Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Run 858 Mar 24 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run 858, 24 March 2015
Hares : Richard & Janet Low 
(Lim Boon Hiong & Anne as hired hares)
Runsite : Rumah Bakti Siti Hasmah in TTDI & its vicinity
Weather : Dry after some rain in the morning

As we set off on a pleasant evening, the trail led all the way up the
road and then left into the forest. We ran on and on until there was a
check to the right up  a small hill. Someone shouted "On! On!" and we
ran forward. Then another check and again the same thing happened ...
the trail continued onwards

The third check was similar; but the keen eyes of CKLeong (who loves
siew chee so much that he would walk all the way to the tennis
practise wall to get his share from Wah Chai) saw pieces of paper up
the slope. Thus begun a long stretch of uphill climb with gradients
ranging from 45 to 60 degrees. Many people (eg UY) could be seen
hugging the trees and that less-than-200metres climb seemed like 2 km.

We then came on to a cyclist track with gradients between 15 to 30
degrees; but after the horrendous climb earlier, this was like a walk
in the park. A little way later, we came upon a bare hill and before
we knew it, it was down down down down all the way to home. A most
imaginative and pleasant run under the soothiingly balmy verdant
canopy (do not hesitate to look up the dictionary) and soon, we were
all home.

The Circle, as usual, was funny and witty with charges, real or
imaginery, laughable and amusing. Yes, we finished all the beer and
left for Uptown for a most delicious meal washed down with wine, beer
and whisky (Glen Morangie, some more)

We all had a jolly good time ... so I cannot understand why some
section members are not attending the weekly runs

On! On! 

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