Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Run 896 Dec 15 is the 17th Anniversary Run - RLC

  • Run 896 is the RLC Harriers 17th Anniversary 
  • December 15, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - on on in the Orchid (dress rule applies)
RLC Harriers Run #896 Tuesday 15 December 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : GM Woon & Peter Leong
Weather : Rain before and during but stopped around 6.30

There was a festive air around the quadrangular in spite of the
incessant rain that had started pouring down at 5.00pm. People were
trying out Col Johan's wicked punch and the rambutan that Uncle Yap
had brought from Dr Gurmukh Singh's garden. The hashers and the guests
collected their freebie (a sarong) and soon it was time for the
obligatory group picture.

The roti horn sounded and off the 120 of us went along the road to
Jalan Parliament and left at Padang Merbok and into the squatters
colony where the hares had cut a path across the wasteland that had
acted as a public rubbish dumping ground. We came across discarded
sofas, building material waste (from some renovation jobs) and lots of
odds and ends. Very soon, we hit a road and then it was off to another
patch of jungle beside Datin Ann's house. This path has been a
perennial favourite among hashers but on this day, the path was
extremely treacherous and slippery. Wendy Rule #1 could be heard
shouting out the warning, "Don't grab the trees - full of thorns" and
people heard and obeyed and fell on their bums. Lots of backsides were
muddied here.

We emerged at Menara LPP and the SCB turned left and made their weary
way home. The others went straight across the junction and entered
another patch of jungle before traversing the path along Dragon Trail
and then back to the Club. FROP was Quiksilver Fox at 68 minutes
(wonder how he can time his arrival to end at 8 (fatt)?)

The Circle was another hilarious affair but soon it was time to bathe
and dress up in our fineries ... all the men in their suits and the
ladies in gowns and each capped by exquisite headgear from feathered
crowning glories from the Roaring Thirties to elegant outfits that
would not be out of place at the Ascot Opening Day. Very posh indeed.

Fine dining followed and it was accompanied by free flow of beer and
wine and many bottles of single malt whiskies, generously contributed
by hash section members. We tucked heartily into the food. In between
the courses, there were cake-cutting, games, fashion parades and lucky

The band played harmoniously in the background ... and we danced and
made merry into the wee hours of the morning and we all had a jolly
good time.

REMINDER : Sunday 8.30am Working Gang to clear Dragon Trail
Bring yourselves and parangs and cutters. All are welcome.

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