Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Run 859 Mar 31 is in Bukit Subang

  • Run 859 is by Arthur and Vivien Hoi
  • March 31, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Subang
RLC Harriers Run 859, 31 March 2015
Hares : Arthur & Vivien Hoi 
(Thomas/Serena Tan & Chew Leng Soon as hired hares)
Runsite : Bukit Subang
Weather : Rain and rain and rain and rain and ....

It was a dark and stormy night

(two hours earlier)

All the Rlc Harriers started off at 5pm or earlier and then they met
the horrific traffic jams .. jams all over the place

Alice : We started at 4.45 and when we got to the Federal Highway ...
jam, jam, ... desolated place at about 6.45 .... We saw some cars but
no runners

CKLeong : Came upon a deserted place ...

David Wee : Very eerie, nobody there; so we joined Veloo & Dato Oon to
taste the best roti chanai and teh tarek in the world ..

GrandMaster Woon called a halt to all the nonsense and pressed his
roti-horn and off we went up the hill. Then it was a meandering course
round some oil palm plantation. We ran up the hill and then down and
all over the roads in the palm oil plantation. 

FRONP (front runner on no paper) was, of course, Uncle Yap ... one of
the few times, Mike Kuan was behind.

Then it was a patient wait ... surprise, surprise.. more and more cars
turned up ; each with a tale of traffic jam. We ended up with more
than 40 RLC Harriers

On!On!on! was on site                ... chicken rice with soup
 ... what a lovely soup

... and we ate and we drank on, oblivious to the weather ... as long
as we are together ... we will enjoy

Sober FootNote
Uncle Yap was at the first run and then thereafter, he has been on
almost every run. 

Tonight, we nearly created the first non-run but thanks to GM Woon, we
went up a hill, went round some oil palm trees and meandered all over
the place. 

After the showers, we all gathered for the Circle and what a lovely
circle ... all kinds of nonsense

Then it was a feast ... pigs' stomach, chicken rice, etc etc

Whatever the weather, we'll be together
On! On!

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