Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Run 893 Nov 24 is in Jln Desa Kiara (1st members' run)

RLC Harriers Run #893 Tuesday 24 November 2015
Run Site : The Condoland of KiaraMas
Hares : People's Run route set and papered by Peter & CK Leong, Leslie
Weather : Rain before, during & after run 

At the inaugural people's run, the die-hards came in droves. We parked
at the top of the hill and soon the rain came and we set off into the
verdant jungle that still remains. After a bit, a check was found in
the middle of a slope but nobody except UY was fooled. The rest went
straight on and soon we were faced with a steep hill. Up, up and up
with gradients from 40 to 60 and gradually tapering off to 20-30
degrees at the summit. The steep slope was unrelenting and many trees
were hugged before we reached the top. 

Then it was on to another hill. Luckily, this time, it was down, down
& down until we came to the second check across a small stream. The
front runners had broken the back check (before the stream) but
neglected to remove the paper to the stream ... so like fools, the
second batch of runners were stranded on the other side until Thomas
and Ann Choo said they recognised the path home. Like the SCB that I
was/am/will be, I eagerly followed and soon was showering and drinking
beer and eating vadil.

The not-so-smart runners went on to yet another few twists and turns
and Mike, the FROP did not reach home until 7.08pm followed closely by
Thambi Chai and Lilian Mighty Mouse. The runners came trickling home
and soon the only key left in the key-basket was one of a car driven
by David Liew.

The Circle proceeded in its usual merry ways with sinners (e.g. not
wearing RLC Harriers t-shirts, carrying an umbrella throughout the
run, pissing in front of everybody) being punished left, right and
centre. In between finger food and beer, we survived the drizzle. Then
it was time for the On On On at Sai Kong. Most of us were familiar
with the place and soon we were partaking of the splendid spread of
food washed down liberally with GlenMorangie (courtesy UY), Singleton
(Dr Yap) and Green Label (Buta Buta GM) and wine provided by Elvis

We then celebrated the birthday of Playboy Choo who was photographed
kissing his wife amorously. Then came the good news that David Liew
had emerged from the jungle and was safe and sound. The spontaneous
applause that greeted this was so loud and full of relief. Tonight, no
Oily Chapter two ...

... and so we ate and drank and made merry on a night which would have
normal people rushing home to bed but which could not keep down the
indomitable spirit of Hashers. On! On!

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