Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Run 876 Jul 28 is in Bukit Lagong

RLC Harriers Run #876 28 July 2015
Run Site : Bukit Lagong
Hares : Tommy Chin & Yem
Weather : Fine weather

As we waited (most of us arrived early because we were so unsure about
the traffic), we saw the hares from the ParkCity Hash coming back but
our hares who went in at 4.00pm were still not out ... trouble

At 6.00pm, GM Woon pressed his roti horn off we went up the slope
along the makeshift unpaved road used by Forestry Dept officials and
maintenance workers from TNB servicing the pylons. The upward path
seemed to go on for ever and ever until broken by a check. The
not-so-clever runners went left, only to be met by some pieces of
papers and then no more ... so back to the right and then we continued
to climb up and up.

Then the road stopped and we were led into the jungle and what a
relief. After the heat of Kuala Lumpur, this place was like an
air-conditioned forest. We climbed up and up and then at footcamp
Everest where we could see the sky, something happened!

Ann Choo was caught in an avalanche. Playboy Choo was at hand and
rescued her, giving her the kiss of life and then decided to carry her
down to base camp. UY, the ever willing gallent gentleman, agreed to
go down ahead to ensure no snow drift would impeded their progress and
he did a wonderful job. Playboy Choo will certify that no snow was
present on the route home.

As soon as we arrived home, Mike Kuan came in FROP at 7.20pm. Then the
fun began ... our hare, Tommy started opening the durians and
rambutans. Everybody who came home made a beeline for Tommy's truck
while the itchy fellows started looking for leeches that had managed
to climb aboard. 

When the circle started, we had some unfinished business from last
Saturday's Quadrangular Run in Klang. Short-cutters like Cecelia Yap,
Serena Tan and Vivien Hoi were punished for crossing the railway
lines, ignoring the safety bridge above. The 4 drinkers who won the
Boat Race for RLC Harriers were feted - Peter Leong, Leslie Antoine
and the absent Good Mood Veloo and Prema. Well done, you did us proud.
Col Johan was honoured for waving the RLC flag proudly with his "Balls
to your partner" performance.

After the circle, we made our way to a restaurant where good food was
served, washed down with a bottle of GlenMorangie, courtesy of UY.

We all had a wonderful time as always
Now for those of you reading this report and were not there at Bukit
Lagong tonight, what the hell ... come and join us.

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