Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Run 856 Mar 10 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 856 is by Bob Yong and Eva Lim
  • March 10, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC
RLC Harriers Run 856, 10 March 2015
Hares : Bob Yong Tow Foo & Eva Lim
(Chew Leng Soon, FKChin, C K Leong, David Wee & Mighty Mouse as hired hares)
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Drizzling

It promised to be a difficult day when the sky opened up with a slight
drizzle as we set off towards the traffic lights. As usual, Uncle Yap
would go off towards the National Monument.

The rest went up to the Tugu Negara and then down to the path that led
to Parliament House. The policemen at the guardhouse readily and
without being asked said "pusing kiri" and off we went down the slope
toward Jalan Ledang. The route went up and up and then we found
ourselves in the vicinity of the Senators' Club.

The check was broken when UY and Peter Leong went down a slippery
slope which led to the Dragon Trail*. The route thro Dragon Trail was
horrendous and most challenging. The path then meandered its way pass
all manners of obstacles and then we came to a narrow path around an
area condoned off by blue fences.

Then it was into a drain and up towards Jalan Tengku Ampuan and then
right to Changkat Tunku. Soon we saw cilvilisation when MRR came into
view, we knew the end was near. Nevertheless, it was a long run (altho
Thambi Chye's GPS showed only less than 6.5km)

FROP was, as usual, Mike Kuan at 73 minutes. UY came in at 7.30 and we
sat and waited for the rest of the gang ... Uncle Teh, Auntie
Margaret, Chee Mooi, etc

The Circle, like all RLC circles, was hilarious with ridiculous
charges made left, right and centre. The principal hare then told us
On-On-On was at LFF off Old Klang Road. Most of us made it and we had
a fantastic time; what with a litre bottle of a single malt (courtesy
of Chew Leng Soon), beer and Guinness Stout.

On a night when the weather was really miserable, we RLC Hashers knew
how to overcome and have a jolly good time

Note * The Dragon Trail (DT)

More than 15 years ago, I was introduced to a narrow stream to the
right of Parliament House. There was a path beside the small stream
and we walked/ran amidst the idyllic stretch of water. We ended up at
a hill where there was a Condo and we walked down towards Jalan Ledang
and came home.

Then things happened ... thunder and lightning occurred and trees fell
across the path along the stream. Adventurous hashers found a way thro
Dragon Trail by avoiding the fallen trees. But it was never like the
DT that UY fell in love with. Today the DT is an ugly path with many
trees fallen across.

Wouldn't it be nice if we can organise a path-clearing exercise and
restore DT to the delight that it was. Anyone can get hold of a strong
worker with a chainsaw? We just need one Sunday morning for volunteers
to clear the path and make DT what it used to be.

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