Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Run 898 Dec 29 is an In Run - RLC (2nd members' run)

  • Run 898 is the December Members' Run
  • December 29, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC 
RLC Harriers' 2015 Send-Off
Tuesday 29 December 2015 / Jane Oon 

After a fantastically eventful year, the Hashers of RLC could not let
2015 leave without a bang ... and so it was on the last run of the
year numbered 898.

Some 50 runners turned up and off we went into the Lake Garden where
the first check got everybody squeezing through a narrow gap before
climbing up to the National Monument. The second check was quite
predictable and we gingerly negotiated our way down the slippery
slopes of one of the last remaining bits of jungle in Kuala Lumpur.
When we emerged at Menara LPP, the SCB (short cut b*****ds) turn left
for home while the rest crossed the road where the third check posed a
huge unsurmountable problem.

The Dragon Trail was flooded and no alternative route could be found.
Little did the runners realise it was a back-check into the government
offices and then a road run back to the Club. At the hilarious Circle
that followed, many sinners were punished for crimes, real or

We dressed up in our Cowboy fineries and made our way to The Pavilion
for a night of revelry and festivities. Wine and beer and whisky
flowed freely. Sue and GM Woon won the muscles contest and awards were
handed out for outstanding Hashers - CKLeong got a pair of baguettes
for his untiring efforts in 2015; Boss received a dictionary to
improve her England, oops, English and GM Buta Buta Woon, a blindman's
walking stick.

The band kept the festive mood going - getting everybody on the floor
with evergreens like YMCA, Stayin' Alive and other rollicking numbers
... and so we danced and laughed and had a jolly good time saying
farewell to yet another wonderful year.

Good-bye 2015. Hello 2016. On! On!

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