Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Run 846 Dec 30 is in Kota Damansara

  • Run 846 is by CC Goh and Peter Leong
  • December 30, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Jalan PJU 3/42, Kota Damansara
RLC Harriers Run 846,, 30 December 2014
Hares : Peter Leong & CCKoh
Runsite : Supposed to be somewhere in Kota Damansara
Weather : Dry but preceded by days of torrential rain

At 4.00pm, there was an alarm, something about Tesco/The Curve being
jammed. So many people started the trip to the run-site at 4 or 4.30
and they all arrived in good time ... for that kiasu alarmist action,
Tarzan & Boss were on-down later

The run-site was a huge carpark and we whiled away the time, talking
cock and waited for 6.00. This time round, Tarzan was there, Jim Poh
was there, David Wee was there ... wow o wow, three out of five VIP's
present .. now where were GM Johan and JM Tommy Chin ... we will on
them down next week

At 6.00 we started to get out of the industrial complex and moved
towards the hill. Then there was a check and I broke the check in
front of Alka and Wendy and totally missed the sign saying there were
two runs, the long and the short. Up and up we went along a fencing
and soon we came to open grassland. The Trail led to the pylons (those
huge monstrosities carrying electrical cables) and this was when all
the top runners overtook me.

By the time I got to the pylons, there had been a second check. This
must have been broken quite easily. I was left with Alka and David Wee
as companions. We traversed the pylons areas and then it was a very
treacherous trip down, with gradients ranging from 45 to 60 degrees.
Many backsides would surely be muddied here.

Then came a downhill stretch when we could see civilisation (road next
to houses). We ran down and then up again. This was repeated about ten
times and it was so so arduous especially when there were sharp
thorns. Finally, the hares managed to find the correct route and we
all came down to earth and tarmac roads leading to our run-site. Phew!
At last we were home.

I was 80 minutes in , some 20 minutes behind FROP, Mike Kuan. What a
relief to be home.

Before the Circle got underway, Tarzan asked all the Harriers to be
upstanding and together, we bowed our heads and observed one minute of
silence in memory of the departed on QZ8501. Our hearts go to the
bereaving families.

Then the charges flew left right and centre. The hares were punished
for losing their ways at the final stretch and UY told his grandfather
stories about Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt to Israel. Moses
made two fatal mistakes which are remembered up to today.

Mistake #1 After he parted and crossed the Red Sea, he turn left into
the desert. If he had turned right, he would have come to all the
petroleum-rich territories. Today, all the Jews are still cursing

Mistakes #2 Moses was in the desert and who did you think he employed
as guides? Yes, he took on Peter Leong and CCGoh and they led the
Israelites meandering the desert for 40 years.

It was heady fun all the way and we enjoyed the banters and the
charges. Soon it was time to get some bites and we convoyed to the
Restaurant where three bottles of fine Scotch whisky awaited. The
left-over beer followed us as well. We wined and we dined in true
hasher fashion. Life is good :-)

Next week, the run is in-house ... whether or not there is a Hash AGM,
we do not know. Anyway, it is coming close to midnight and soon we
will usher in another New Year ... UY & Alice will be at the Club to
sing Auld Lang Syne and hope to see you

Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you greater stamina, more sagacity
and wisdom and a lot of happiness

Post Script
At the dinner, someone wrote the three ill-fated flights
MH  370
MH    17
QZ 8501
and the total came to 8888, normally a lucky number
but for Malaysia, a catastropic combination in 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Run 845 Dec 23 is in TTDI

  • Run 845 is by B P Ng & Irene
  • Dec 23, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bangunan Bakti Hasmah TTDI
RLC Harriers Run 845, 23 December 2014 
Hares :Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining & Drizzling the whole day but dry during the run and
circle (see, I told you the Weather God is a hasher)

For the past 20 hours, it had been raining and drizzling in the Klang
Valley; so the roads were wet, traffic was slow and the atmosphere
dampened. But as we gathered at the corner in front of Rumah Bakti,
spirits were high. At two minutes before 6.00pm, Arthur Hoi aka Shit
Stirrer (we really must start using Hash Names like normal hash
chapters) mistaken pressed the horn and started the run.

This is one run where there was not a single person from the 5-man
Harriers committee. No GM, no JM's, no On-Sex, no On-cash. Guess who
will be on-downed the next time we meet?

The trail was quite a familiar one, first up the road before we turned
left into the jungle. Then it was a series of left, right, left, right
before we hit a check. It was a back-check which was quickly
dismantled. Then some road before we went right across the hill where
we saw those monstrous fences protecting the ill-gotten properties of
cronies. The stream that we crossed was just as enchanting. As we
gently made our ways alternately between roads and jungle, the
all-too-familiar homeward stretch beckoned and Mike Kuan came home as
FROP at 48 minutes followed by Steven Yong, our young buck. Most of
the other runners were not too far behind. Indeed a well-planned route
for this time of the year which caused Ann Choo to declare "best run
of the year"

We bathed behind our cars and the Circle, as usual, was a riotous and
hilarious affair with people "punished" for starting the run too
early, for not urinating, being thin on top (no hair like James Bald
Bala) or being exhibitionists like TYWoon bathing with underwear that
left nothing to the imagination. The most photographed 007, a Dato no
less dragged his fello-Dato's for another drink and in spite of the
small number and the damp weather, we finished the whole barrel.

Then it was a short trip Uptown for a sumptuous dinner, complete with
free flow of wine and whisky (Single Malt Glen Morangie, my favourite)
As the French would put it "c'est la vie" (That's life)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Run 844 Dec 16 is the James Bond theme 16th Anniversary

  • Run 844 is the 16th Anniversary Run (James Bond theme)
  • December 16, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Dinner in the Ballroom
  • Men in dark suit or black Bond attire
  • Ladies in shimmering evening dress or glitter black top and black pants

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Run 843 Dec 9 is in Templer's Park Rawang

  • Run 843 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • December 9, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Templer's Park Rawang
RLC Harriers Run 843, 9 December 2014
Hares : David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite : Templer's Park
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

This part of the world is quite new to RLC Harriers but the
instruction to the run-site was clear. By 6, all the 30 or so
die-hards were assembled and raring to go and off they went up a
gradual incline that stretched all the way to the fringe of a hill.

Then the fun started. The rain earlier had rendered the slope
treacherously slippery. The first few went up steadily without problem
but in so doing they had disturbed whatever purchase there was and
those coming after had to grasp at saplings and other things stuck
into the ground to haul themselves up. The gradient was rather steep,
ranging from 30 degrees to 60. It was a real test of endurance to
reach the top of the hill. Some were seen to be on all fours, crawling
up the steep hill. At long last, we reached the peak.

Then it was downhill all the way and again many hashers slipped and
fell on the precarious slope. Then we heard falling water and lo and
behold, there was a waterfall with water cascading down a pool. It was
so inviting that many must have felt the urge to jump in and rid
themselves of the mud they had collected. Alas, by the time we got
there, it was getting late and knowing how fast it gets dark at this
time of the year, we resisted the temptation.

We walked down the concrete step through the picnic areas and the
monkeys watched as we passed. They seemed rather menacing but no
untowards incident was reported. Soon, we reached the road and back to
our cars. It was an excellent run with FROP Thambi Chai at 48 minutes
and the rest coming in within half an hour.

The Circle, as usual, was another hilarious series of leg-pulling and
fun with Uncle Yap talking like a resident of Calcutta. He explained
why Indians all talk very fast because they have no full stops in
their language. Why? They have used up all their full stops on their
foreheads. Steven Khoo and Bob Yong were hauled up to explain why
their noses are so important that they have to be underlined.

The On-on-on was at Pin Kee, a short distance away but we could only
fill up three tables. Allen, who was away in UK, made his presence
felt when an 18 year-old single malt was brought out. Beautiful stuff
to wash down the spread of good food that followed.

In spite of the smaller number than usual, we all had amusing fun and
went home with great satisfaction.

Next Run : Sunday 14 December - RLC AGM Election Run at the Club
starting off at 7.30am with Peter Leong as live hare. Do come along
for the run and ensure you have a prime parking space on B2 next to
the lifts.

Next Next Run : Tuesday 16 December - Anniversary Celebration Run
themed on 007 James Bond. Please dress to kill.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Run 842 Dec 2 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 842 is by Dr C M Yap and Cecilia
  • Dec 2, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In run - RLC - dress smart

RLC Harriers Run 842, 2 December 2014 
Hares : Dr Yap Chung Mui & Cecilia
Runsite : Lake Gardens & its vicinity
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

As we gathered at the quadrangle, we were most relieved to see the
return of our beloved GrandMaster, Col Johan, this time bringing his
nephew, Lee John Salmon, a strappling young man in his prime, to join
the run and the chapter.

At 6.00 pm, GM pressed the roti horn which he then gave me. Sheesh,
today I cannot shortcut   Off we went towards the National Monument
but the trail turned right into a check. The front runners were high
and dry but Arthur Hoi (aka S*** Stirrer) soon found the connecting
paper pieces along Jalan Parliament and we ran towards Bank Negara
after which we did a U-turn uphill towards the JKR HQ.

There was a check near the abandoned JKR quarters which proved to be a
red herring. We went on for a while longer and came upon another bit
of jungle (quite civilised really, without thorny undergrowth or wet
patches). On and on we ran until we emerged to Jalan Tun Ismail. 

This was a road stretch which joined Jalan Tunku and then into
Belvedere and up the slope (whatever happened to all the pandan
leaves?) and then we could recognise the way home through the evening
traffic jam. FROP was, as usual, Mike Kuan (aka Quiksilver Fox) at 58
minutes. I was 10 minutes or so behind. Excellent run for this time of
the year when it get dark quite early.

The returnee, Naidu and the newby Lee John (later christened as Small
Fry since he is the son of a Salmon) were duly inducted. Once again
the inability to follow simple instructions (repeat after me) proved
Small Fry to have IQ below 40 and hence a worthy Hasher.

GM proved to be a good solicitor, getting many Hashers to pledge
things for the Anniversary Run on 16 Dec. 
To ensure compliance, I am listing the pledges as I remembered :

Jon Azman & Nik Gee  - A barrel of beer each
Dr CMYap, Chew Kar Meng & Guru - Bottle of Scotch 
  (single malt or at least 12 years old)
Kumar, Playboy Choo & Bob Yong - 12, 12 & 2 bottles of wine
Burns & Bala - 2 bottles each of White Label
Buffalo Lee - Snacks
Lum Kor - Cash
Dato Nik Gee gave us each a golf umbrella
Thank you all!
The December children had their cake, after which the sinners were called to atone for their transgressions like vandalising the new sauna in the Men's Room (Bala), shortcutting (Prof Tie), wearing revealing garment like bicycle pants that leave nothing to the imagination (Woon). It was a hilarious circle and everybody played along sportingly. The sit-down meal at Bunga Raya was quite special with many delicious dishes washed down with a 16 year-old single malt Scotch, courtesy of the hares. Once again, a most delightful evening Next Week Hares : Allen Tan & David Liew Commonwealth Park .... go along the old road to Ipoh ... when you see the Shell station on the right, do a u-turn and at the Shell station, there will be signs to lead you to the run-site

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Run 841 Nov 25 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 841 is by Lee Bulchand and Jai Belani
  • November 25, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 841, 25 November 2014 
Hares : Lee Buchan & Jai
Runsite : Lake Gardens & its vicinity
Weather : Intermitten drizzle

At around 5pm, rain started coming down. Then it stopped and the sun
came out, producing a glorious rainbow. But this did not last long and
the slow but steady drizzle accompanied us all through the run which
started off in the direction of the Panggung Anniversari before
meandering out of Lake Gardens, past Tun Razak Memorial and then to
the multi-junction that led to the Polis Museum, Planetarium and the
National Museum. There was a check.

After some ten minutes, a shout of On! On! was heard at the back of
Tun Razak Memorial and we descended into Lake Gardens again. Another
round of walking/running and soon we were within visual contact of the
Club; here many could not resist getting out of the miserable rain and
made a beeline for home.

The other more robust hashers ran off into the green yonder and
towards the final bit, had to traverse another bit of jungle in the
dimming light of the day ... didn't they learn to keep the last bit of
a run on the road? As all the trail was more or less skirting the
Club, a few at a time found their own way home ; the weather was
really not conducive for staying out and running in the cold when a
hot shower beckoned.

The Circle at the Gazebo was enlivened by certain hashers who have
submitted their forms to stand as candidates in the upcoming AGM. But,
as usual, legs were pulled and ridiculous charges were made to ensure
the beer barrel was emptied. The shirkers who did not venture out were
identified when our Bomoh made a check around the Club and caught them
exercising in the gym, texting near the barbershop, swimming in the
main pool like Johnny Weissmuller (only those over 60 will recognise
the Olympic swimming champion who gained fame as the best Tarzan of
the silver screen) or generally lepakking.

The dinner was bryani rice made from the best basmati rice and
accompanied by either chicken curry or mutton curry or both. Quite
delicious but a tad tame (next time, put in more chilli) ... and we
continued wining and dining and having a jolly good time.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Run 840 Nov 18 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 840 is by Bala Pillai and Guru Johal
  • November 18, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Thanks Uncle Yap for the Boracay update.Envy u guys.Back home only 13 hashers took off when I sounded the horn at 6 pm. 8 other harriets started late but caught up with the pack as Veloo who carried the horn was given strict instructions not to leave the pack behind. Also they took 15 minutes to break Bala's first check.

All in all it was a good run with newbie Steven coming in at 7.15 followed by Veloo n the rest.
There were several charges including the late comers but Bala's guest (soon to be son in law) provided much laughter as he was grilled and made to confess hid love and devotion.

As expected we could not finish the barrel and 7 gugs had to be consumed at the Bunga Raya. When I left Bala's Glenlivet was hardly touched as the 7 gugs kept going around.
The food was sumptuous and surplus as Burns, Siti, Shyam and Alka failed to turn up.
Pity hare Guru missed a most enjoyable evening. On on.


On Sunday morning, we all met at the RLC where a bus was waiting to
take us to KLIA2. Our AirAsia flight took off at 10.50am and we landed
at Kalibo International Airport at 2.30. The airport is about the size
of Ipoh Airport. Then a bus took us for slightly over a hour's journey
to the Paraw  Ferry port.

On the way, we stopped at the Ibajay Rest Area to buy beer. Then the
party started with KFChai getting everyone to finish a litre bottle of
GlenLivet Special Brew. By the time we got to Paraw, we were feeling
merry and juiced up. The ferry took a few minutes to bring us to the
Island of Boracay where we were transported to Boracay Beach Club.

Since we would be around the sea, Tai Kar Cheh Vivian gave us each a
water-proof bag to protect money, phones from moisture. Most
thoughtful. That night we enjoyed a buffet dinner and roast pork was
the attraction; crispy skin and all that. We finished a whole bottle
of GlenMorangie. What a night.

Monday dawned bright and clear and we had breakfast across the road.
Then it was a short wait for the banana boat ride. Thirty of us loaded
into two long sausages and we had the time of our life, splashing
water and behaving like small children.

We had lunch at a seafood place where we bought fresh seafood and gave
them to a restaurant across the road to have them cooked. Lobsters,
giant prawns and other cholesterol-rich seafood washed down with
whisky and local beer.

After such a rich meal, I decided to take a walk with David Wee and
soon we came to a tattoo parlour where we enquired and got us both a
tattoo for our beloved. Mine was "I love Alice" whereas David chose a
cat design with Lilian written below.

We came back and most people saw my tattoo ... at teatime, Julie Fong
asked me in front of Alice to show my tattoo. I had no  choice but to
show and after that, a cold war broke out ... my wife, whom I had
declared my love for publicly treated me like a persona non grata ...
she even cried that I had mutilated myself ...

We went for the catamaran ride to watch the sunset and she
cold-shouldered me. All kinds of entreaties from friends failed to
move her. Die loh!!!

A lovely birthday party was being planned for Steven Oon so in order
to prevent untowards incidents, I decided to tell her "Ma, why so
angry over something that will disappear in a week's time?" Then she
smiled that she had been fooled into thinking that I would have a
permanent tattoo instead of a henna tattoo. That night, she was seen
smiling from ear to ear as we joined the party (sponsored by Boon Kee)
to celebrate Steven's 51th birthday. 

We had one of the staff dancing like a pro (only Wendy with her belly
dancing experience could match her). The party went on deep into the
night and we finished four bottles of Scotland's best. People like
Jeffrey Low and Thomas Fong could be heard singing 'Delilah', 'It's
Now Or Never' late into the night.

Tuesday morning dawned moist and wet; so it was a dismal party that
made its way to the boat for a round island trip. Quite interesting
and we saw the exclusive resorts like Shangri-la and Friday in
Paradise and other hotels with private beaches. The rain stopped BUT
the seawaves still found its way into our boat and many were drenched.
As usual, the Boss had made provision to have on board liquid
refreshment; so nobody went thirsty.

We came back and quickly made our way to Crown Regency Convention
Centre where we tucked in hungrily into a lovely buffet lunch,
courtesy of Hare Woon & Jenny. At four we started the highlight of the
trip, a special run around the beach and the surrounding hills. It was
quite novel to run through a resort and thanks to the kindness of the
hares, Woon and Mike Kuan, everybody came back well within 45 minutes.
Shit Stirrer Arthur Hoi found it too short and decided to have second

But here in Boracay, it got dark pretty early and we conducted our
circle while the RLC Harriers were just starting off the run round
Lake Garden. Today, their number would be severely depleted.
Walking Tall started the Circle and soon charges came fast and
furious, people carrying umbrella, couples holding hands, people
getting tattoos, people who lost their voice, etc etc

Dinner tonight was special, each hasher was wearing the special shirt
made for this occasion ... red shirt with a tropical holiday motif.
The buffet laid out was most generous  and we all tucked in with

Tomorrow we leave for home. How time flew when you are having a good
time. Wish you were here.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Run 839 Nov 11 is in Taman Bukit Hatamas Cheras

RLC Harriers Run 839, 11 November 2014 
Hares : KFChai & Wong Fook Loy
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
Weather : Beautiful dry weather in this period of rain

It was a glorious day ... in this season of rain rain rain, the whole
run and the circle was drenched with sunshine and dryness

As we left for the starting trail, we passed another chapter CHHHHH,
must be the Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriettes. We went straight
into the jungle and the route led to an uphill climb ... there was a
check which Mike Kuan broke easily. 

Then we ran downhill and we came upon a resting point, complete with
cover, table and water-dispenser. Then I remembered ... this was the
exact spot that I spent a couple of hours when I got lost during a
kaki Hash run a year ago when Alice was in London, looking after the
grand-children. I waited and found a table top ... I was completely
wet but I did not feel cold because there was no wind blowing. I
decided to settle in for the night. Then some kind souls decided to
mount a hunt for me and tiba2 I heard Peter Pan's voice. I started
banging on something ta ta ta ta Ta Ta. That night, we rejoiced for my
deliverance and I sang " I once was lost but now I'm found, Was blind
but now I see"

We ran uphill again and soon we came upon Stage 3 and there was a
sign, Left, short run; Right, long run.  Of course, I turned left. It
was a very good trail downhill (anything down is, by definition, good)

From talking to the people who went for the long run, their trail led
upwards to Stage 5 and 6 before coming down to join the short run

I was at the forefront until a group of runners led by Lim Boon Hiong,
Ann Choo and KFChin overtook me at a long stretch of uphill trail.
Then a dark horse by the name of Allen Tan overtook all of us. A group
of CHHHH runners came by and soon we could see the downhill roue to
base camp.

At daredevil speed, we ran downhill but I overtook everyone. Then, in
sight of base camp, someone overtook me ... sheesh, Mike Kuan again

He became the FROP for the long run at 60.1 minutes, followed closely
by Wendy Lum and the shit-stirrer, Arthur Hoi. Uncle Yap led the
short-runners with an FROP time of 60.2 minutes, followed very closely
by Ann Choo, Allen Tan and Lim Boon Hiong.

It was a fantastic run with all kinds of variations of jungle trails.

Then we settled down for the circle and the On-On-On! ... all in the
same spot ... another excellent POP Run (park Once Policy)

The chicken/duck rice that followed soon was great ... then the bottle
of 12 year-old single malt was brought out and we tucked into the good
food and the excellent drink

Another excellent outing!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Run 838 Nov 4 is an in run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 838 Serena & Thomas Tan
  • Nov 4, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • 1st Tuesday In Run RLC - Nov Birthdays
  • Dress RLC Smart casual

RLC Harriers Run 838, 4 November 2014
Hares : Thomas & Serena Tan
Runsite : Vicinity of Lake Gardens
Weather : Beautiful weather that held on until 6.55pm

It was the first run of the month and as convention has it, it must be
an in-run.

The whole day had been a very threatening one, anytime the sky would
open up and buckets would pour down. But hashers are also conscious
that God is also a hasher and will safeguard our Tuesday ritual. The
resulting dry and sultry weather made for ideal running conditions
when JM Jim Poh pressed the rotiman horn.

We ran off and Alka (for a rare occasion, on time) led the pack across
the road and down Jalan Parliament. At Padang Merbok, the trail turned
left and there was a minor hitch at the teh-tarik stall where a check
was being cracked. Soon, the sound of On! On! was heard and we climbed
up a stair almost hidden by creeping vegetation. Hey, this looks like
a longkang run which Wendy Lum is famous for ... rotting meat and
probably liquid body discharge.

Soon, we were out in the open with the first opportunity for people to
short-cut back. Die-hards turned right and soon there was another
trail leading down into another bit of jungle before coming out into
the open and across the ring road. This check took a while and some
like me went into the dragon trail. When the On! On! was sounded, the
pack went into another patch of jungle and circled the other side of
the fence for Parliament House and then back home. I went on to
Parliament House, met up with Lim Kit Siang and then headed for home.

It was an easy run, quite suitable for the kind of weather and light
condition at this time of the year. FROP was shared between newbie,
Steven Yong and old cock, Mike Kuan at 6.50 on the dot, followed by
Feel Good Veloo. The front runners were all back by 6.55 when the rain
started ... see what I mean about God being a hasher?

When we gathered at the Gazebo, we were inundated with Deepavali
goodies. The Circle, as usual, turned out to be a hilarious affair
with ridiculous charges following one after another. Hash Chairman,
Kumar fried another plate of fried rice, telling us that the GC has
approved RM350,000 for the renovation of the Gazebo. Old stale news
... we were told the same old story four years ago when Veloo was GM
and Ng Boon Puey was Hash Chairman ... all we got was a new cold box
worth RM300 while the Tennis courts were given a make-over costing
about half a million. Talk about poor cousins!

The November babies were all feted with a birthday cake (later served
at the dinner). Tarzan was the flavour of the night, going up to get
free drinks all of six time (not running, a sore third leg, etc etc)

The dinner at Bunga Raya was washed down with three bottles of
GlenFiddich and all had a wonderful time.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Run 837 Oct 28 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

RLC Harriers Run 837, 28 October 2014
Hares : Uncle Teh & Auntie Margaret
Runsite : Bukit Lagong
Weather : Rain earlier on but dry and sultry from 5pm onwards

Most of us approached Bukit Lagong with a bit of trepidation. The
leeches there are reputed to be most active during rainy season, but
Tommy Chin, the hired hare assured us that the route bypasses leech
territory. He was even prepared to give RM10 for each leech brought
back clinging to a body.

So off we went, first up that hill that stretches on for a few hundred
metres and then there was a check. Wendy found it first but never
shouted (I would have on-ed her down but it would be a waste of
water). CK Leong found it next and we all moved down the gentle slope.
The earlier rain was evident everywhere, wet plants and pools of water
on the path.

Then there was a gentle rise of about 15 degree gradient for about a
couple of km. Slippery but never hazardous. Sudddenly, there was a
sharp turn to the right and we knew we were coming to the homeward
stretch. Nevertheless that downhill stretch was treacherous in parts
as some muddy backsides attested. Soon we reached the kampong
settlement and on to the tarmac road and homeward bound.

FROP was Mike Kuan in 40 minutes. I was back in 50 and among the top
ten (Thank you Lilian and David Wee for not coming ... Lilian was busy
in China taking her parent on a tour of Zhangjiajie National Park)

That was the correct route to set for this time of the year when it
gets dark pretty fast. The first half or 3/4 in jungle and hills but
the last bit on tarmac road. The last runners came in safely at 7.20
with the last bit safely on the road. Arthur Hoi, please take note.

GrandMaster Johan was absent so Joint Master Jim Poh took over the
rein. The habitual late-comers, Burns and Siti failed to turn up
although Bala did. The Deepavali festivities must have kept back
Tarzan and Alka, Lee Buchand, Guru and Veloo, all AWOL.

As we sat and drank, we found the number wanting ... only 27 runners.
Uncle Teh telephoned the restaurant to change the menu to include
abalone but that was not available. He tried roast suckling pig and
was told this requires advance order ... sheesh, what luck.

Tried as we did with charges after charges but we just couldn't
finished the barrel. So Aru followed us to the restaurant and served
beer there to accompany the bottle of single malt.

The number may be small but we made up with increased spirit; in fact
I left for home rather spiritual, after a few rounds of whisky.

Footnote : Mike Kuan & Tim Moey came back with one leech each and Bob
Yong and Jim Poh wore leech-guards. Yes, all were punished suitably.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Run 836 Oct 21 is in Old Klang Road

RLC Harriers Run 836, 21 October 2014 
Hares : Burns & Siti
Runsite :Burn's house in Jalan Teluk Gadong, off Old Klang Road
Weather : Rain throughout the afternoon but dry after 8pm

It has been a while since we last had a POP run (park once policy,
where dinner is also served at the runsite). The last was at Bukit
Lagong. So in spite of the impending public holiday (Deepavali
tomorrow) and in spite of the inevitable traffic jam whenever it rains
cats and dogs in KL, at least thirty RLC Harriers braved their way and
got to the runsite before 6pm.

Burns had even set up a small tent (canopy brightly adorned with
red/yellow colours of Selangor?) and hired blue plastic chairs. Alas
the incessant rain made it difficult to sit comfortably and chat. At
6pm, GrandMaster Col Johan pressed the rotiman horn which he passed to
Ah Lum Kor. Off we went down the road and then left through the only
remaining patch of greenery in Taman Desa and then we came to the main
road. It was left and then a check which was broken quite easily.

The trail went on for a while before turning left again, this time
down towards Old Klang Road and before we knew it, we could see Burn's
house. 3.5km run? At the Circle the hired hare, Bala was called to
account and gave a story about going to the river bank and for another
3km or so. Only the "Bullshit" song greeted him. He had laid the trail
too close to the opening trail, giving rise to the natural mistake of
hashers treating the start trail as the home trail in reverse.

Hashers could not help but notice that all the roads in the vicinity
are named after places in Klang and the surrounding. Apparently, the
JKR engineer in charge of the development was a Klang boy and decided
to create another Klang in Old Klang Road.

Anyway, we showered and awaited the Circle and then some other
Harriers came trickling in, like Tarzan and Jane, CCGoh, Dr Yap, Jim
Poh, Lee Buchan and finally Hash Chairman, Kumar. Of course, they
cited "traffic jam" as their excuse but were all suitably on-downed.
By this time, the drizzle had abated but the charges did not. Some
hashers like GM Johan, Playboy Choo and Yong Tow Foo even had the
audacity to run in raincoat and were given extra ration of beer.
People love hashing because the punishment is actually a reward  We
made up for the misery in the weather by the fun and frolic of the

We passed the hat round for a Deepavali ang-pow for Aru, our faithful
Carlsberg beerman.

Then we were invited to tuck in Hassan Zakariah's nasi lemak, a food
which we haven't had for years. It transpired that he has retired and
his children have taken over the same catering business. His contact
is 012-2235060 and his charges still pretty reasonable. Last night the
cost for the delicious nasi lemak with chicken and brown sotong  plus
local fruit was RM8.00 per head for 60 pax. Uncle Yap tar-pow the
remnant sambal. Siti has also provided other finger food and Wendy
came with some dessert. Uncle Yap brought the last of this series of
fish cake (giving this and the ears a rest)

But the whole gang of some 40 people who were there enjoyed the
generous spread of liquid refreshment which included 4 litres of
Single Malt Scotch, Tiger, freshly bottled and even two small kegs of
Heineken. We feasted and drank into the night and a jolly good time
was had by one and all.

See you at Bukit Lagong for Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret's run next

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Run 835 Oct 14 is in Setia Eco Park

  • Run 835 is by Derek and KitKat
  • October 14, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam

RLC Harriers Run 835, 14 October 2014 
Hares : Derek Wong & Kit Kath
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Rain during the run but a dry circle

This month's flavour is Setia Eco Park. Playboy Choo and Ann had their
run there, Derek & Kit Kath today and this Saturday, Walking Tall with
his friendship 'terima kasek' run

It was ever threatening as we drove from KL to the run site. We
thought we were leaving dark and cloudy KL for a sunny Shah Alam.
Alas, the moment we arrived in good time, it started to drizzle ... 

At exactly 6, GM Col Johan pressed his roti-man horn and passed the
horn to JM Tommy Chin. We ran up to the bottom of a small hill and
meandered all over the place, going up and down, doing an F1 trail,
criss-crossing all over the place, negotiating hairpin bends until
finally we came to the mother of all hills ... a straight-up hill of
some 700 to 800 metre with gradient ranging from 20 to 65 degrees. It
was a long long long climb up.

After that it was downhill ... fantastic except that by this time, it
was getting dark. Luckily, Playboy Choo and Ann came along with a
torchlight and I gratefully tagged along. We struggled in the dark
with Ann's torchlight flickering on and off (Playboy, please buy her a
new torchlight) Finally we arrived home

Then we found out that the FROP were Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum and Simon
Tee (guest motherhasher) at 72.5 minutes. I got in at 7.48pm and
promptly had my shower and awaited the arrival of the backbenchers
(icluding Guru, Yabayabadoo, Dr Yap, Uncle Teh and Margaret and
surprise of surprises, Tarzan) who came back at 8.40 
when the circle was just starting. Peter Leong's guest, Carol was treated to a
chest-expanding exercise to the accompanying song "We must, we must
increase our bust, the bigger the better, the men depend on us" The
charges went to and fro and did not end until about 9.50. 

On-on-on was at the same tian-tian-how-tian (every day good day)
restaurant with some fantastic food washed down with a 12-year-old
single malt (GlenFiddich)

Among the announcements were the following:

1. Walking Tall's Friendship run
Setia Eco Park 5.30pm on Saturday 18th October. People who have signed
up and do not attend will be severely punished. WT is giving a t-shirt
and having the dinner on site and spending quite a lot. People who can
are encouraged to contribute on the day by way of food and drinks.

2. Year-end Anniversary Run
Scheduled for 16 December at the Club, this is themed as "James Bond
007 Night" People should wear dark trousers and the given shirt or
dress their tuxedo best in true James Bond style for the Western food
at Banquet Hall
Hash members - RM60 each
RLC members  - RM80 each
Other guests   - RM99 each

3. Run 836 on 21 October will be a OPP (one park policy) at Burn's
house off Old Klang Road.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Run 834 Oct 7 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 834 is by Vivian Thong and May Chang
  • October 7, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 834, 7 October 2014 
Hares : Vivian Thong & May Chang
Runsite : Vicinity of RLC
Weather : Dry 

It has been raining most evenings during this period of The Nine
Emperor Gods Festival (Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh); so it was a great
pleasant surprise that the weather stayed dry and clear. Then we all
saw Alice Yap, all dressed up to run. No wonder it didn't rain.

Approximately at 6.00pm (apparently the RM5 IKEA clock has developed a
fault and was not put up) GM Col Johan pressed the roti horn and
passed to JM Tommy Chin and we all ran out. The trail immediately
turned left up to the break along the fence into Jalan Parliament and
we ran towards Parliament House. Then it was right towards the
junction where there was a check.

It took some time for the check to be broken as we had to cross the
road and run towards the 'jungle' behind all the government buildings.
The route then came out to the road leading to the Selangor Sultan's
KL palace and down into another 'jungle'. Then we emerged to another
road and past the Arabic School and right across the JKR Headquarters
and then through the Padang and into Jalan Parliament and home.

Pretty easy run with the FROP Lillian Wee (Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum?)
clocking in at 6.42. Thereafter, most hashers came in while the day
was still bright.

The Circle turned serious for a while when it was disclosed that the
section is running a current loss. There was much heated discussion
(see Note 1) but doused when all the proponents were hauled up for a
free beer.

Among the charges were Cecilia being hauled up for being the most
loving spouse, ministering attentively to Dr Yap with all the
prerequisites while he dressed for a run; Jennifer Kuan for spreading
rumours that the 14th China Nash Hash (see Note 2) was free and a
whole bunch of OUG members for queuing up to buy petrol last Wednesday
just before the 20 sen increase.

The hares had provided sweet pears, biscuits and other finger food
plus a good dinner at Bunga Raya, along with wine. Alas, no barley
water ... so Burns, thirsty as ever from not running, contributed a
bottle of Dewar's White Label and we all lived happily ever after.

Note 1
Many hashers like Uncle Yap are still very incensed when Lum Seng Yip
said at the last AGM that the Mismanagement has consider the RM15K
reserve built up over the years as "too high" and deliberately
overspent by 5K. Ex-GM Veloo, during whose tenure at office produced
some 5K surplus, reminded hashers that it was due primarily to Uncle
Yap buying cheap beers especially during the CNY offers. He had to
personally carry all the cases of beer from shops to Club and financed
the stock since the Club could only reimburse a limited sum each
month. To have such hard-earned surplus being frivolously frittered
away will always remain a pain.

Note 2
The 14th China Nash Hash is from 22 to 24 May 2015 in Hangzhou. 
People interested in registering can go to
Early-bird tickets (680rmb) are available up to midnight 20 December
2014 and you must pay in full before 31 December 2014 or your
Early-bird Ticket registration will be cancelled.
Regular Ticket: RMB 780 per person from 21st Dec 2014 to 20th March
2015. MUST be paid by 31st March 2015.
Late Cummers Ticket : RMB 880 per person from 21st Mar 2015 to 20th
May 2015. MUST be paid by 20th May 2015. 
For people who have never been to an international hash function, this
will be a good one to try. 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Run 833 Sep 30 is Kiaramas, Mont Kiara

  • Run 833 is by Lum Seng Yip and Wendy 
  • September 30, 2104 Tuesday 6pm
  • Kiaramas Condo, Jalan Desa Kiara 1, Mont Kiara
RLC Harriers Run 833, 30 September 2014 (revised)
Hares : Wendy & Lum Seng Yip
Runsite : Bukit Kiara Condo Complex
Weather : Dry most of the time altho' there was threat of rain

This run site at Bukit Kiara has been used by us over many years and
each year, we see further development until one day, there will be no
more jungle for us to run in; such is the rapacious appetite for a
space in the air. The place now resembles either Singapore or Hong
Kong and the only view the middle towers have is yet more towers.

Tommy Chin produced some excitement when he brought a box full of lime
and lemon from his farm. Thank you Tommy.

The hares live nearby so when we were asked to run into a dead end
(locked gate) we became apprehensive ... fortunately Uncle Yap managed
to open the gate and off we went through the undulating land across
the pylons.

Then we came a cropper ... a check but no way out. Fortunately, the
principal hare (Wendy Lum, who else?) came and showed us the way. This
must be the first time in Hash history that a hare has unchecked her
own check.

We ran up and up and up until no more; then down and we were at the
foot of something ... nothing to do but continue to run up. Then we
ran down a rather steep hill and we came to a point where there was a
sign "right for normal and left for short run"

Of course, I ran to the left with Boss hot on my heels. When I clocked
in at 52 minutes, Lum Kor told me "Sorry, Uncle Yap, you are not the
first. That honour belongs to Vivian Hoi & Hoi Chee Hoi"
(of course, they got on-downed later for denying me this rare chance
to be FROP)

We came down and awaited the other runners .. Mike Kuan was first in
at 7.10pm, followed by a string of runners. This idea of having two
runs should be practised more. Our chapter has too wide a range of
running abilities (Just compare Mike Kuan with Uncle Teh or Wendy Lum
with Irene Ng). Often we see the pro's come back unsatisfied; and they
do extra laps round the run-site. So for my next run, I will also
follow this good practice of two runs and I hope others will, too.

The circle that followed was a tad dicey with the rain threatening to
pour down any minute. In the event, it was just the weather god having
a pee. "Colonel" Kumar, our chairman was on-downed for fooling the
Malaysian Immigration Department into letting him get in and out of
Thailand (Who needs you, Prima, the custodian of passport?) Our Dr Yap
and Cecilia were on-downed for holding hands romantically during part
of the run and Mike Kuan for wearing a t-shirt that has our chapter's
name as RLC Hash ... officially, it is RLC Harriers and of course many
hashers with small bladders were punished for urinating in public (do
we call them conspicuous peers?)

Dinner was at Chez Steven, one of Bangsar's better eateries. Wine
and beer and whisky followed and we all had a good time ... 
now where were Dato Allen Tan, Woon and Jenny?
You missed out on an excellent run and a good meal.

RLC Harriers Run 833, (original)
30 September 2014 
Hares : Wendy Lum & Ah Lum Kor
Runsite : Bukit Kiara Condo Complex
Weather : Dry most of the time altho there was threat of rain

The hares live nearby so when we were asked to run into a dead end
(locked gate) we became apprehensive ... fortunately Uncle Yap managed
to open the gate and off we went thro the undulating land across the

Then we came a cropper ... a check but no way out. Fortunately, the
principal hare (Wendy Lum, who else?) came and showed us the way. This
must be the first time in Hash history that a hare has come to the aid
of the runers.

We ran up and up and up until no more; then down and we were at the
foot of something ... nothing to do but continue to run up. Then we
ran down a rather steep hill and we came to a point where there was a
sign "right for normal and left for short run"

Of course, I ran to the left with Boss hot on my heels. When I clocked
in at 52 minutes, Lum Kor told me "Sorry. Uncle Yap.you are not the
first. That honour belongs to Vivian Hoi & Hoi Chee Hoi"
(of course, they got on-downed 

We came down and awaited the runners .. Mike Kuan was first in at
7.10pm, followed by a string of runners. Anyway, the circle that
followed was great and Dr Yap and Cecilia were on-downed for holding
hamds during the run

Dinner was at Chez Stephen at one of Bangsar's better eateries. Wine
and beer and whisky followed and we all had a good time ... 
now where in heaven were the following
- Dato Allen Tan
- Woon and Jenny

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Run 832 Sept 23 is in Setia Eco Park

  • Run 832 is by Choo Yon Kit and Ann
  • September 23, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam
RLC Harriers Run 832, 
23 September 2014 Equinox
Hares : Ann & Choo Yon Kit aka Playboy
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Dry

From Chambers Dictionary
   n either of the two annual occasions when the sun crosses the
equator, making the night equal in length to the day, about 21 March
and 23 September

There are very few sun worshippers left nowadays; most having died off
with the Egyptian Pharaohs but RLC Harriers briefly resurrected the
worship by celebrating the crossing (we are 3 degree north of the
equator) with a run at what remains of a virgin jungle that is
destined to be destroyed and made into more houses by greedy

Promptly at six, GM Col Johan, without his faithful dog but
accompanied by his 'Uncle John') pressed the roti horn and off we went
up a hill. The trail was along a path where trees were being murdered
by cuts around the bark. The once-verdant jungle seemed quite surreal
like a movie scene from the day after a nuclear holocaust.

Then another hill beckoned, this one with more green remaining but the
freshly cut road is an ominous sign that the green will not remain for
long. From a distance, the front runners could be seen to come down
another freshly cut road and Uncle Yap was fooled into short-cutting.
Then a shout was heard and the downward run was a false trail. Up
across cut trees everywhere we ran until we reach a summit where a
make-shift gym was found, complete with tables and chairs. The hares
have also written a message for hashers to take a rest and enjoy the
panoramic view, which was quite spectacular.

From there on, it was down and down except that the trail ended at a
squatter settlement where foreign workers employed in the development
housed themselves. Some huts even had their own generators. Then it
was a long 2km run along the road but it seemed like 4 km to the
now-tiring legs. Home at last after 85 minutes or so, less than half
an hour after FROP, Peter Leong who got in at exactly 7.00pm.

The Circle honoured the RLC Harriers who had won most of the prizes at
the Charity Run last Saturday. We can also take pride that the
President, Teoh Cheng Hai had referred to us as from Loyal Lake Club
(no, not Arthur Hoi talking) as loyal members who come forward and
partake of Club activities. Our Wendy Lum (running in the Veteran
section beat the winner in the Open section with miles to spare) For
more, please read the next Newsletter.

Two new members, Steven Yong and Ruby Lim were duly sworn in and yes,
they fumbled the 'state your name' part. Since Ruby was initiated on a
Tuesday, a suitable name would be Ruby Tuesday, after that famous
Rolling Stones hit.

We adjourned to a nearby restaurant where good food awaited. The hares
had very generously provide free flow of beer, Guinness Stout and two
bottles of exquisite Glenlivet single malt. Sheila, the GM of
Damansara Hash was a guest of the hares and she played mother-in-law,
going from table to table, drinking with hashers.

A good time was had by all.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Run 831 Sep 16 is the 2014 WWW Pub Crawl

  • Run 831 OC by Tommy Chin
  • September 16, 2014 Tuesday (Public Holiday)
  • Start from RLC 7.00am (registrations open)
  • if late go direct to Old Railway Station (near National Mosque) before 9am
Run 831 : Wild Wild West Ale Train Pub Crawl
Whole day Tuesday 16 Spetember 2014
From RLC to Railway Station to Tanjung Malim to Ipoh and back
Weather : Early morning drizzle who morphed into a glorious day

Malaysia kita sudah berjaya! 
What better way to celebrate Malaysia Day by a pub crawl that started
at the break of dawn when the crew woke up early to get ready to
receive the guests ... and they all came together and caused a stir by
the long queue that formed. Fret not, enough time allowance had been
made to ensure that the registration process and the freebie
distribution and morning bite could be carried out with time to spare.

The first leg of the pub crawl was a scenic route from the Club to the
old KL station, passing the picturesque Masjid Negara ; we had more
than half an hour to take pictures while waiting for the train. In
line with the Wild West theme, hashers were clothed in pseudo-deerskin
garment; many with Red Indian headwear.

The 200 odd hashers were divided into three sections, D, E & F after
the coaches booked. Each had its own crew, comprising stewardesses and
butlers. Since alcohol was not allowed on the train, a fruit punch was
distributed. Alas, due to poor storage, some of the pieces of fruit
had started to ferment. Nevertheless the punches were quickly and
greedily consumed without a single complaint. Many who have never been
on a Malaysian train were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and
the speed. We made the journey to Tanjung Malim in an hour and to
amuse us, Tom & Jerry was played plus an educational film on how to
use the toilet ... most fitting fare for people with IQ below 40.

At Tanjung Malim (that town which had a 23-hour curfew imposed by Sir
Gerald Templer during the 1948-1960 Emergency for suspected harbouring
of bandits although some, not without reasons, called them
freedom-fighters) we started the second leg of the pub crawl from the
station. The two hares, Michael Kuan (aka Quicksilver Fox) and Lilian
Wee (aka Mighty Mouse) had set a route through a simple rustic
kampong, complete with rubbish being burnt under the coconut tree and
goats and chicken running about. There were signs that bovine
creatures were also being reared when some careless hashers stepped
into cowdung (or it that bullshit?)

The trail ended at a shady spot conveniently near the railway station.
The hashers tucked into the nasi lemak with great gusto. Beer had been
chilled while being carried in a pick-up truck driven with great care
by Shyam Doshi (aka Tarzan) and guarded by a teetotaller, David Wee.
Would you trust a drinker to guard the beer? There was a brief circle
conducted by Arthur Hoi (aka Shit Stirrer) and we soon had to pack to
await the next stage of the journey, from Tanjung Malim to Ipoh. While
waiting for the train, we caused a stir by singing the national anthem
and got everybody at the station standing up. Tanjung Malim must have
felt the reverberation from our spirited rendition of Negara Ku.

For this one and a half hour journey, the organisers have purchased
barley water for the customers. Alas, due to lax quality control, the
manufacturer had substituted a poorer quality of material, namely
coconut sap and again due to less-than-adequate storage, it had begun
to go off a bit. Strangely enough, the only complaint was that it
would taste a tad better with some Guinness Stout added to it. Hashers
are an easy lot to please.

Then came a surprise ... each runner was presented a cowboy hat
courtesy of Joint Master, Tommy Chin. On arrival at Ipoh, we started
Run #3, routed through a very historic part of town and ending at the
Royal Ipoh Club where we were welcomed by none lesser than their
President, VP and Sports Chairman. We had arranged for this affiliated
club to serve the famous Ipoh chicken rice with taugeh. Beer flowed
freely and the hosts were feted at the Circle. Seeing how much fun we
were having, the Club is now contemplating starting a hash chapter. We
wish them well.

The final part of the journey, the homeward ride back to Kuala Lumpur
was quite eventful. Even though the acoustics in the coach was not
exactly meant for Bach and Beethoven, the wandering minstrels led by
guitar-wielding C.K.Leong went from coach to coach, leading some
singalong sessions.

We arrived at 6, in time to begin the final run from the station to
the Club on our customary Tuesday time slot. The Grand Circle was
conducted by Grand Master Col Johan on the front lawn. Event chairman,
Tommy Chin and the brain behind the event, Jennifer Kuan (aka The
Boss) were duly acclaimed. The crew that had spent much time and
effort to ensure everything went well were similarly honoured. Some of
the charges that followed drew merriment and laughter e.g. our
President, Mr Teoh Cheng Hai caught holding hands with his wife in
Ipoh. Such exhibition of affection is a no-no during a hash run. 

A quick shower and soon we were in Bunga Raya, enjoying an
eight-course dinner. It was a very noisy affair with animated
conversation at every table. Beer, wine and whisky flowed.

We all came home, exhausted and spent after a long day, feeling very
satisfied and elated at an event that had turned out to be such a huge
success. On! On!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Run 830 Sep 9 is in TTDI Bangunan Bakti Hasmah

  • Run 830 is by Anne and B H Lim
  • September 9, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bangunan Bakti Hasmah TTDI
  • On On at Yoke Tho Hin Rest in Uptown Damansara Utama
RLC Harriers Run 830
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Runsite : TTDI Hills from Rumah Bakti
Weather : Intermitten rain which cleared up for a dry circle 

Tuesday afternoon saw horrendous wind sweeping KL and PJ accompanied
by a rain storm. It did not look good for our Tuesday run. But, as
they say, God is a hasher and it cleared up to a manageable drizzle
come 5pm or so. Into this fine mist, we started the run up the tarmac
road into the TTDI hills.

Then the trail veered left into the verdant jungle and we went up and
up until we reached the crest. Then it was down and you guessed it, it
went up again. The hares led by Sifu Lim Boon Hiong had very
imaginatively woven an interesting path, maximising the leafy cover
which minimised the effect of the rain; like as if we had a giant

Checks abound but were quickly broken and soon, we recognised the
homeward path as we ran down the hill on to the tarmac road leading
home. FROP was again Mike Kuan at 60 minutes. Then came the long wait
for the last runners (CheeMooi, Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret) who
checked in at 8pm, one whole hour after the FROP.

But no time was wasted. The weather was now balmy dry and the
expedition led by Dato Steven Oon had a photo-shoot of their first
training session for an impending assault on Mount Kinabalu. We tucked
heartily into the post-run food galore, mooncake, pomelo, fish cake,
water melon, etc

Then it was time for the Circle, another uproarious affair which not
only honoured the most caring couple on the run (Playboy Choo & Ann,
of course together with a new hasher, Steven Yong & his guest) but
recognised the most neglected spouses (dead-heat between Jennifer
Kuan, Lum Seng Yip & Derek Wong; hereinafter called the "neglectees")
and their spouses (Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum & KitKat; hereinafter called
the "neglectors") who run off on their own, totally neglecting their

... and of course, no Circle would be complete without Tarzan and Alka
being brought up so that we can sing the song that begins "A rich girl
rides a limousine ..."

Finally, the beer ran out and we convoyed our way to Uptown for a
delicious meal preceded by Anne's famous chicken legs. A bottle of Jim
Beam was largely untouched as Malaysian are not used to the raw
Kentucky taste of bourbon or whiskey (spelt with an 'e' ) The
12-year-old single malt aka GlenLivet Whisky (no 'e' ) saved the

Surprise, surprise, Tarzan and Alka (they named an effervescent
antacid and pain reliever called Alka Seltzer after her) came and the
hares had made prior arrangement to given them a couple of vegetarian
dishes, curry and toufoo plus fried rice. Welcome, please join us more
often for the On-on-on.

And so the jolly hashers from RLC Harriers made merry into the night
and a good time was had by all.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Run 829 Sep 2 is an In Run (RLC) - dress smart

  • Run 829 is by Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng
  • Sepetember 2, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run (RLC) - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 829 2nd Sept 2014
Hares : Jon Azman & Chew Kar Meng
Runsite : Lake Gardens and its vicinity
Weather : Dry, cool and balmy weather ideal for hashing

RLC members are so used to being surrounded by the Lake Gardens that
we all take it for granted and seldom know what's housed within until
a Treasure Hunt forces everyone to notice things. This run was
something like that, a thorough going round the nooks and corners of
the Lake Garden. Do you know the lake in the garden is called Sydney
Lake, after the wife of the wife of the Governor of the Straits
Settlement, Sir Frank Swettenham.

Anyway, the hired hares in the form of Peter Leong, Tim Moey and
HongKong Cath laid a trail that ventured into every small recess of
the Lake Garden from smelling the faeces of deer to two gardens
dedicated to the cultivaltion of orchid and hibiscus, our national
flower aka hibiscus rosa senensis aka bunga raya (where we adjourned
to later for our grub)

For some, it was an educational tour while for others like Uncle Yap
and Thomas Tan, it was completely lost as they veered far far away
from the track, following the papers of the Shah Alam Hash that
happened to have a run in the same vicinity on Tuesday evening.

Be that as it may, the five checks helped to keep the pack bunched up
and less that 30 minutes separated the FROP (Mike Kuan, of course at
less than an hour) and the last runner.

Notable absentees from the run were our GM and our Tarzan/Alka duo
whose shop in Jalan Gasing must have been invaded by many customers
that they were too busy counting bank notes to come to the run. I will
surely on them down next week.

At the Circle, our VP who is also the Editor-in-chief of the Club
Newsletter was punished for taking out the story about Col Johan's
"wear and tear" circumcision. Now, a whole generation of RLC members
will be deprived of this wonderful tale.

Since it was the first Circle for a new month, all the birthday boys
and girls had a joint celebration and they did a good blow job with
Pauline actually celebrating her xxth birthday.

Burns, Siti and Richard Low were on-downed for treating the RLC
Harriers like a supper club. They have not joined in a run for many
months now.

After the Circle, we adjourned to Bunga Raya for a lovely seven course
dinner, washed down with wine and whisky and of course, beer.
Another fun evening of good exercise, gooder beer & food and goodest

On! On!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Run 828 Aug 26 is Royal Lake Club

  • Run 828 is by Mavis Wong and Julie Fong
  • August 26, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC 
  • On on - out of club

RLC Harriers Run 828
Hares : Mavis Wong & Julie Fong
Runsite : Vicinity of RLC
Weather : Fine weather

Yesterday, Monday night was a whooper of a night. We visited Carlsberg
Brewery and had a jolly good time. Some people were still feeling the
effects of too much good beer ...

... but the majority of us turned up punctually for the in-house run
crafted so carefully by Rule Number One; yes, Wendy Lum set a most
interesting run, squeezing out the last bit of jungle in this centre
of Kuala Lumpur.

We ran to the traffic lights but Uncle Yap made a detour up left
towards the National Monument. The trail took us towards Padang Merbok
but it ended with a check. We were wandering around like headless
chicken until we heard a shout of "On! On!" from Mike Kuan. He, in
turn, had heard a shout of "On! On!" from Uncle Yap who had spotted
the resumed trail.

Into this tiny bit of jungle, we ran. It was very well laid with paper
bits ... in such remote places, who bothers about "too much paper"?

Then we came to the roads and here Mike Kuan and Playboy Choo overtook
Uncle Yap. Soon they came to another stop ... another check. They ran
forward and then came back "False Trail!" Another group started going
into the "illegal kampong" and shouted "On! On!" and we ran into the
settlement of make-shift huts and found that certain government
quarters which used to have dogs barking at us when we passed have
been abandoned (they must have got the utility companies like TNB,
Telekoms and Bekalan Air to stop services and drove the residents out
... now they have some valuable real properties in the centre of KL so
more development from crony companies????)

We then passed the Madrasah and it was up and left whereas some SCB
(not Standard Chartered Bank, but short cut bastards) turned right and
ran home to the sauna. Since I was  one of the SCB's, I cannot
describe the legitimate run any further.

I must say I was impressed by Wendy's careful cutting into new
territory and her liberal laying of paper into the god-forsaken jungle
around RLC ... she is truly a good lay, oops layer of paper.

At the Circle, it was another round of riotous fun and frolic. I must
say we have a very sporting band of hashers who will even go up and
drink to some nonsensical charges.

Dinner was along Jalan Ipoh, at a restaurant (Kesuma) where we had
plenty to drink and much to eat. Serve RLC Caterers right for
over-charging Hashers. RM740 Tim Moey had to pay for chicken rice for
50 people !!!???? I suggest we continue to boycott RLC caterers
(except possibly for Bunga Raya) until they come to their senses and
not overcharge Hashers.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Run 827 Aug 19 is in Pantai Hillpark

  • Run 827 is by Uncle & Auntie Yap
  • August 19, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Pantai Hillpark/Bangsar South
  • On on - Hoi Kee in Tmn Desa, directly opp Tmn Desa Medical Centre, off Old Klang Rd.
RLC Harriers Run 827
Hares : Uncle Yap & Alice
Runsite : Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Sultry but dry weather after a heavy downpour at midday

The hares, assisted by Lim Boon Hiong and Ng Boon Puey, had gone to
lay the trail at 9.30 in the morning. All went well until noon when
they were done and just about to reach the Community Centre. Then all
hell broke loose and it pelted down with a vengeance. All the flour
and shredded paper (so thoughtfully and eco-friendily used by the
hares) would be compromised; as found out later.

At the runsite, Harriers started coming in quite early. Dato Allen
Tan, fearful of losing his slow Ferrari in an exchange for Uncle Yap's
fast Alza came to the site at 5.35, 25 minutes early !!! Your Ferrari
is safe for now (phew!)

At six, GM Colonel Johan blew the horn which was then passed to ex-GM
Vellu and away they ran to the right of the building site and into the
cool jungle forming part of Bukit Gasing. Up and up the trail went
until the peak was reached. Then it was down the hill where workmen
were busy laying on concrete walkways and there the first check was.
That was soon found to be left of the hut, previously thought to be

We soon came along a stream and then up again along a steep incline
which included a circular check. It was around here that many hasher,
tired of looking for the paper trail (now obscured by the rain) turned
back for an early shower. The other persevered and came down to
another site where some work was in progress to turn the place into a
scenic rest-stop (the cynics among us think these are all projects for
cronies at vastly inflated prices). Another check here was broken and
the trail led ominously towards the Telekom Tower.

Mercifully, the trail then veered right and soon we were at the
entrance to this nature park. A short run along the road to the
suspension bridge and a few front runners were fooled into crossing
the bridge to find a check which resumed on the homeward trail to the

Theorectically, this was how the run was planned and laid. Alas, the
severe and heavy downpour around midday had destroyed most of the
flour and masked most of the paper shreds. Only the identification RLC
tags stapled intermittenly to leaves and trees along the trail
withstood the wind and the rain. Uncle Yap apologises for the choice
of material which resulted in agony, anguish and anxiety.

In any case, the true-blue hashers in the form of Walking Tall, Arthur
Hoi and Peter Leong were the first three FROP, clocking in at 7.20pm.
Not far behind was David Wee who was totally jubilant about beating
Wendy Lum and Mike Kuan in the same run. The usual suspects like Tamby
Chai, Tommy Chin, Tarzan and Alka trickled in. Then a long gap while
we waited for the last group of six stragglers. They came back safely
at 7.53, just in time to join in the Circle.

After the usual delightful nonsense when parts of the anatomy were
made into chee-cheong-fun, it was also revealed that grab bust (moh
lin) is better than stroking the thigh (moh thai peh). Notable guests
included WSLee & his wife, Walking Tall & Pet Pat, Leslie and a runner
who ran with his knapsack (My name is Sue, how do you do?) 

The Circle was then told of the misfortune that befell Chairman Kumar.
Apparently, he got into the Lake Club lift from B2 and a buxom lady,
very generously endowed came in to share the lift and Kumar could not
keep his eyes away from her huge boobs. Then she (both hands occupied
holding some packages) said "Please press one" ... and Kumar, whose
eyes never left her ample breast stretched his hand and pressed one
... Kumar is now in Room 515, Assunta Hospital, PJ. Visiting hours: 12
to 2 and 6 to 8pm.

Dinner was at Hoi Kee in Taman Desa. Thomas Yee, the chef had laid on
a mouth-watering spread including steamed Song Fish-head and oyster
fried with egg and chee-yow-char. Two bottles of Glen Morangie plus
some cans of beer helped to wash down the scrumptious meal. It had
been another delectable and enjoyable evening.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Run 826 Aug 12 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

  • Run 826 is by Tommy Chin and Yem
  • August 12, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Lagong Selayang GPS: 3.2558406, 101.6413759
RLC Harriers Run 826
Hares : Tommy Chin & Yem
Runsite : Bukit Lagong, Selayang
Weather : Murky weather with heavy rain

The day started off murky and continued being grey and dismal.
However, life must go on and promptly at 6, JM Tommy Chin (also
doubling as one of the hares) horned off the run. (Editor's note: it was 6.03pm and the run was flagged off by Tarzan).

We climbed a very steep hill and then it was down; followed by a
steady upward climb along a very long trail. Deja vu, does this mean
we have to go along the long long trail that goes on for miles and
taking more than an hour to complete. Like people on a roller-coaster,
we had no choice but to go on and on and on. Thankfully, the route
suddenly turned right and then after a little bit, we saw civilisation
and the road leading back to the run site.

It was pelting down dogs and cats and whatever creatures and it was
difficult in the heavy downpour to discern who came in first. Anyway,
the top five included Wendy Lum, Tambi Chai, Mike Kuan, Arthur Hoi and
Dato Steven Oon ... FROP is between 50 to 60 minutes.

The hares had arranged to have a POP (park once policy) run but with
the unrelenting rain continuing to pour down, alternative arrangements
had to be made and a hurried Circle was started with the intention of
going to a fully-covered restaurant. But the weather God played tricks
and the rain stopped.

Food was brought on to the site but the Circle must go on. Apparently
the Gods observed that two persons who would normally be counting bank
notes in a place called P.Lal in Jalan Gasing had actually been at the
run-site before 6pm. No wonder the gods cried with disbelief and hence
we got a very wet run. Please remind me to on them down again next

Dato Steven Oon went home to shower and maybe have a quickie and when
he called to find out where the on-on-on was, he was politely told
that the quality food had run out. Home-cooked chicken curry, "lemang"
(glutinous rice cooked in monkey pitcher plant) and beef and chicken
serunding. It was a feast full of quality, albeit lacking quantity.

We sat in the moonlight (no more rain, thank you) finishing the barrel
(this kind of weather is not conducive to beer-guzzling - where were
you, Dato Allan Tan) with a great deal of difficulty.

Then we went home after being told of next week's run , hared by Alice
and Uncle Yap.
Run-site : Pantai Hilltop Community Centre aka Bangsar Selatan aka
Kampong Kerinchi
On-On-On : Hoi Kee in Taman Desa, directly opposite Taman Desa Medical
centre, off Old Klang Road.

Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Run 825 Aug 5 is an In Run (RLC) - dress smart

  • Run 825 is by Dr CM Yap and Cecilia
  • August 5, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 825
Hares : Dr Yap Chung Mui & Cecelia
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Dry weather 

The two Joint Masters, Tweedledee and Tweedledum aka Tommy Chin and
Jim Poh flagged off the run promptly at 5.30 pm according to the slow
clock (whatever happened to the RM5 IKEA clock that Uncle Yap bought?)
hanging above us.

The paper trail led us out across the road to the foot of Tugu Negara
(National Monument) where there was a check (why do hares set a check
so near the start when all the hashers are still bunched together?).
This was not so quickly broken as the trail resumed innocuously by the
side of a "jungle". This patch used to house some hostile hornets and
bees. Fortunately, they no longer live there; probably chased off by
the noise from the construction in the adjacent lots. We ran through
this patch to emerge at the junction of the ring road where there was
another check.

Helter-skelter we searched in vain for the resumption of the run
route. Wendy Lum had declared the Dragon Trail a false trail and
according to Rule Number One, Wendy is never wrong. Rule Number Two
states that when Wendy is wrong, refer to Rule Number One.

Fortunately Uncle Yap and Arthur Hoi persisted and found the trail
which quickly went upwards by the side of the fencing for Parliament
House. It was a steep climb and then on to the road which meandered
through the exclusive residential areas of Jalan Duta before coming
home. Good moderate run of some 6.5 km with Michael Kuan being FROP at
65 minutes.

The Circle was another boisterous and entertaining affair with hashers
being hauled up variously for having a haircut, singing song in the
Karaoke Room, having small nuts and not wearing RLC hash attire. 

It was also announced that the planned Carlsbery Brewery Run has been
cancelled due to a mistake (not ours) in booking and replaced by a
Brewery Visit on the evening of Monday 25 August 2014. Please make
your own way there; no sports shoes and clothing please, just smart

On-On-On was at the Bunga Raya where the hares gave a good (but dry)
spread. Ah Lum Koh again failed to bring that bottle of whisky that he
had pledged (for the Janda Baik outing) but Tommy Chin just happened
to have a bottle of Chivas Regal in his bag. Phew! Saved by

We dined in fine air-con ambience and had a jolly good time. On! On!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Run 824 July 29 is in Taman Bukit Hatatmas Cheras - 5.00pm

RLC Harriers Run 824
Hares : Tan See Meng & Pauline
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
Weather : Dry weather with intermitten sprinkling of rain

The reputation of Tan See Meng using Alpha mates to set his run
preceded him and everybody was expecting a killer of a run, given the
5pm start on a public holiday. This was further corroborated when he
announced two SCB (short cut bastard) runs where hashers could opt out
from the main run.

We were quite happy to see two familiar faces returning to the fold;
Dr Kosong, taking Hari Raya leave from his teaching post in Ipoh and 
Gerrit (Denhartog aka Count Dracula), our Dutchman taking a respite
from some arduous tasks in the Congo.

So we set off on the familiar climb up the Bukit Hatamas hill and it
was just as tough as usual with unrelenting steep gradients all the
way. Then came the first SCB1 and some took it and returned within 30
minutes. A little further up the hill, SCB2 came to view and a few
more dropped off, returning to base around 45 minutes. 

The rest of the field (about 30 left) bravely went up and what a
surprise ... it was just another short 15 minute loop coming back to
SCB2 and home. Mike Kuan FROP made it on the hour and the run was
certainly not the killer run it was feared to be.

In the meantime, Wendy Lum and CCGoh (reputedly with a combined IQ
below 40) went round and round the loop and did not return until about

Pauline certainly over-catered, providing all manners of edible
goodies for the returning runners. A lot of legs were pulled at the
Circle and it was fun fun fun until the running out of beer and hunger
drove us to the appointed restaurant for a meal which was certainly
more substantial than the fried egg and sardine we had the last time.

The hares had laid on whisky galore, Guinness Stout and other thirst
quenchers. So we feasted and drank through the night. For those who
did not make the run, wish you were here. You missed a lovely run, a
fun-filled Circle and a great feast.

Uncle Yap

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Run 823 Jul 22 is in Bandar Sri Damansara

RLC Harriers Run 823
Hares : Dato & Datin Steven Oon
Runsite : Bandar Sri Damansara
Weather : Gorgeous dry weather 

It has been a long long while since we last had a home run; no, not
that ball hit over the boundary in an American baseball game but a POP
(park once policy) run from the hares' home like what Uncle Yap used
to have until all the "jungles" around our house became developed. So,
it was a very welcome move by Dato Steven Oon to have his house in Sri
Damasara as the run site. Let us hope that this practice continues.

Due to the on-going infra-structure work-in-progress around the Taman
Tun and One Utama areas, traffic can be horrendously snarled and so it
proved on Tuesday when many hashers were caught and could not make the
run in time. But, for those better-organised hashers, they were in for
a pleasant surprise when they entered the run site ... baskets of
designer durians (D24 no less) and mangosteens awaited. The hares had
very thoughfully arranged to procure the treats from Raub.

Promptly at 6, GM Colonel Johan sounded the horn which he then passed
over to David Liew and off we went across the road. It was another few
hundred metres before we came to the bridge over the busy dual
carriageway and then on to the foot of the hills. The gradient on the
route on this particular hill was rather steep, averaging 45° and in
certain parts, even as steep as 75°. Mercifully, the weather has been
dry; so there were no awkward slippery slopes.

Soon, we came to a junction where hashers were given the choice to
turn right for a short run or go left for the "normal" run. Silly
people like Uncle Yap were persuaded to go the normal route since
early arrival would mean a long wait for the beer. Alas, the "normal"
run proved to be extra long as transpired later.

Up and up we went along the steep slopes until we reached the top. The
route then continued along a tarred road and we thought it would be a
straight-forward run down the road. Perish the thought. The sadistic
streaks in the hares showed themselves when we were forced back into
the jungle and when we thought we had reached the bottom, they made us
meander along the side, going up and down like a yo-yo. For the tired
muscles, this last bit was excruciatingly painful.

At long last, we reached ground level and from then it was trying to
see the paper trail in the rapidly fading light. We passed some
illegal settlements of Bangladeshi and Indonesian construction
workers. Soon the bright lights of the run-site could be discerned and
what a huge sigh of relief (phew!). For the record, Mike Kuan, the
FROP clocked 85 minutes whereas this scribe took more than 100
torturous energy-sapping minutes

The tired runners could be seen hovering round the fruit baskets where
the hare was showing his prowess and skill in opening durians. Others
made a beeline for a much-needed shower. It was 8.30 and still no sign
of the horny leader, David Liew, last seen with the nubile Stiff
Fanny. Rumours were circulating that they must be enjoying each
other's company in the jungle that they were reluctant to come out. 

But life must go on and the Circle started with its usual brand of
ridiculous accusations and charges of sins and infractions, real or
imaginary. But RLC Harriers are a game lot, taking everything
sportingly, however ludicrous the charge. Then the last group of
runners arrived to the relief of everyone (another huge PHEW!).

The hares had laid on a sumptuous banquet including a barbecue and
Hokkien mee with different variations; one for the vegetarian and
another for those who love chee-yow-char (those wicked pieces of fried

We all tucked in with gusto, washed down with copious amount of beer,
coconut water and Glen Morangie. It was a grand feast that will be
hard to beat. Thank you, Boon Kee and Steven, you certainly
overwhelmed us with your generosity.

Uncle Yap

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Run 822 Jul 15 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 822
Hares : Calvin Chong & Professor Tie
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Gorgeous dry weather 

It was a public holiday and the Long Run started at 5pm to take
advantage of the longer daylight hours available by an earlier start.
The trail started off up the tarmac road leading upwards towards the
hill. Everywhere, we could see broken bits of Mother Hash paper ...
they had run there the previous evening.

Soon, we deviated right into the verdant cover of the Kiara Hills. The
range is so diverse that we went up and down the same hill without
seeing the same spot twice. Then we were led down to a most quaint
stream of gentle mountain water and somehow, the brook carried away
our fatigue and we were raring for more as we climbed the hill once
again towards home ... or so we thought ...

But, no, there was Tan See Meng with his horn at the junction
propelling would-be SCB's upwards towards another round of
hill-climbing. And so we went obediently like lambs to the slaughter.
In between, there would have been much thrills and spills but for the
dry weather that made the hill-side trail firmer and totally

As we staggled in, totally drained and exhausted after the 8km run, we
heard the FROP was once again Mike Kuan at 77 minutes. Then we sat and
waited for the stragglers like Dato Steven Oon with his entourage of
two non-virgins, StiffFanny and WoWoo WoWoo YeaYe YeaYe (char neen ho
kor mor tai peh). They were slightly ahead of Tommy Chin at 7.20.

The lack of checks (only three) allowed the front runners to lead by
more than an hour. Whilst the run was excellent, the checks were not
since they did not act to compress the stretch and bunch the group.
Tarzan had demonstrated that with a judicious number of checks, the
back-benchers can come back within half an hour of FROP. Perhaps, he
should conduct a tutorial on how to set checks.

As we waited for the back-markers, there emerged some voyeurs who took
delight in watching Uncle Yap bathe. Ooh's and aah's accompanied every
move he made across his body to wash away the dirt and sweat of the
day and when he washed his mid-body region, pandemonium broke out ...
the sexcitment was too intense. Next time, I will collect money for
tickets to watch 

The Circle, like all RLC Harriers circle, was another hilarious affair
with one and sundry taking to the floor to charge one nonsensical
accusation after another ... people who miss the circle do not know
what fun they are missing. And the golden elixir went like hot cakes
(pardon the mixed metaphor) as the dry and parched weather was
conducive for the consumption of beer, supplemented by an extra case
due to the number of guests.

We then adjourned to Sun Yow Tak Theng, a restaurant cum coffeee shop
for some delicious food, washed down with some bottles of wine, beer
and two bottles of Scotch, courtesy of the two hares.  

C'est la vie or that's life in French.

Scribe report by Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Run 821 Jul 8 is in Pantai Hillpark

RLC Harriers Run 821
Hares : Bob Yong & Jennifer Chong
Runsite : Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Fine & dry

The run started off behind the chain-link fencing and it led to an
excruciatingly painful trip along the slope of the hill. Progress was
slow as balance had to be maintained on the uneven ground. First, we
meandered down and then up and there the first check awaited to be
broken by Lim Boon Hiong. 

The trail went downwards and then up to the suspension bridge when the
trail led to a main road. Another check beckoned, sending the front
runners to the Gasing playgound ... alas in vain. A cry of "On! On!"
was heard from the back and hashers went back again into the verdant
forest of Bukit Gasing.

There, at a crucial junction was Tan See Meng, fresh from his starring
role as the best butler at the Melaka Quad trip, pressing his horn and
guiding runners. Soon, we were at the so-called haunted house ... and
so the run continued through the Gasing hills.

FROP was again Mike Kuan at 68 minutes, followed by Lilian Wee, CCGoh
and Playboy Choo. However, some late-comers like Peter Leong, Lee
Buchan and Veloo completed the trail in a shorter time, but with no
checks. The last runner in was a guest, Tiffany and her host Stiffany
aka Dato Steven Oon. Their time was about 30 minutes after the FROP.

Once again, the hired hares in the form of Tarzan and Chin F.K. had
laid a superb trail with many checks to slow down the front runners
and allow the walkers and stragglers to catch up. Even though the
actual length of the run was some 5.0 km, it seemed longer and more

After the usual hilarious Circle, we made our way to Hoi Kee in Taman
Desa, off Old Klang Road. For the superb meal, the hares paid RM800
for the five tables of food served in air-con comfort. Tim Moey and
Tina Lau had to fork out RM840 for the chicken rice buffet at the
Club's Gazebo the previous week.

Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Run 819 Jun 24 is in Bukit Beruntong Rawang

  • Run 819 is by CK Leong and Lee Seng Chuan
  • May 14, 2013 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Beruntong (north of Rawang)Persiaran Camellia
    Bandar Baru Bukit Beruntung, 48300 Rawang, Selangor
    GPS: 3.427922, 101.555004

RLC Harriers Run 819
Hares : Buffalo Lee & C.K.Leong
Runsite : Bukit Beruntung
Weather : Oppressive dry weather but haze-free

Kuala Lumpur seemed to be engulfed in suffocating haze brought about
by the lack of rain for the last two weeks and so it was a pleasant
surprise as we neared the run-site in Bukit Beruntung to see clear

However, the abandoned shop lots appeared as eerie and empty as ever;
this time, even the mushroom nurseries were fenced off with black
plastic sheets. Anyone with 50K to spare for the next 20 years?
Apparently, each of the shop lots is going for that price.

Promptly at 6, GM Colonel Johan pressed the horn and the run started.
Off we went across the road into the mini-forest where we started a
gradual climb; thank goodness for gentle slopes. Soon we reached the
top and started the run down on to a stretch of road before going into
another patch of mini-jungle. 

Everywhere, we could see the ravages of forest fire, no doubt due to a
lack of rain. Even the porcine swimming pools (wet muddy holes where
wild boars wallow in) were drying up. Across the parched land, we ran
accompanied by intermitten sounds of roti horn pressed by Tommy Chin.

At last, the trial joined the familiar road and we could see the water
tanks and home. FROP was shared by Mike Kuan and Lilian Wee at exactly
an hour while the back-benchers struggled in half an hour later

A great relief as we rehydrated our thirsty bodies with Isomax,
chinchow and cold water before tucking into a good spread of munchies
and finger snacks. Thank you, those kind souls who brought them.

As usual, the circle was another fun event with ridiculous charges
like Lim Boon Hiong's first week anniversary of a good haircut. But
all were taken in good sporting and hashing spirit. People with IQ
below 40 seldom take offence.

Then it was a short ride across what looked like a ghost town to the
restaurant famed for its "poon choy" (a large composite dish full of
goodies). Two bottles of 12 year-old single malt appeared and we all
had a lovely time ... hic !

Uncle Yap - Hash Scribe & Village Elder

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Run 818 Jun 17 is in Sri Bintang Kepong

  • Run 818 is by Alka and Shyam Doshi
  • June 17, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Taman Sri Bintang (usual water tank) Kepong
  • Run site GPS coordinates: 3.185291, 101.642913
  • On On: Grand Nature Restaurant GPS 3.195125, 101.633488
    16 Ground floor Wisma Manjalara, Jln 7A/62A Bandar Manjalara,
    Kepong 52200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-6272 3788

On on (dinner site):