Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Run 846 Dec 30 is in Kota Damansara

  • Run 846 is by CC Goh and Peter Leong
  • December 30, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Jalan PJU 3/42, Kota Damansara
RLC Harriers Run 846,, 30 December 2014
Hares : Peter Leong & CCKoh
Runsite : Supposed to be somewhere in Kota Damansara
Weather : Dry but preceded by days of torrential rain

At 4.00pm, there was an alarm, something about Tesco/The Curve being
jammed. So many people started the trip to the run-site at 4 or 4.30
and they all arrived in good time ... for that kiasu alarmist action,
Tarzan & Boss were on-down later

The run-site was a huge carpark and we whiled away the time, talking
cock and waited for 6.00. This time round, Tarzan was there, Jim Poh
was there, David Wee was there ... wow o wow, three out of five VIP's
present .. now where were GM Johan and JM Tommy Chin ... we will on
them down next week

At 6.00 we started to get out of the industrial complex and moved
towards the hill. Then there was a check and I broke the check in
front of Alka and Wendy and totally missed the sign saying there were
two runs, the long and the short. Up and up we went along a fencing
and soon we came to open grassland. The Trail led to the pylons (those
huge monstrosities carrying electrical cables) and this was when all
the top runners overtook me.

By the time I got to the pylons, there had been a second check. This
must have been broken quite easily. I was left with Alka and David Wee
as companions. We traversed the pylons areas and then it was a very
treacherous trip down, with gradients ranging from 45 to 60 degrees.
Many backsides would surely be muddied here.

Then came a downhill stretch when we could see civilisation (road next
to houses). We ran down and then up again. This was repeated about ten
times and it was so so arduous especially when there were sharp
thorns. Finally, the hares managed to find the correct route and we
all came down to earth and tarmac roads leading to our run-site. Phew!
At last we were home.

I was 80 minutes in , some 20 minutes behind FROP, Mike Kuan. What a
relief to be home.

Before the Circle got underway, Tarzan asked all the Harriers to be
upstanding and together, we bowed our heads and observed one minute of
silence in memory of the departed on QZ8501. Our hearts go to the
bereaving families.

Then the charges flew left right and centre. The hares were punished
for losing their ways at the final stretch and UY told his grandfather
stories about Moses leading the Israelites from Egypt to Israel. Moses
made two fatal mistakes which are remembered up to today.

Mistake #1 After he parted and crossed the Red Sea, he turn left into
the desert. If he had turned right, he would have come to all the
petroleum-rich territories. Today, all the Jews are still cursing

Mistakes #2 Moses was in the desert and who did you think he employed
as guides? Yes, he took on Peter Leong and CCGoh and they led the
Israelites meandering the desert for 40 years.

It was heady fun all the way and we enjoyed the banters and the
charges. Soon it was time to get some bites and we convoyed to the
Restaurant where three bottles of fine Scotch whisky awaited. The
left-over beer followed us as well. We wined and we dined in true
hasher fashion. Life is good :-)

Next week, the run is in-house ... whether or not there is a Hash AGM,
we do not know. Anyway, it is coming close to midnight and soon we
will usher in another New Year ... UY & Alice will be at the Club to
sing Auld Lang Syne and hope to see you

Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you greater stamina, more sagacity
and wisdom and a lot of happiness

Post Script
At the dinner, someone wrote the three ill-fated flights
MH  370
MH    17
QZ 8501
and the total came to 8888, normally a lucky number
but for Malaysia, a catastropic combination in 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Run 845 Dec 23 is in TTDI

  • Run 845 is by B P Ng & Irene
  • Dec 23, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bangunan Bakti Hasmah TTDI
RLC Harriers Run 845, 23 December 2014 
Hares :Ng Boon Puey & Irene
Runsite : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Weather : Raining & Drizzling the whole day but dry during the run and
circle (see, I told you the Weather God is a hasher)

For the past 20 hours, it had been raining and drizzling in the Klang
Valley; so the roads were wet, traffic was slow and the atmosphere
dampened. But as we gathered at the corner in front of Rumah Bakti,
spirits were high. At two minutes before 6.00pm, Arthur Hoi aka Shit
Stirrer (we really must start using Hash Names like normal hash
chapters) mistaken pressed the horn and started the run.

This is one run where there was not a single person from the 5-man
Harriers committee. No GM, no JM's, no On-Sex, no On-cash. Guess who
will be on-downed the next time we meet?

The trail was quite a familiar one, first up the road before we turned
left into the jungle. Then it was a series of left, right, left, right
before we hit a check. It was a back-check which was quickly
dismantled. Then some road before we went right across the hill where
we saw those monstrous fences protecting the ill-gotten properties of
cronies. The stream that we crossed was just as enchanting. As we
gently made our ways alternately between roads and jungle, the
all-too-familiar homeward stretch beckoned and Mike Kuan came home as
FROP at 48 minutes followed by Steven Yong, our young buck. Most of
the other runners were not too far behind. Indeed a well-planned route
for this time of the year which caused Ann Choo to declare "best run
of the year"

We bathed behind our cars and the Circle, as usual, was a riotous and
hilarious affair with people "punished" for starting the run too
early, for not urinating, being thin on top (no hair like James Bald
Bala) or being exhibitionists like TYWoon bathing with underwear that
left nothing to the imagination. The most photographed 007, a Dato no
less dragged his fello-Dato's for another drink and in spite of the
small number and the damp weather, we finished the whole barrel.

Then it was a short trip Uptown for a sumptuous dinner, complete with
free flow of wine and whisky (Single Malt Glen Morangie, my favourite)
As the French would put it "c'est la vie" (That's life)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Run 844 Dec 16 is the James Bond theme 16th Anniversary

  • Run 844 is the 16th Anniversary Run (James Bond theme)
  • December 16, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Dinner in the Ballroom
  • Men in dark suit or black Bond attire
  • Ladies in shimmering evening dress or glitter black top and black pants

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Run 843 Dec 9 is in Templer's Park Rawang

  • Run 843 is by Dato Allen Tan and David Liew
  • December 9, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Templer's Park Rawang
RLC Harriers Run 843, 9 December 2014
Hares : David Liew & Dato Allen Tan
Runsite : Templer's Park
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

This part of the world is quite new to RLC Harriers but the
instruction to the run-site was clear. By 6, all the 30 or so
die-hards were assembled and raring to go and off they went up a
gradual incline that stretched all the way to the fringe of a hill.

Then the fun started. The rain earlier had rendered the slope
treacherously slippery. The first few went up steadily without problem
but in so doing they had disturbed whatever purchase there was and
those coming after had to grasp at saplings and other things stuck
into the ground to haul themselves up. The gradient was rather steep,
ranging from 30 degrees to 60. It was a real test of endurance to
reach the top of the hill. Some were seen to be on all fours, crawling
up the steep hill. At long last, we reached the peak.

Then it was downhill all the way and again many hashers slipped and
fell on the precarious slope. Then we heard falling water and lo and
behold, there was a waterfall with water cascading down a pool. It was
so inviting that many must have felt the urge to jump in and rid
themselves of the mud they had collected. Alas, by the time we got
there, it was getting late and knowing how fast it gets dark at this
time of the year, we resisted the temptation.

We walked down the concrete step through the picnic areas and the
monkeys watched as we passed. They seemed rather menacing but no
untowards incident was reported. Soon, we reached the road and back to
our cars. It was an excellent run with FROP Thambi Chai at 48 minutes
and the rest coming in within half an hour.

The Circle, as usual, was another hilarious series of leg-pulling and
fun with Uncle Yap talking like a resident of Calcutta. He explained
why Indians all talk very fast because they have no full stops in
their language. Why? They have used up all their full stops on their
foreheads. Steven Khoo and Bob Yong were hauled up to explain why
their noses are so important that they have to be underlined.

The On-on-on was at Pin Kee, a short distance away but we could only
fill up three tables. Allen, who was away in UK, made his presence
felt when an 18 year-old single malt was brought out. Beautiful stuff
to wash down the spread of good food that followed.

In spite of the smaller number than usual, we all had amusing fun and
went home with great satisfaction.

Next Run : Sunday 14 December - RLC AGM Election Run at the Club
starting off at 7.30am with Peter Leong as live hare. Do come along
for the run and ensure you have a prime parking space on B2 next to
the lifts.

Next Next Run : Tuesday 16 December - Anniversary Celebration Run
themed on 007 James Bond. Please dress to kill.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Run 842 Dec 2 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 842 is by Dr C M Yap and Cecilia
  • Dec 2, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In run - RLC - dress smart

RLC Harriers Run 842, 2 December 2014 
Hares : Dr Yap Chung Mui & Cecilia
Runsite : Lake Gardens & its vicinity
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

As we gathered at the quadrangle, we were most relieved to see the
return of our beloved GrandMaster, Col Johan, this time bringing his
nephew, Lee John Salmon, a strappling young man in his prime, to join
the run and the chapter.

At 6.00 pm, GM pressed the roti horn which he then gave me. Sheesh,
today I cannot shortcut   Off we went towards the National Monument
but the trail turned right into a check. The front runners were high
and dry but Arthur Hoi (aka S*** Stirrer) soon found the connecting
paper pieces along Jalan Parliament and we ran towards Bank Negara
after which we did a U-turn uphill towards the JKR HQ.

There was a check near the abandoned JKR quarters which proved to be a
red herring. We went on for a while longer and came upon another bit
of jungle (quite civilised really, without thorny undergrowth or wet
patches). On and on we ran until we emerged to Jalan Tun Ismail. 

This was a road stretch which joined Jalan Tunku and then into
Belvedere and up the slope (whatever happened to all the pandan
leaves?) and then we could recognise the way home through the evening
traffic jam. FROP was, as usual, Mike Kuan (aka Quiksilver Fox) at 58
minutes. I was 10 minutes or so behind. Excellent run for this time of
the year when it get dark quite early.

The returnee, Naidu and the newby Lee John (later christened as Small
Fry since he is the son of a Salmon) were duly inducted. Once again
the inability to follow simple instructions (repeat after me) proved
Small Fry to have IQ below 40 and hence a worthy Hasher.

GM proved to be a good solicitor, getting many Hashers to pledge
things for the Anniversary Run on 16 Dec. 
To ensure compliance, I am listing the pledges as I remembered :

Jon Azman & Nik Gee  - A barrel of beer each
Dr CMYap, Chew Kar Meng & Guru - Bottle of Scotch 
  (single malt or at least 12 years old)
Kumar, Playboy Choo & Bob Yong - 12, 12 & 2 bottles of wine
Burns & Bala - 2 bottles each of White Label
Buffalo Lee - Snacks
Lum Kor - Cash
Dato Nik Gee gave us each a golf umbrella
Thank you all!
The December children had their cake, after which the sinners were called to atone for their transgressions like vandalising the new sauna in the Men's Room (Bala), shortcutting (Prof Tie), wearing revealing garment like bicycle pants that leave nothing to the imagination (Woon). It was a hilarious circle and everybody played along sportingly. The sit-down meal at Bunga Raya was quite special with many delicious dishes washed down with a 16 year-old single malt Scotch, courtesy of the hares. Once again, a most delightful evening Next Week Hares : Allen Tan & David Liew Commonwealth Park .... go along the old road to Ipoh ... when you see the Shell station on the right, do a u-turn and at the Shell station, there will be signs to lead you to the run-site