Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Run 857 Mar 17 is in TTDI

Scribe report by Bala Pillai (James Bald)

All RLC hashers arrived well before 6pm. There were 29 registered when I arrived at 5.45pm. G.M Woon started the run at 6pm. The trail was good, it took us on flat ground an then came to a very high hill. All of them climbed the hill with some difficulty. Once at the top we had to run through a track with some bushes which led us to the road , a long road run home.

Once we reached home there some goodies to bite and plenty of beers. There were also late comers- some joined the run and some join the circle.

We understand that some of RLC hashers have gone to China and that was why the number attending was small, finally reached about 40 including guests
The beer was flowing and G.M. started the circle at 8pm. To my surprise, G.M. only called the hares and consultants Prof. Tai ,Calvin Wong and Dr. Yap (consultant) to be on downed. After that G.M. said he do not know what to do and was looking around for others to continue the circle and charge. I took the mike and charged G.M. for failing to call the guest. Guest were also charged. Tarzan was charged for talking on the phone on the run. The biggest HUMSAP was Arthur Hoi for looking at Alka's armpit whether got sweat or not. Some of us were charged for wearing Chinese NY  t-shirts because Chinese NY was over. Hash chairman came late and was charged. The first runner was Arthur was out in 55 mins followed by Peter Leong in 55.55 mins.
When circle was over, they announced that dinner would be at a nearby restaurant. The first 5 dishes for all and rest a little more adventurous. The beers and whisky continued during dinner.
On the whole, it was a very good run and good food. Event ended at about 10.30pm.

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