Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Run 837 Oct 28 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

RLC Harriers Run 837, 28 October 2014
Hares : Uncle Teh & Auntie Margaret
Runsite : Bukit Lagong
Weather : Rain earlier on but dry and sultry from 5pm onwards

Most of us approached Bukit Lagong with a bit of trepidation. The
leeches there are reputed to be most active during rainy season, but
Tommy Chin, the hired hare assured us that the route bypasses leech
territory. He was even prepared to give RM10 for each leech brought
back clinging to a body.

So off we went, first up that hill that stretches on for a few hundred
metres and then there was a check. Wendy found it first but never
shouted (I would have on-ed her down but it would be a waste of
water). CK Leong found it next and we all moved down the gentle slope.
The earlier rain was evident everywhere, wet plants and pools of water
on the path.

Then there was a gentle rise of about 15 degree gradient for about a
couple of km. Slippery but never hazardous. Sudddenly, there was a
sharp turn to the right and we knew we were coming to the homeward
stretch. Nevertheless that downhill stretch was treacherous in parts
as some muddy backsides attested. Soon we reached the kampong
settlement and on to the tarmac road and homeward bound.

FROP was Mike Kuan in 40 minutes. I was back in 50 and among the top
ten (Thank you Lilian and David Wee for not coming ... Lilian was busy
in China taking her parent on a tour of Zhangjiajie National Park)

That was the correct route to set for this time of the year when it
gets dark pretty fast. The first half or 3/4 in jungle and hills but
the last bit on tarmac road. The last runners came in safely at 7.20
with the last bit safely on the road. Arthur Hoi, please take note.

GrandMaster Johan was absent so Joint Master Jim Poh took over the
rein. The habitual late-comers, Burns and Siti failed to turn up
although Bala did. The Deepavali festivities must have kept back
Tarzan and Alka, Lee Buchand, Guru and Veloo, all AWOL.

As we sat and drank, we found the number wanting ... only 27 runners.
Uncle Teh telephoned the restaurant to change the menu to include
abalone but that was not available. He tried roast suckling pig and
was told this requires advance order ... sheesh, what luck.

Tried as we did with charges after charges but we just couldn't
finished the barrel. So Aru followed us to the restaurant and served
beer there to accompany the bottle of single malt.

The number may be small but we made up with increased spirit; in fact
I left for home rather spiritual, after a few rounds of whisky.

Footnote : Mike Kuan & Tim Moey came back with one leech each and Bob
Yong and Jim Poh wore leech-guards. Yes, all were punished suitably.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Run 836 Oct 21 is in Old Klang Road

RLC Harriers Run 836, 21 October 2014 
Hares : Burns & Siti
Runsite :Burn's house in Jalan Teluk Gadong, off Old Klang Road
Weather : Rain throughout the afternoon but dry after 8pm

It has been a while since we last had a POP run (park once policy,
where dinner is also served at the runsite). The last was at Bukit
Lagong. So in spite of the impending public holiday (Deepavali
tomorrow) and in spite of the inevitable traffic jam whenever it rains
cats and dogs in KL, at least thirty RLC Harriers braved their way and
got to the runsite before 6pm.

Burns had even set up a small tent (canopy brightly adorned with
red/yellow colours of Selangor?) and hired blue plastic chairs. Alas
the incessant rain made it difficult to sit comfortably and chat. At
6pm, GrandMaster Col Johan pressed the rotiman horn which he passed to
Ah Lum Kor. Off we went down the road and then left through the only
remaining patch of greenery in Taman Desa and then we came to the main
road. It was left and then a check which was broken quite easily.

The trail went on for a while before turning left again, this time
down towards Old Klang Road and before we knew it, we could see Burn's
house. 3.5km run? At the Circle the hired hare, Bala was called to
account and gave a story about going to the river bank and for another
3km or so. Only the "Bullshit" song greeted him. He had laid the trail
too close to the opening trail, giving rise to the natural mistake of
hashers treating the start trail as the home trail in reverse.

Hashers could not help but notice that all the roads in the vicinity
are named after places in Klang and the surrounding. Apparently, the
JKR engineer in charge of the development was a Klang boy and decided
to create another Klang in Old Klang Road.

Anyway, we showered and awaited the Circle and then some other
Harriers came trickling in, like Tarzan and Jane, CCGoh, Dr Yap, Jim
Poh, Lee Buchan and finally Hash Chairman, Kumar. Of course, they
cited "traffic jam" as their excuse but were all suitably on-downed.
By this time, the drizzle had abated but the charges did not. Some
hashers like GM Johan, Playboy Choo and Yong Tow Foo even had the
audacity to run in raincoat and were given extra ration of beer.
People love hashing because the punishment is actually a reward  We
made up for the misery in the weather by the fun and frolic of the

We passed the hat round for a Deepavali ang-pow for Aru, our faithful
Carlsberg beerman.

Then we were invited to tuck in Hassan Zakariah's nasi lemak, a food
which we haven't had for years. It transpired that he has retired and
his children have taken over the same catering business. His contact
is 012-2235060 and his charges still pretty reasonable. Last night the
cost for the delicious nasi lemak with chicken and brown sotong  plus
local fruit was RM8.00 per head for 60 pax. Uncle Yap tar-pow the
remnant sambal. Siti has also provided other finger food and Wendy
came with some dessert. Uncle Yap brought the last of this series of
fish cake (giving this and the ears a rest)

But the whole gang of some 40 people who were there enjoyed the
generous spread of liquid refreshment which included 4 litres of
Single Malt Scotch, Tiger, freshly bottled and even two small kegs of
Heineken. We feasted and drank into the night and a jolly good time
was had by one and all.

See you at Bukit Lagong for Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret's run next

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Run 835 Oct 14 is in Setia Eco Park

  • Run 835 is by Derek and KitKat
  • October 14, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam

RLC Harriers Run 835, 14 October 2014 
Hares : Derek Wong & Kit Kath
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Rain during the run but a dry circle

This month's flavour is Setia Eco Park. Playboy Choo and Ann had their
run there, Derek & Kit Kath today and this Saturday, Walking Tall with
his friendship 'terima kasek' run

It was ever threatening as we drove from KL to the run site. We
thought we were leaving dark and cloudy KL for a sunny Shah Alam.
Alas, the moment we arrived in good time, it started to drizzle ... 

At exactly 6, GM Col Johan pressed his roti-man horn and passed the
horn to JM Tommy Chin. We ran up to the bottom of a small hill and
meandered all over the place, going up and down, doing an F1 trail,
criss-crossing all over the place, negotiating hairpin bends until
finally we came to the mother of all hills ... a straight-up hill of
some 700 to 800 metre with gradient ranging from 20 to 65 degrees. It
was a long long long climb up.

After that it was downhill ... fantastic except that by this time, it
was getting dark. Luckily, Playboy Choo and Ann came along with a
torchlight and I gratefully tagged along. We struggled in the dark
with Ann's torchlight flickering on and off (Playboy, please buy her a
new torchlight) Finally we arrived home

Then we found out that the FROP were Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum and Simon
Tee (guest motherhasher) at 72.5 minutes. I got in at 7.48pm and
promptly had my shower and awaited the arrival of the backbenchers
(icluding Guru, Yabayabadoo, Dr Yap, Uncle Teh and Margaret and
surprise of surprises, Tarzan) who came back at 8.40 
when the circle was just starting. Peter Leong's guest, Carol was treated to a
chest-expanding exercise to the accompanying song "We must, we must
increase our bust, the bigger the better, the men depend on us" The
charges went to and fro and did not end until about 9.50. 

On-on-on was at the same tian-tian-how-tian (every day good day)
restaurant with some fantastic food washed down with a 12-year-old
single malt (GlenFiddich)

Among the announcements were the following:

1. Walking Tall's Friendship run
Setia Eco Park 5.30pm on Saturday 18th October. People who have signed
up and do not attend will be severely punished. WT is giving a t-shirt
and having the dinner on site and spending quite a lot. People who can
are encouraged to contribute on the day by way of food and drinks.

2. Year-end Anniversary Run
Scheduled for 16 December at the Club, this is themed as "James Bond
007 Night" People should wear dark trousers and the given shirt or
dress their tuxedo best in true James Bond style for the Western food
at Banquet Hall
Hash members - RM60 each
RLC members  - RM80 each
Other guests   - RM99 each

3. Run 836 on 21 October will be a OPP (one park policy) at Burn's
house off Old Klang Road.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Run 834 Oct 7 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 834 is by Vivian Thong and May Chang
  • October 7, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 834, 7 October 2014 
Hares : Vivian Thong & May Chang
Runsite : Vicinity of RLC
Weather : Dry 

It has been raining most evenings during this period of The Nine
Emperor Gods Festival (Cantonese: Kow Wong Yeh); so it was a great
pleasant surprise that the weather stayed dry and clear. Then we all
saw Alice Yap, all dressed up to run. No wonder it didn't rain.

Approximately at 6.00pm (apparently the RM5 IKEA clock has developed a
fault and was not put up) GM Col Johan pressed the roti horn and
passed to JM Tommy Chin and we all ran out. The trail immediately
turned left up to the break along the fence into Jalan Parliament and
we ran towards Parliament House. Then it was right towards the
junction where there was a check.

It took some time for the check to be broken as we had to cross the
road and run towards the 'jungle' behind all the government buildings.
The route then came out to the road leading to the Selangor Sultan's
KL palace and down into another 'jungle'. Then we emerged to another
road and past the Arabic School and right across the JKR Headquarters
and then through the Padang and into Jalan Parliament and home.

Pretty easy run with the FROP Lillian Wee (Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum?)
clocking in at 6.42. Thereafter, most hashers came in while the day
was still bright.

The Circle turned serious for a while when it was disclosed that the
section is running a current loss. There was much heated discussion
(see Note 1) but doused when all the proponents were hauled up for a
free beer.

Among the charges were Cecilia being hauled up for being the most
loving spouse, ministering attentively to Dr Yap with all the
prerequisites while he dressed for a run; Jennifer Kuan for spreading
rumours that the 14th China Nash Hash (see Note 2) was free and a
whole bunch of OUG members for queuing up to buy petrol last Wednesday
just before the 20 sen increase.

The hares had provided sweet pears, biscuits and other finger food
plus a good dinner at Bunga Raya, along with wine. Alas, no barley
water ... so Burns, thirsty as ever from not running, contributed a
bottle of Dewar's White Label and we all lived happily ever after.

Note 1
Many hashers like Uncle Yap are still very incensed when Lum Seng Yip
said at the last AGM that the Mismanagement has consider the RM15K
reserve built up over the years as "too high" and deliberately
overspent by 5K. Ex-GM Veloo, during whose tenure at office produced
some 5K surplus, reminded hashers that it was due primarily to Uncle
Yap buying cheap beers especially during the CNY offers. He had to
personally carry all the cases of beer from shops to Club and financed
the stock since the Club could only reimburse a limited sum each
month. To have such hard-earned surplus being frivolously frittered
away will always remain a pain.

Note 2
The 14th China Nash Hash is from 22 to 24 May 2015 in Hangzhou. 
People interested in registering can go to
Early-bird tickets (680rmb) are available up to midnight 20 December
2014 and you must pay in full before 31 December 2014 or your
Early-bird Ticket registration will be cancelled.
Regular Ticket: RMB 780 per person from 21st Dec 2014 to 20th March
2015. MUST be paid by 31st March 2015.
Late Cummers Ticket : RMB 880 per person from 21st Mar 2015 to 20th
May 2015. MUST be paid by 20th May 2015. 
For people who have never been to an international hash function, this
will be a good one to try.