners went in search
of the trail, I went on up the steep incline and soon I was at the
top. Then I heard faintly "On! On!" and the pack moved right to
another path.

What to do? I was not about to give up the height that I had so
painfully gained; so I went on and soon found the Shah Alam papers
which I followed in the hope that I will soon come upon the RLC
recycled paper. After reaching the bottom, there was another hill and
up I went until I chanced upon another lost RLC Harrier, Professor
Tie. We continued with the Shah Alam trail and soon, we emerged on the
road opposite the playground and rejoined the RLC homeward path.

We came back and found ourselves behind at least ten front-runners. We
tucked into the finger food and had our shower before assembling for
the Circle. A drop followed by another drop and suddenly, the sky
opened and all the hashers made a beeline for their cars and emerged
with umbrellas. But RLC Harriers are RLC Harriers ... we stayed and
the circle was conducted with us carrying umbrellas. 
"Par see boh chow" (hit until dead but never run away)

We honoured the outstanding dancing dual, Katherine and Thambi Chai
who raised the Chicken Dance to a new level at the recent Oktoberfest.
In spite of the rain, charges came fast and furious, one after another
and the Weather God relented and allowed the last bit of the circle to
be rain-free. Our latest faithful butler, Katherine (should she be
called buttress?) was sworn in and she promised to run the hash every
Tuesday come rain, come shine, come tsunami, come anybody's birthday.

We then adjourned to Kam Kee, next to the old Padang Merbok ... they
have cleared this site for a condo project some 3-4 years ago and they
still can't start work ... Malaysian bureaucrazy ?

Anyway, the food they dished out is just as good and we tucked in
heartily, washed down with some alcoholic beverages. We all had a good
time and wondered whatever happened to the absentees. They missed a
good run and a fun evening.

Trail setting at Bukit Gasing PJ.
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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Run 888 Oct 20 is at the Hash Heritage House TTDI

125th Anniversary Celebrations
                          The Fatt Fatt Fatt Hash Run
                       20 October 2015   /    Uncle Yap

As part of the Club's 125th Anniversary Celebration, it was entirely a
happy co-incidence that Run #888 was scheduled for a bright albeit a
tad hazy Tuesday. What a propitious number and what sweet serendipity!

As the two hundred plus runners gathered at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail
site of the Hash Heritage House, there was an air of expectancy. Music
played in the background while members and guests collected their
freebies and partook of the finger food.

At exactly 6.00pm, President Jon Azman pressed the button to flag off
the impatient hashers (talk about mixed metaphor). Into the verdant
secondary jungle, they filed and soon reached a suspension bridge
leading to a walkway under the canopy of leafy tropical trees.
Suddenly, everything was clear and for the duration of the run, the
haze was forgotten.

Then came the change in the path pointing upwards and painstakingly,
the hashers climbed the steep incline which reached 60 degrees at
certain sections. It was a relentless climb with no quarters given.
The couple of hundred metres on that killer path must have seemed like
a kilometre. Hashers were seen hugging the trees or taking a breather.
As the tired runners reached a jungle path, a welcome sight greeted
them - "Short Run, Turn Right" Phew! Many gratefully accepted the
reprieve and started the downward walk home. FROP was Wong Fook Loy at
45 minutes followed by Emily Chew from Klang.

In the meantime, the normal run went up to yet another hill before a
circuitous path home. But hashers are made of sterner stuff and in the
gathering gloom of twilight, they persevered and came home led by
Quiksliver Fox at 1 hour 13.8 minutes. Yet Yet Sang Fatt, how
fortuitously auspicious for the occasion.

Ah B Kor's portable generators went into action and the whole run-site
was lit up like a fairyland. The exhausted hashers slaked their thirst
and massaged their tired limbs. The isotonic drinks flowed followed by
beer and more beer as we sat down for the Circle where sinners were
punished for various infractions. Hash must be the only oxymoronic
place where the so-called punishment is a reward of a glass of cold

Uncle Yap presented the annual Sour Grapes Awards to recognise the
best (or is it worst?) cases of sour grapes. In Shyam's house with a
swimming pool - "Aiyah, my water bill is less than RM10; he pays
hundreds". Eying Dato Allen Tan's Ferrari - "He only gets ten miles to
the gallon; my Proton get 25". The winner was when Dato Steven Oon
presented his wife with a C200 (a Mercedes-Benz car) - "I gave my wife
C4" (Altantuya remembered)

We made our way back to the Club where a feast befitting the occasion
awaited at the Banquet Hall. The various sponsors and people who had
contributed to the success of the 888 Run were suitably recognised and
honoured. The beer and whiskies flowed; more than ten litres of
Macallan and other single malts were consumed in addition to the three
barrels of Carlsberg. 

It was indeed a grand celebration. On! On!

For the record
OC for the event - Steven Khoo
Hares for short run : UY, David Wee, Boss, Serena
Hares for normal run : Shyam, Alka, CCGoh, Edward

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Run 887 Oct 13 is in Taman Sri Bintang Kepong

RLC Harriers Run #887 13 October 2015
Run Site : Seri Bintang, Kepong
Hares : The 2 sissies ... CC Goh and CC Adrian 
Weather : Raining cats and dogs elsewhere; but at the run-site,
totally dry (proving, once again, that the Weather God is a Hasher)

As we parked our cars (totally wet, of course), we noticed that two
other chapters were also having their runs here today. At the
appointed time, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed bhis roti-horn and off we
went down the the hill and then to a series of upward climbs.
Unrelenting up and up.

A check was found but soon broken and off we went upwards to the top
of the hill where pylons carrying thousands of volts appeared
dangerously by. The other chapters were there at the same time as

While we searched for the correct trail, some SCB (short cut bastards)
came and tempted me to go down by a direct route home. Being very
morally weak, I, of course, succumbed and was soon back home with time
to spare. I was then joined by Jennifer Kuan and we wandered off to
Jalan 6 where we came across the water tank that used to be the
landmark for our runs many many years ago. That reservoir used to be
infested by monkeys but today, not a single one  .... developement had
cut off their path from forest to tank.

The other macho runners went up another hill and meandered back via
City Park. FROP was (surprise, surprise) Steven Yong at 46 minutes.
Then our erstwhile champion, Quiksilver Fox came limping in a couple
of minutes later, together with the other fast runners like Dato
Steven Oon, Chai, Rule #1 (aka Wendy Lum) & Shit-Stirrer Arthur Hoi.

As the runners trickled in, we asked "Where is Uncle Teh?" Someone
said, "Alamak, He and Auntie Margaret  are the consultant hares, the
masterminds of today's run" Don't play play eh !

Last one in was CheeMooi (aka KC Wong) and then the Circle started
when the street light went on. Our ButaButa GM introduced the hares
and also the guests and soon the announcements were read out. 

Of great importance was the celebration Run #888 which will be held at
the Hash Heritage Site next to Rumah Bakti in TTDI. CKLeong, the
greatest lover of siew chee, also the CO of #888 did not promise that
he will sponsor a siew chee but he entreated everyone to tell guests
to bathe on site and go for the celebration dinner at the RLC Banquet
Hall. Sorry, no loaves of bread will be distributed as door gifts.

Bomoh Mike was at his best tonight, castigating one and all and
enthralling us with his wit and charm. Of special interest were the
happenings at the latest Ball-Breaker Run where two of our members
completed the tought run; CCGoh and Might Mouse aka Lilian Wee
(personally coached & inspired by UY)

Soon the barrel ran out and it was time to met at SaiKong (now renamed
in the best Hanyu Piying, Xi Gong (West Public). The food was, as to
be expected, delicious and fine and we all tucked in, helped down by a
couple of bottles of the finest Scotch whiskies.

... and we partied on, well into the night, wondering whatever
happened to our good friend, Dato Allen Tan and his fair maiden,
Shirley ... we miss you - come back soon, all is forgiven

Good night

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Run 886 Oct 6 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 886 is by President Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng
  • October 6, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #886  6 October 2015
Run Site : RLC and its vicinity
Hares : President Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng 
Weather : Slight drizzle prior to the run; thereafter fine weather 

President Jon Azman celebrated his birthday in style, hosting a run
with our resident Elvis, Lawyer Chew Kar Meng. The trail led from the
Lake Garden and then towards Masjid Negara before crossing the
underground tunnel into the old KL Railway Station.

At this point, the smarter hashers made alternative plans to run back
towards the Club. The rest of the macho gang followed a route running
alongside Sungei Klang towards Brickfields, passing temples and
churches (indeed a very spiritual run). Then they turned back passing
Kuen Cheng School and after a long 9.0 km, made it safely to the Club
way beyond the usual one hour mark.  

We used to run along the river (including an incident when a lady
hasher was nearly swept away in the torrential rain water - she
immediately resigned form the Section) and from there even ventured
through the graveyard behind MAPTB (remember the Dracula Run?).
Run 886 certainly brought back some memories, some pleasant and
others, not so.

The Bar did not open until 8.00pm, unlike out-runs when it opens when
the first runner on paper returns. UY would like to suggest that we
follow the hash convention of FROP signalling the opening of the bar.
Sticking to a fixed time does not give us the flexibility when say it
is a short run with FROP of 45 minutes and a long thirsty wait. I have
been told that this is a safeguard and preventive against non-running
hashers coming just to drink and eat. Now, who are these? They can't
be that many such hashers as to cause so much distress and anguish
arising from unslaked thirst. Please ButaButa GM, I will vote for you

After the usual riotous Circle, we adjourned to Bunga Raya for a
slap-up meal. The hares surprised everyone by opening another barrel
of beer. Hurray!! We also feted President Jon Azman with a hearty
birthday song after which he performed a satisfactory blow job.

A good time was had by all.