Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Run 824 July 29 is in Taman Bukit Hatatmas Cheras - 5.00pm

RLC Harriers Run 824
Hares : Tan See Meng & Pauline
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
Weather : Dry weather with intermitten sprinkling of rain

The reputation of Tan See Meng using Alpha mates to set his run
preceded him and everybody was expecting a killer of a run, given the
5pm start on a public holiday. This was further corroborated when he
announced two SCB (short cut bastard) runs where hashers could opt out
from the main run.

We were quite happy to see two familiar faces returning to the fold;
Dr Kosong, taking Hari Raya leave from his teaching post in Ipoh and 
Gerrit (Denhartog aka Count Dracula), our Dutchman taking a respite
from some arduous tasks in the Congo.

So we set off on the familiar climb up the Bukit Hatamas hill and it
was just as tough as usual with unrelenting steep gradients all the
way. Then came the first SCB1 and some took it and returned within 30
minutes. A little further up the hill, SCB2 came to view and a few
more dropped off, returning to base around 45 minutes. 

The rest of the field (about 30 left) bravely went up and what a
surprise ... it was just another short 15 minute loop coming back to
SCB2 and home. Mike Kuan FROP made it on the hour and the run was
certainly not the killer run it was feared to be.

In the meantime, Wendy Lum and CCGoh (reputedly with a combined IQ
below 40) went round and round the loop and did not return until about

Pauline certainly over-catered, providing all manners of edible
goodies for the returning runners. A lot of legs were pulled at the
Circle and it was fun fun fun until the running out of beer and hunger
drove us to the appointed restaurant for a meal which was certainly
more substantial than the fried egg and sardine we had the last time.

The hares had laid on whisky galore, Guinness Stout and other thirst
quenchers. So we feasted and drank through the night. For those who
did not make the run, wish you were here. You missed a lovely run, a
fun-filled Circle and a great feast.

Uncle Yap

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Run 823 Jul 22 is in Bandar Sri Damansara

RLC Harriers Run 823
Hares : Dato & Datin Steven Oon
Runsite : Bandar Sri Damansara
Weather : Gorgeous dry weather 

It has been a long long while since we last had a home run; no, not
that ball hit over the boundary in an American baseball game but a POP
(park once policy) run from the hares' home like what Uncle Yap used
to have until all the "jungles" around our house became developed. So,
it was a very welcome move by Dato Steven Oon to have his house in Sri
Damasara as the run site. Let us hope that this practice continues.

Due to the on-going infra-structure work-in-progress around the Taman
Tun and One Utama areas, traffic can be horrendously snarled and so it
proved on Tuesday when many hashers were caught and could not make the
run in time. But, for those better-organised hashers, they were in for
a pleasant surprise when they entered the run site ... baskets of
designer durians (D24 no less) and mangosteens awaited. The hares had
very thoughfully arranged to procure the treats from Raub.

Promptly at 6, GM Colonel Johan sounded the horn which he then passed
over to David Liew and off we went across the road. It was another few
hundred metres before we came to the bridge over the busy dual
carriageway and then on to the foot of the hills. The gradient on the
route on this particular hill was rather steep, averaging 45° and in
certain parts, even as steep as 75°. Mercifully, the weather has been
dry; so there were no awkward slippery slopes.

Soon, we came to a junction where hashers were given the choice to
turn right for a short run or go left for the "normal" run. Silly
people like Uncle Yap were persuaded to go the normal route since
early arrival would mean a long wait for the beer. Alas, the "normal"
run proved to be extra long as transpired later.

Up and up we went along the steep slopes until we reached the top. The
route then continued along a tarred road and we thought it would be a
straight-forward run down the road. Perish the thought. The sadistic
streaks in the hares showed themselves when we were forced back into
the jungle and when we thought we had reached the bottom, they made us
meander along the side, going up and down like a yo-yo. For the tired
muscles, this last bit was excruciatingly painful.

At long last, we reached ground level and from then it was trying to
see the paper trail in the rapidly fading light. We passed some
illegal settlements of Bangladeshi and Indonesian construction
workers. Soon the bright lights of the run-site could be discerned and
what a huge sigh of relief (phew!). For the record, Mike Kuan, the
FROP clocked 85 minutes whereas this scribe took more than 100
torturous energy-sapping minutes

The tired runners could be seen hovering round the fruit baskets where
the hare was showing his prowess and skill in opening durians. Others
made a beeline for a much-needed shower. It was 8.30 and still no sign
of the horny leader, David Liew, last seen with the nubile Stiff
Fanny. Rumours were circulating that they must be enjoying each
other's company in the jungle that they were reluctant to come out. 

But life must go on and the Circle started with its usual brand of
ridiculous accusations and charges of sins and infractions, real or
imaginary. But RLC Harriers are a game lot, taking everything
sportingly, however ludicrous the charge. Then the last group of
runners arrived to the relief of everyone (another huge PHEW!).

The hares had laid on a sumptuous banquet including a barbecue and
Hokkien mee with different variations; one for the vegetarian and
another for those who love chee-yow-char (those wicked pieces of fried

We all tucked in with gusto, washed down with copious amount of beer,
coconut water and Glen Morangie. It was a grand feast that will be
hard to beat. Thank you, Boon Kee and Steven, you certainly
overwhelmed us with your generosity.

Uncle Yap

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Run 822 Jul 15 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 822
Hares : Calvin Chong & Professor Tie
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Gorgeous dry weather 

It was a public holiday and the Long Run started at 5pm to take
advantage of the longer daylight hours available by an earlier start.
The trail started off up the tarmac road leading upwards towards the
hill. Everywhere, we could see broken bits of Mother Hash paper ...
they had run there the previous evening.

Soon, we deviated right into the verdant cover of the Kiara Hills. The
range is so diverse that we went up and down the same hill without
seeing the same spot twice. Then we were led down to a most quaint
stream of gentle mountain water and somehow, the brook carried away
our fatigue and we were raring for more as we climbed the hill once
again towards home ... or so we thought ...

But, no, there was Tan See Meng with his horn at the junction
propelling would-be SCB's upwards towards another round of
hill-climbing. And so we went obediently like lambs to the slaughter.
In between, there would have been much thrills and spills but for the
dry weather that made the hill-side trail firmer and totally

As we staggled in, totally drained and exhausted after the 8km run, we
heard the FROP was once again Mike Kuan at 77 minutes. Then we sat and
waited for the stragglers like Dato Steven Oon with his entourage of
two non-virgins, StiffFanny and WoWoo WoWoo YeaYe YeaYe (char neen ho
kor mor tai peh). They were slightly ahead of Tommy Chin at 7.20.

The lack of checks (only three) allowed the front runners to lead by
more than an hour. Whilst the run was excellent, the checks were not
since they did not act to compress the stretch and bunch the group.
Tarzan had demonstrated that with a judicious number of checks, the
back-benchers can come back within half an hour of FROP. Perhaps, he
should conduct a tutorial on how to set checks.

As we waited for the back-markers, there emerged some voyeurs who took
delight in watching Uncle Yap bathe. Ooh's and aah's accompanied every
move he made across his body to wash away the dirt and sweat of the
day and when he washed his mid-body region, pandemonium broke out ...
the sexcitment was too intense. Next time, I will collect money for
tickets to watch 

The Circle, like all RLC Harriers circle, was another hilarious affair
with one and sundry taking to the floor to charge one nonsensical
accusation after another ... people who miss the circle do not know
what fun they are missing. And the golden elixir went like hot cakes
(pardon the mixed metaphor) as the dry and parched weather was
conducive for the consumption of beer, supplemented by an extra case
due to the number of guests.

We then adjourned to Sun Yow Tak Theng, a restaurant cum coffeee shop
for some delicious food, washed down with some bottles of wine, beer
and two bottles of Scotch, courtesy of the two hares.  

C'est la vie or that's life in French.

Scribe report by Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Run 821 Jul 8 is in Pantai Hillpark

RLC Harriers Run 821
Hares : Bob Yong & Jennifer Chong
Runsite : Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Fine & dry

The run started off behind the chain-link fencing and it led to an
excruciatingly painful trip along the slope of the hill. Progress was
slow as balance had to be maintained on the uneven ground. First, we
meandered down and then up and there the first check awaited to be
broken by Lim Boon Hiong. 

The trail went downwards and then up to the suspension bridge when the
trail led to a main road. Another check beckoned, sending the front
runners to the Gasing playgound ... alas in vain. A cry of "On! On!"
was heard from the back and hashers went back again into the verdant
forest of Bukit Gasing.

There, at a crucial junction was Tan See Meng, fresh from his starring
role as the best butler at the Melaka Quad trip, pressing his horn and
guiding runners. Soon, we were at the so-called haunted house ... and
so the run continued through the Gasing hills.

FROP was again Mike Kuan at 68 minutes, followed by Lilian Wee, CCGoh
and Playboy Choo. However, some late-comers like Peter Leong, Lee
Buchan and Veloo completed the trail in a shorter time, but with no
checks. The last runner in was a guest, Tiffany and her host Stiffany
aka Dato Steven Oon. Their time was about 30 minutes after the FROP.

Once again, the hired hares in the form of Tarzan and Chin F.K. had
laid a superb trail with many checks to slow down the front runners
and allow the walkers and stragglers to catch up. Even though the
actual length of the run was some 5.0 km, it seemed longer and more

After the usual hilarious Circle, we made our way to Hoi Kee in Taman
Desa, off Old Klang Road. For the superb meal, the hares paid RM800
for the five tables of food served in air-con comfort. Tim Moey and
Tina Lau had to fork out RM840 for the chicken rice buffet at the
Club's Gazebo the previous week.

Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers