Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Run 731 Oct 16 Tommy Chin/Yem in Bkt Lagong

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Please note, this Run shall be a 4 KM, short & sweet run. Paper shall be laid, substantially, only on broad
ex-timber-logged trails so we can enjoy our run like BORN FREE (from leeches). For those of us who rather a longer run, we can always run it twice round and if so, please bear in mind the assumptions below. ON ON

3 Assumptions for setting runs, during last quarter of the year:-

  1. It gets dark usually at 7.00pm, only on Tuesdays; 
  2. Leeches in the dark, if any, usually suck harder only on Tuesdays;
  3. This means to say, you can enjoy a 50 minutes' brisk walk on broad trails with no darkness and no leeches, only on Tuesdays. 


  • Head to the Jln Duta / Jln Kuching roundabout. ZERO YOUR TRIP METER HERE.
  • Get on to Jalan Kuching heading North (like to Alaska), passing Pasar Borong and WARTA.
  • At 11.0 KM, Kompleks Kerajaan Daerah Gombak signboard on left - slow down and keep left.
  • At 11.3KM, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Gombak signboard on left, take the Left Slip Road up and veer Left before the Traffic Lights.
  • (If you see Templer Park, you have overshot the Left Slip Road by approximately 2 KM).
  • At 13.0KM, after a concrete bridge, turn Right across the divider-break into Bkt Lagong.
  • Take the winding road to the very end until you see a huge Hash Sign pointing to a flat open area for parking.
  • Hares' wheels: WSG 8235 or white truck WUC 9612.