Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Run 893 Nov 24 is in Jln Desa Kiara (1st members' run)

RLC Harriers Run #893 Tuesday 24 November 2015
Run Site : The Condoland of KiaraMas
Hares : People's Run route set and papered by Peter & CK Leong, Leslie
Weather : Rain before, during & after run 

At the inaugural people's run, the die-hards came in droves. We parked
at the top of the hill and soon the rain came and we set off into the
verdant jungle that still remains. After a bit, a check was found in
the middle of a slope but nobody except UY was fooled. The rest went
straight on and soon we were faced with a steep hill. Up, up and up
with gradients from 40 to 60 and gradually tapering off to 20-30
degrees at the summit. The steep slope was unrelenting and many trees
were hugged before we reached the top. 

Then it was on to another hill. Luckily, this time, it was down, down
& down until we came to the second check across a small stream. The
front runners had broken the back check (before the stream) but
neglected to remove the paper to the stream ... so like fools, the
second batch of runners were stranded on the other side until Thomas
and Ann Choo said they recognised the path home. Like the SCB that I
was/am/will be, I eagerly followed and soon was showering and drinking
beer and eating vadil.

The not-so-smart runners went on to yet another few twists and turns
and Mike, the FROP did not reach home until 7.08pm followed closely by
Thambi Chai and Lilian Mighty Mouse. The runners came trickling home
and soon the only key left in the key-basket was one of a car driven
by David Liew.

The Circle proceeded in its usual merry ways with sinners (e.g. not
wearing RLC Harriers t-shirts, carrying an umbrella throughout the
run, pissing in front of everybody) being punished left, right and
centre. In between finger food and beer, we survived the drizzle. Then
it was time for the On On On at Sai Kong. Most of us were familiar
with the place and soon we were partaking of the splendid spread of
food washed down liberally with GlenMorangie (courtesy UY), Singleton
(Dr Yap) and Green Label (Buta Buta GM) and wine provided by Elvis

We then celebrated the birthday of Playboy Choo who was photographed
kissing his wife amorously. Then came the good news that David Liew
had emerged from the jungle and was safe and sound. The spontaneous
applause that greeted this was so loud and full of relief. Tonight, no
Oily Chapter two ...

... and so we ate and drank and made merry on a night which would have
normal people rushing home to bed but which could not keep down the
indomitable spirit of Hashers. On! On!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Run 892 Nov 17 is in Bangsar Sri Penaga Condo

RLC Harriers Run #892 Tuesday 17 November 2015
Run Site : Vicinity of Bangsar Condoland
Hares : Jim Poh aka Extra Virgin & Dato' Professor John Anthony Xavier
Weather : Rain before, during & after run (totally & miserably wet)

It was a dark and stormy night .........
... and as we walked towards the first piece of paper, we found the
experience somewhat eerie and surreal. But, as hard-core hashers, we
persevered and soon we were walking/running some serious slopes, all
on paved roads. After that free drink the week before, CCGoh even
allowed Uncle Yap to reach check #1 first. That was broken when he
climbed the overhead bridge across a busy road.

We ran/walked through many paved roads and lanes that made up what is
known as Bangsar. Nothing spectacular as we hammered on with the run.
Several checks tried to delay us but we broke them easliy. Apparently
the hares had tried twice, but alas in vain, to give us a run in Taman
Seputeh around Thean Hou Temple ... but development has blocked off
several trails and they could not bash through a decent route; hence
the make-shift drive-by run in the concrete jungle called Bangsar. 

The FROP Quiksilver Fox (who else?) came in just after 75 minutes when
it was already gloomily dark, followed by the usual suspects, S**T
Stirrer Arthur Hoi, Mighty Mouse Lilian & Rule #1 Wendy Lum. The
others came trickling in and the drizzle refused to let off.

It was a time for giving when Extra Virgin gave each runner a Rotary
T-shirt and Aru, some Carlsberg gimme's. In spite of the overcast
weather, our Hashers were not dispirited as we tucked heartily into
the finger food and drank lustily of what Aru dispensed, the golden
elixir also known as beer. The Circle was conducted with people
holding umbrellas and wearing raincoats but that did not stem the flow
of ridiculous charges that make circles such frivolous fun & frolics.

We then walked to Chez Steven Khoo, an eatery on the groundfloor of a
condominium nearby. There she was, our young Tai Kar Cheh (big sister)
aka Vivian Thong bearing a bottle of the best single malt,
GlenMorangie, (what else?) . We greedily ate whatever good nosh that
May (definitely Steven's better half) had to offer.

The GlenMorangie was soon finished and a bottle of Chivas Regal
appeared, much to the delight of the hashers who soon felt very
spiritual ... 

... and whatever the gloom and doom outside, whenever Hashers got
together, it would always be fun, fun & more fun. On! On!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Run 891 Nov 10 is in Kampong Batu Tiga Puloh

RLC Harriers Run #891 Tuesday 10 November 2015
Run Site : Somewhere in Selangor some 500m after 162 milestone to Ipoh
Hares : Buta Buta GM Woon & Jenny
Weather : Fine weather but always threatening to rain 

Deepavali dawned bright and clear and we all went to our open houses
and then it was time to get to Buta Buta GM Woon's run-site. The
directions were very very clear ... after the stone Ipoh 162, slow
down and drive left to an empty lot, made very soggy by recent rain.

Before we could even run off, the hares (hired or otherwise) were
back, saying they laid a quiet and slow run shorter than 7 km. Like
suckers, we all ran off into the abandoned rubber estate (must be
small holdings) 

On and on we ran up a so-called hill which was smaller than the breast
of one of the hares. After that, it was a long slog against miles and
miles between abandoned rubber trees. (what a pity, Malaysians are now
so well-positioned that they can afford to leave rubber trees in their
prime untapped) ...

... and so we ran between the rubber trees and soon it was another
check after the previous check and the flat landscape did not make for
excitement except the will to continue running and finish the
Deepavali trail.

We all arrived back at Base Camp, well before dark, since it was a
5.00pm start. FROP was, as to be expected, Quiksilver Fox in the time
of 68 minutes. We all partook of the numerous finger food including a
duck, courtesy of our Wong Fook Loy aka Duck King .... 

... and then the fun began. At the Circle, people were punished for
helping other runners. People were also punished for NOT helping
others. Some were rewarded for overtaking. Others were punished for
urinating in the open. Our Bomoh celebrated his transient freedom and
"talked big" in the absence of Boss who was away in Singapore visiting
the grandchildren. Alka let the bastards swing and bemoaned the fact
that she was wrenched away by Tarzan from her family Dwali dinner.

In spite of the small number (about 30 hard-core hashers) we finished
the barrel and in view of the auspicious occasion of Dwali, Aru, our
beerman, was invited to join us at the restaurant and given a
whip-round angpow for sacrificing his holiday to serve us beer.

The hares have laid on a sumptuous 4-table spread accompanied by two
bottles of GlenMorangie Lasanta and some bottles of red wine. Most
generous and well appreciated ... and we drank and made merry well
into the night ...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Run 890 Nov 3 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 890 is by Katherine Chang and Gary Chua
  • November 3, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #890 Tuesday 3 November 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden and its vicinity
Hares : Katherine Chang & Gary Chua
Weather : Fine weather for the run but preceded by heavy rain

As we gathered at the Quadrangle, we wondered who the hired hares were
since the two hares were truly Hash virgins. Then at 6.00pm, Buta Buta
GM Woon came and gave a lame excuse about not being able to run and
that his "mah chai" CKLeong would do the honours.

Off we went up the slope and then towards Parliament House ... but
hold it, there was a check and soon we went into the murky darkness of
the Dragon Trail, a pale shadow of its former glories. We had no
choice but to walk through muddy paths and then a right turn towards
unfamiliar jungle. On and on we went and then we spied Jalan Gallagher
and we were led round a merry path.

Later, we saw the folly of our endeavours and soon came running back
to the Club. FROP was, of course, Quiksilver Fox, pursued by Wendy Lum
and Arthur Hoi. Official time was 65 minutes.

The Circle at the Poolside air-con room was, as to be expected.
hilarious and funny with all and sundry being punished one way or

We then adjourned to Bunga Raya where some bottles of wine and a
bottle of gin (courtesy of Peter Leong) awaited. And we dined and we
wined and we had a jolly good time.

Exciting Next Week
The next run (on Deepavali Day, a public holiday) is in the wilderness
off the old road to Ipoh and hosted by our own Buta Buta GM and his
lovely wife, Jenny. 5.00 pm