Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Run 850 Jan 27 is near Gasing Telekom Tower

  • Run 850 is by David and Lilian Wee
  • January 27, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Gasing Telekom Tower
RLC Harriers Run 850, 27 January 2015
Hares : David & Lilian Wee
Runsite : Pantai Hill near Telekoms Tower
Weather : Raining and drizzling with bits of dry weather in between

The run site is one of my least favourites ... first you run down and
then after a long-winded run all over the forest, you have to climb up
a steep slope to get home. Many times, I have literally crawled up to
the run-site

So, today, I told myself to get the first opportunity to short-cut.

True enough, after a long run through the Indian temple (now abandoned
due to serious erosion that may endanger lives) and then down the path
to the reservoir, we ran down an easy path, only to find ourselves
facing a long upward flight of staircase ... dutifully, we climbed up
the 101 steps and then when we reached the top, it was another
downwards trail in the slippery mud. We then went through another
stretch of jungle and then emerged to a tarmac road.

Here was when Uncle Yap became smart ... right down was to another
series of tortures ... but left up the hill led us (Dracula & I) to
the reservoir and then an easy backward climb to home. We even had the
presence of mind to carry some pieces of wood to feed the campfire
that we started

It was so glorious to come home in bright daylight. Then the FROP,
Mike Kuan, clocked in at 708 (lok leng fatt) followed by Arthur Hoi
and Wendy (who else but Rule Number One?). 

Then we sat in for a long long wait .. one by one the stragglers came
in but when there was no sign of Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret. Bugs
Bunny (not Bugs Bunny, it's Mickey Mouse - Ed) was concerned enough to mount a rescue.

In the meantime, UY kept the fire going

Then the circle started and we had great fun. After a lot of riotous
fun, we adjourned to Helen's place, Kam Kee for our food . UY brought
out his Glem Morangie and GM Woon followed suit with a bottle of Green

The food was good, the drinks were better and the company was best.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Run 849 Jan 20 is in Pantai Hillpark

  • Run 849 is by Steven Khoo and F K Chin
  • Jan 20, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar South
RLC Harriers Run 849, 20 January 2015
Hares : Steven Khoo & Chin Fook Kee
Runsite : Pantai Hill Park aka Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Dry 

Something is afoot. As we arrived at the familiar place of the Pantai
Valley Community Centre, it was so so difficult to find a parking
space. It transpired that two other chapters were also having runs
here today.

We parked where we could and when the new GM, Woon Then Yew started
the run by pressing the roti-horn , it was downwards toward the trail
that led to the fallen tree and the rest of it. We ran and we ran
upwards towards a hill-top and when we reached the top, it had to be
down and down and soon we saw the route towards the road. We ran along
the tarmac road and then into 5/4J which took us to the suspension

Here was where the hares could have been creative and designated the
right-hand path for the short run and the leftward path across the
suspension bridge as the long run. Alas, with IQ below 40, they didn't
do that and Uncle Yap had to suffer the long route with a final uphill
climb where he was overtaken by Thomas Tan, CKLeong and Lee Buchan.

At long last, we reached the path to home when we saw the tall condo
building (what will happen when the Condo is fully occupied and the
other car of every unit takes the parking space along the road?)

The Circle saw the emergence of Woon as a public speaker ... he needs
practice. Then Uncle Yap took over and punished the small bladders
(yabayabadoo & Dracula) and the other recalcitrants including guests
like the father and mother of Small Fry (aka Big Fish and wife)

In the meantime, the beer ran out. Luckily, due to the foresight of
Col Johan, a crate of Carlsberg was produced (On-Cash, remember to pay
him) and the Circle resumed and many charges (real or imaginary) were

We adjourned to the real Bangsar and to a Condo establishment where
May (aka Mrs Khoo) presented us with an interesting array of food
including fish-head curry and other delightful stuff. We ate and drank
to our hearts' content (two lovely bottles of the best Scotch whisky)

I had a talk with May and she said she will be able to present a
5-table spread for RM140 per table or RM700 for two hares and her food
will be definitely better and more substantial than the RM15 (oops
RM12) nasi lemak served at the RLC.

What a lovely day

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Run 848 Jan 13 is the Hash AGM Run - In run RLC

  • Run 848 is the Hash AGM Run 2015
  • January 13, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • AGM in RLC Ballroom 8pm
RLC Harriers Run 848, 13 January 2015
Hares : Mismanagment represented by Uncle Yap & CC Goh
Runsite : Vicinity of Lake Garden and beyond
Weather : Dry 

It was supposed to be the Hash AGM run and it should be when everyone
is back by 7.00 pm ... however, they asked Uncle Yap to set the run
and as everybody knows, UY never ever follows rules.

The pack started off to the traffic lights to get to the other side.
Then they ran up to the Monument and onto Datin Ann's house where
there was a check. The check was broken when someone stumbled upon
some pieces of paper leading down to a long jungle trail that ended up
at the crossroad where scb (aka Short Cut Bastards and definitely NOT
Standard Chartered Bank) led the short runners back home.

The others turned right and on and on they ran to the empty houses and
the reservoir (barking dogs) and then they came down to a place where
there was a sign that said "Medium, turn right long run , turn left)

The medium runners came to the JKR HQ and back to the Club ... the
long runners has a couple more of KM to run but then as UY predicted,
FROP Mike Kuan got in at exactly 7.01pm

We all bathed and got ready for the hash AGM. GM Col Johan gave a very
good summary of the hashing activities of the past year . Then the
On-Cash, David Wee presented the financial statement. UY was impressed
that the Hash Reserve has moved fro 4 digit to 5 digit and proposed
that the accounts be accepted. This was unanimously accepted. 

Then the election started ... the following were duly elected
Convener ... Woon Then Yew
CK Leong ( then Peter Leong stood up to decline the nominatiom)
Dato Steven Oon
Steven Khoo
Shyam Doshi

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Run 847 Jan 6 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 847 is by Jim Poh and Steven Yong
  • Jan 6, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC

Scribe report: views expressed are that of Uncle Yap.

RLC Harriers Run 847, 6 January 2015
Hares : Jim Poh & Steven Yong
Runsite : Vicinity of Lake Garden
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain 

The run started on time, this time horned off by no less than the
Grand Master himself, absent for the last two runs. The trail bordered
Panggung Anniversari and then out of Lake Garden, skirting Taman Bunga
Raya / Bunga Orkid, past the Bird Park and on to the Tun Razak
Memorial. At the Planetarium complex, there was a check which was
broken by Wendy Lum, running down and back into Lake Garden.

At that corner, the paper led us out into the tunnel to the Museum.
Then it was a merry city run past all the usual landmarks such as the
railway station, Majestic Hotel, DBKL and after a long meandering
course, back towards the Club. But, wait a minute, the trail did not
go straight but forced the front-runners to go up to the National
Monument before coming home. By then, the smart runners went directly
to the Club for their well-deserved Isomax

The Circle started with the birthday cake for the January children and
then GM Colonel Johan said this was one of his last chances to speak
and be heard. He paid tribute to all the Hashers who have made his
term as GM so memorable and successful. Summing up, he said the
various special events for the year went so well that RLC Harriers
have earned a well-deserved reputation for organising excellent events
and giving guests value for money. He was also pleased to announce
that preliminary reports would indicate that we will end the year with
a slight surplus (after the fiasco last year when we lost RM5,000,
apparently deliberately, according to Ah Lum Koh).

Colonel then started politiking early by endorsing Mr Woon Then Yew
for the next GM as the he is unable to carry on for another term due
to health concerns.

There was a discussion on the Hash Bar. So much hot air. This issue
was initiated during Veloo's time and we have been faithfully
promised, year after year, with the same story "RMXXX,000 have been
allocated" All these empty promises must end some day.

Then the Circle started in earnest, with one and all punished left,
right and centre for no apparent reasons. But all the hashers brought
up took the whole thing in stride and drank their beer sportingly. 

Then we started on our food, an array of dishes collectively called
nasi lemak. When the food ran out, we started questioning and the
Hares said they paid RM15 per head for 50 persons. What a rip-off.

I think it is time, we RLC Harriers make our voice heard. A few weeks
ago, Burns had nasi lemak in his house with the same ingredients plus
some fruit and this was what I reported - "Then we were invited to
tuck in Hassan Zakariah's nasi lemak, a food which we haven't had for
years. ... and his charges still pretty reasonable. Last night the
cost for the delicious nasi lemak with chicken and brown sotong  plus
local fruit was RM8.00 per head for 60 pax. Uncle Yap tar-pow the
remnant sambal."

Burns had fruit plus sambal sotong on top of what we got tonight and
he paid RM8 per head with so much left over. Tonight, everything was
walloped and some went home hungry. So have we been cheated or have we
been short-changed? Somehow, the caterers in RLC know about our RM350
per hare minimum contribution and they adjust their prices
accordingly. How stupid must we be to continue to pay such outrageous
prices for simple fare. We get cheated once, shame on the caterer. We
get cheated twice, shame on us. We get cheated thrice, shame on we
stupid people with IQ below 40. 

I think the President, the Vice President and the GC Member with the
highest number of votes should cause an investigation into tonight's
scandal of over-charging. You were all there, eating the RM15 nasi
lemak and should know what I am talking about.

Until then, I propose that in future, if we do have an IN-RUN, we
OUT-EAT. There are so many eateries around us with reasonable food for
the RM700 minimum. Kesuma, Keng Heong, Hoi Kee, etc anything but RM12
chicken rice and RM15 nasi lemak from RLC.

Next week is the RLC Harriers AGM Run. Make sure you are there.