Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Run 894 Dec 1 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 894 is by Dr Yap and Cecilia
  • December 1, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #894 Tuesday 1 December 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : Dr C.M.Yap & Cecilia
Weather : Rain before, and always threatening

By the time JM CKLeong pressed the roti horn, fewer than 40 runners
had signed in. This got the hares so worried about attendance (or the
lack of it) that they invited some other non-hashers for the On On On

As we ran off up the slope towards the Monuments, UY was the first
since he always cut straight up to Monument Hill whereas the rest
dutifully followed the paper pieces to the traffic lights before
crossing over. Then it was down the grassy hill, across a small stream
and then across to the other side.

The trail then meandered a bit before the unmistakable route back to
the reservoir and then through the deserted governemnt quarters and
then back to familiar territory on the way back home. As usual, our
Quiksilver Fox was the FROP at 53 minutes, followed closely by the
bunch of usual suspects like Mighty Mouse Lilian, Rule #1 Wendy,
Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC Thambi Chai.

The Circle was remarkable as it showed at least ten harriers with new
haircuts. Many of our runs are outside so whenever we run in, many
take the opportunity to visit the barber. Most would just sign the
chit afterwards but we had Bala who, on account of his diminishing
tonsorial assets, audaciously asked Mohan, the Chief Barber, for a
discount due to supposedly less work since he has less hair than
normal. Mohan politely told our lawyer "You should be lucky that we do
not charge you a search fee"

Playboy Choo was asked to reprise his amorous kissing with Ann; which
he did with so much gusto that he fell off the chair. As the hilarious
proceedings carried on, more and more Harriers came in, walking in
innocently one by one. Dato Steven Oon, ChiMui aka Auntie aka Casey,
Pauline Tan, Richard Low, etc etc so much so Cecilia was hard pressed
to place everybody at a table. For the count, we had about 60 diners.
(Dr Yap, just be thankful that Burns & Siti did not turn up)

The hares, mindful of the rapid draining of the beer barrel, quickly
ordered a few jugs and then the wine and 16 year-old GlenGrant Single
Malt made their appearance. The food was supplied by Bunga Raya and we
tucked in heartily ....

... and so we wined and dined into the night and we all had a jolly
good time.

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