Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Run 897 Dec 22 is at SMK Sri Hartamas

  • Run 897 is by Steven Khoo and Chin F Kee
  • December 22, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Outside SMK Sri Hartamas
  • Park Once Policy (On On on-site)
  • Bring torchlight, chairs mosquito repellent & umbrella/tent
RLC Harriers Run #897 Tuesday 22 December 2015
Run Site : SM Sri Hartamas
Hares : Steven Khoo and F.K.Chin
Weather : Totally dry

As we gathered in front of the school, there was an air of expectation
that Steven Khoo has a surprise for everyone. At the appointed time on
this Winter Solstice Day (a very important date in the Chinese
calendar and one of two celebrated not in accordance with the Lunar
Calendar ... a prize to the first to tell me what is the other one?)

At the appointed time of 6.00 pm, off we went to the main road to be
met with a very early check. It was broken at a point further on
leading to the pylons, after which we traversed some secondary jungle
before climbing down and turning right on to a tarred road. The trail
turned left up another jungle path and soon we were running happily in
the forest. 

Then came the surprise as we got on to a road. There he was, our hare
with his boot open, revealing the very inviting cold beer. That stop
was most welcome as the parched runners quenched their thirst. After
that lovely interlude, everything else was an anti-climax.

FROP was Steven Yong at 72 minutes followed closely by Quiksilver Fox
and Rule #1 Wendy and Mighty Mouse Lilian. We had our showers and sat
round for the inevitably hilarious circle. Our latest recruit,
Catherine Chang was formally awarded her pair of royal butler's

GM Butabuta Woon had to go back to officiate at his family Winter
Solstice dinner so our Tarzan made for a more-than-adequate
substitute. Charges flew left right and centre and of note was the "No
balls at all" song sung to commemorate the altercation between Dato
Nik Gee and Sivanesan (one called the other "no balls" and got "bitch"
in reply) For the record, nine Hashers signed the requisition for the
EGM to hear her side of the story.

The POP (park once policy) dinner was nasi lemak, complete with fried
chicken and kambung fish. Alas, no whisky but cans of cold Carlsberg
from the boot of Steven's car. So UY went home to have some single

The rest must have stayed on to enjoy the ambience, the camaraderie
and the idle chit-chat that make each Hash gathering such great fun.

On! On!

p/s Those who have volunteered to help set the Members' Run next week,
please meet at the usual place on Tuesday 29 Dec 2015 at 3.00 pm.
After the Circle on 29 Dec run, we will adjourn to The Pavilion for
the RLC Harriers New Year's Eve Party ... so dress up and be prepared
to be merry

As a special favour, we reproduce the lyrics to the No Balls song

Come here ye children
And listen to me
I'll sing you a song
That will fill you with glee
About a young lady
So pretty and tall
Who married a man
Who had no balls at all

Chorus :  No balls at all
  No balls at all
  She married a man
  Who had no balls at all

She clearly remembered
The night she was wed
She took off her covers
And jumped into bed
She reached for his shoulders
His shoulders seem small
She reached for his balls
He had no balls at all

Oh mother oh mother
Oh what shall I do
My sorrows are plenty
My pleasures but few
Oh how could you 
Allow me to fall
For this son of a bitch
Who had no balls at all

Oh daughter oh daughter
Oh don't you be sad
I had the same problem 
With your dear old dad
There's many a young man
Who'll run to the call
Of the wife of a man
Who had no balls at all

The young daughter
Tooks her mother's advice
And found the proceedings
Exceedingly nice
A seven pound baby 
Was born in the fall
But the poor little bastard
Had no balls at all

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