Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Run 899 Jan 5 is the Hash AGM Run

  • Run 899 is the AGM Run
  • January 5, 2016 Tuesday 6pm
  • AGM starts 8pm in the Ballroom
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Passing The Hashing Baton
Tuesday 5 January 2016 / Uncle Yap 

The RLC Harriers AGM Run started after torrential rain, a harbinger of
things to come. Sure enough, the rain had turned a simple slope into a
perilously slippery path to negotiate and there were many muddied
backsides in that patch of jungle next to Monument Hill. After what
seemed like ages, we emerged to the road leading to the Sultan of
Selangor's KL palace. Then, it was downhill to yet another patch of
jungle before the trail led home to cold beer at The Hash Patch where
the Circle was conducted for the last time by out-going ButaButa
GrandMaster Woon Then Yew.

After that, it was hot showers and back to business at the Banquet
Hall where Chairman Col Johan called the meeting to order. The minutes
of the last AGM were passed with members continuing to be peeved and
disappointed about the recurring annual empty promises for a place to
call home; to wit, the hitherto still-born proposed redevelopment of
the Gazebo. The annual report was delivered verbally by GM Woon. The
Statement of Accounts showed a surplus of some five thousand rinngit.
This induced in Uncle Yap a modicum of ecstasy and he proposed to
retain the entire Mismanagement team for another year.

In the election that followed, Shyam Doshi aka Tarzan was elected as
Convener (Grand Master) assisted by TYWoon, Kathy Chang and Adrian
Cheng (Bugs Bunny). After a very successful and eventful 2015, the
hash baton is now passed to another energetic GM which augurs well for
the coming year. On! On!

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