Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Run 743 Jan 8 is the AGM Run

  • Run 743 is the 2013 Hash AGM Run
  • Jan 8, 2013 Tuesday 6pm
  • Royal Lake Club
  • Hash Section Members only
  • RLC dress code applies
This AGM Run will be hared by Calvin Chong and David Liew. The AGM will take place in the Banquet Hall at 7.30pm. Registration and distributions of section accounts for the year will be handled by Assistant OnCash Serena Tan and Vivien Hoi. Only section members who have over three months seniority can vote.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Run 742 Jan 1, 2013 5pm is in Ulu Yam

  • Run 742 by Julie Fong and Mavis Wong
  • January 1, 2013 Tuesday 5.00pm
  • Ulu Yam, Selangor
GPS N3 28.195 E101 41.260

Make your way to Rawang, and onto the North bound KL/Ipoh trunk road. Pass Serendah and at traffic lights at Batang Kali township, turn right for Genting Highland and head for Ulu Rening. Proceed for 1.9km and slip left at new traffic lights with Shell station on right. At 3.4km slip left again, and 7.2km turn right at TNB sub station and at 7.4km cross bridge. At 8.3km turn right to “Air Panas Ulu Tamu” and park behind Hot Springs 

Alternative road. Use the B23 dam road to Ulu Yam Bahru. In Ulu Yam Bahru village turn right towards Batang Kali on B113. After 2km turn right towards Genting Highlands on B66. Drive 2km and veer left towards Genting Valley onto B114. Follow this road for about 3km and turn right towards Ulu Tamu. Turn right at and find parking after  as indicated above or look for RLC Hash sign.

On On
Old Lucky Lite Restoran.
Drive back to Batang Kali and at traffic light with Shell station in front. Restaurant is on the opposite left of this junction.