Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Run 860 Apr 7 is an In Run (RLC)

  • Run 860 is by Tim Moey and Jenny Hong
  • April 7, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC
RLC Harriers Run 860, 7 April 2015
Hares : Tim Moey & Jenny Hong
(plus many hired hares)
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Rain before and rain during and rain after ....

As we set off in the murky weather, I ran up the slope after the Club
entrance while the rest continued to the traffic lights and crossed
safely to the other side. At the National Monument (Tugu Negara)
I saw pieces of paper leading to the road towards Datin Ann's house. I
shouted "On! On!" bit nobody came. So I had no choice but to go
backwards to the road leading to the Club to shout "On! On!"

This time, they heard me and came scrambling up the hill and sure
enough, there was a compulsory check near Datin Ann's house.  Soon the
cries of "On! On!" could be heard and we ran down through the
vegetation (thank goodness there are no more hornets or were they
wasps?) and to the MRR (ahyooyoo, middle ring road also don't know

The rain was coming down hard and strong but the RLC Harriers
persevered and ran on, all the way through the Dragon Trail and then
back to the Club for a well-deserved drink of Isomax.

In the meantime, so many Hashers were seen staying away from the harsh
and wet run ... Kumar and Prema were cycling on the machines in the
gym, in dry and air-con comfort. Boon Pui and Bala were stark naked in
the sauna reading papers and Tarzan was walking around in the Men's
Room in a piece of loin cloth.

Anyway. most of us made it back safely to the Club and to the circle
at the Gazebo. There was much fun and hilarity with all those
ridiculous charges. Anyway, who cares as long as the barrel is drunk
dry. We also met a new member, Sam who took the oath and promised to
run the hash every Tuesday come rain, shine, tsunami, wife's birthday,

Dinner was on site and there was the usual spread and more ... maybe
this time we are getting our money's worth. After years of
exploitation with RM15 nasi lemak and RM15 chicken rice, we are
getting our just dues. Char Kway Teow, Poh Piah, satay, pesambok (not
sure of the spelling, but aka Indian rojak)

A bottle of gin appeared together with a bottle of single malt from
Scotland's finest. We had fun, fun, fun, but not on a Honda

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