Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Run 885 Sep 29 is in Bkt Sg Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)

  • Run 885 is by Peter Leong and Steven Yong
  • September 29, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Sungai Besi (Alam Damai Cheras)
RLC Harriers Run #885 29 September2015
Run Site : Carpark behind OCBC, Cheras
Hares : Peter Leong & Steven Yong
Weather : Fine weather with a tinge of haze interrupted by downpour
from 6.30 to 7.30pm

By hook or by crook, we followed the faulty instructions to get to the
run-site and only due to the prominence of OCBC facing a main road,
most of us got there in time. Some complained of going round and round
some industrial lots of warehouses and factories while other bemoaned
the absence of signs leading to a new run-site.

We found another chapter (CHHHH) running the same site; however, they
used pieces of paper printed in red while we used recycled paper. At
exactly 6, our ButaButa GM Woon pressed his horn and off we went
across the road and up a hill. The trail meandered up the steep
incline, with gradients of up to 60 degrees at places. The checks were
quite easily broken and then came the junction which pointed right for
a shorter route home.

The more adventurous ones went up straight for an additional loop
before starting the descend, joining the short-route runners on to a
housing estate and then a road run back to site. In the meantime, rain
came pouring down in buckets and most of us were drenched. Somehow,
this was quite welcomed as the rain washed away some of the suspended
particles (collectively called the Haze) and the dirt off our bodies.

For the record, FROP was Quiksilver Fox at 54 minutes 13 seconds
(%$!# erm say yet sang - won't die but grow and prosper) followed by
CCGoh, Tambi Chai, Bugs Bunny while Vivien Hoi was FROP for the
shorter run.

There were fewer than 30 runners. It transpired that many Harriers had
just returned from an overseas trip to Hanoi; hence the absence of
Dato Alen Tan, Dato Steven Oon, Rule Number One among others. But the
hardier hashers like Quiksilver Fox, Thambi Chai and CCGoh came
straight from airport to run-site. Such dedication to hashing was
rewarded by a free glass of beer.

As we gathered for the Circle, the rain tapered to a halt and we
partook of the congenial company, the beer and the finger food.
As usual, the banters, the teasing and the so-called punishment of a
glass of beer contributed to an evening well-spent; after which we
convoyed to a restaurant where we shared some delicious food, washed
down by three bottles of spirits plus many others of wine ...

... and we partied well into the night. C'est la vie

Footnote : Ooops, wrote this on Tuesday night but forgot to press
"send"  blur lah !! Never mind, better late than never

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Beerman always rings once...

The Beermen from Carlsberg are to deliver & serve our draft beer every Tuesday. That is their only job function.

The disposal of garbage is not part their duties but they oblige us in return of a small token (min RM20).

With the Govt ruling of waste separation being enforced, please throw your rubbish in the appropriate garbage bags allotted and not to the Beerman.

If you feel the token is too expensive, hares please clear your own rubbish.

Run 884 Sep 22 is in TTDI (Bangunan Bakti)

RLC Harriers Run #884 22 September2015
Run Site : Rumah BAKTI, TTDI
Hares : Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Weather : Fine weather ; no haze since the return of UY

As we gathered at the familiar spot next to Rumah Bakti, there were
lots of ooh's and aah's between hashers meeting one another again
after another week. Buta Buta GM asked "Where's my horn?" and when he
found it next to his manhood, the run started up the familiar path

Somehow, after the first five runners who stumbled upon the first
check, the rest seemed to know where the trail would continued. On we
went up the hill under the shade of the tropical trees until we came
upon the second check and there we were stuck until our heroine (who
else by Rule #1 aka Wendy Lum) found the connecting paper. 

It was fun running under the shade and then the 3rd check appeared
half-way up a hill. Only Boss and UY bothered to climb up all the way
to the road and there we saw the homeward trail ... lucky bastards eh?
Of course, we were first altho Jennifer expected her husband to
overtake her any time.

FROP was , of course, who else but Quiksilver Fox at a time of 58
minutes followed by the usual gang of CCGoh, Rule #1, KFC aka Tambi
Chai and surprise surprise Dato Allen Tan who has improved so
tremendously that he is now in the first quartile. The rest came in
not so soon afterwards, all with praises for a run well laid.

The Circle was predictably a lot of fun fun fun. Burns won the
inaugural Professor Henry Higgings Award for subjecting his wife, Siti
to a continuous series of duties, fetching him his drinks, his snacks,
etc while he sat on his fat bum. Kiasu Health Freak aka Allen Tan came
prepared with face mask for the run. Alas, the beer soon ran out and
all charges had to be postponed to next week

At the restaurant in Uptown, we all tucked in with voracious appetite
and three bottles of spirits made their appearance. Now, who says that
Hashers are not a spiritual lot? 

We ate and drank and once again I ask people who are reading this and
who were not there tonight, "What the hell are you doing away from our
weekly run?" "Come back, all is forgiven"

Until next week, I really missed our hash during my sojourn in London
(too bloody cold)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Run 883 Sep 15 is at the new Gasing car park

  • Run 883 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • September 15, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • New Gasing Car Park on Jalan Tanjong 5/4
Hares: David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite: Gasing Carpark
Weather: Hazy but cool

This year's haze is  one of worst in a few years with Api index exceeding 150. Thus it was with trepidation that we congregated at the Gasing Carpark. Afterward the run must go on...

We arrived just in time to see Boss aka Jennifer arriving at the back of a Superbike complete with helmet. GohCC was the proud owner who had the ladies eating out of his hand asking for a spin. Next up was Auntie Margaret and Wendy!

JM Steven started the run, GM was conspicuously absent due to the haze, with a warning that anyone not staying on paper and getting lost would have to wait till after 10 pm for the search party to go in. We started the run with aplomb up right to the Indian Temple where a check caught the FROPS but the trail was called back down the hill where we had to tread carefully. Back on familiar grounds and up another hill  to  Pantai Park and thereon over the monstrous hanging bridge and up Chempedak Hill. Then it was a home run with right going long and left being the short cut. Though  the haze was bad at least it was manageable in inside of Gasing. Nonetheless most got back within half hour of each other but wait..where was Dr Yap, Cecelia and Bob!

Fortunately they arrived just as it was getting dark. Another surprise was the Gm and wife making an appearance just as the circle was about to start.

The Circle was another riotous affair with numerous charges:
Red Shirts gathering, Sole Bersih rep in the form of Catherine Chang, sinners not wearing hash tees, EV showing off his moobs, GohCC and his Biker chicks, Sole guest of David Liew who went orgasmic during the run, etc etc...till the beer was at long last finished. We then made a beeline to Kamkee Restaurant at Sec 5 for the on down where the hares had generously provided Royal Salute, Highland Park Single Malt and red wine. The food was delicious esp the garoupa and prawns and finished off with Hokkien Mee. Thank you hares for a great do. Glad to get some workout even with the haze which thankfully got better as the evening progressed.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Run 882 Sep 8 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 882 is by Lee Bulchand and Jai Belani
  • September 8, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Hares Lee Burchard and Jai Balani
Runtime: Rlc
Weather: cool after rain overcast skies with haze

The second inrun of the month saw the usual group congregating at the hash corner and ready to go despite the annual  haze that had descended upon the Klang Valley yet again. Fortunately rain had cooled the weather somewhat thus ensuring that at least two thirds of the pack finished the run.

The run took us across to Jln Parlimen and up again to the jungle behind Tugu Negara into the old Tayar trail and then across the road to Mahameru. Then it lead to the road to Kenny Hills and came home via  the pandan Hill. Note that this information is second hand as I once again did an UY and SC home earlier.

Once showered we adjourned to the temporary hash circle at Pavilion where the ambiance was definitely an improvement from the Gazebo currently under renovation. Indeed we had high chairs and tables to sit on with staff to serve tidbits provided by the hares as the circle commenced.

The Gm started the circle with the usual hares on down and most importantly the introduction of a new member Katherine Chang who was sworn in by Burns. Seems she has higher IQ than the usual as she managed to follow instructions correctly and is thus deemed suitable for hashing.

After announcements the Bomoh then took over and charged the usual suspects amongst them  Steven Yong for not wearing hash attire yet again, two dumber than normal hashers who did an ultrarun recently and Bala for his nonsensical ramblings. Jai Balani was as usual up to his hijinks by commenting on all and sundry.

After the raucous circle we adjourned to the Bunga Raya for a feast. Loved the fried noodles but the assam fish was huge. Growing boy Peter did justice to it as he walloped two bowls of rice with it. Drinks as usual were aplenty and Wendy supplemented with her agar. Thanks Hares for a great fun do and interesting run to boot.

Lilian Wong