Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Run 873 Jul 7 is an In Run - RLC

  • Run 873 is by Uncle Teh and Margaret
  • July 7, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run (RLC - dress smart)
RLC Harriers Run No 873 
Run Site : Vicinity of Lake Garden
Hares : Uncle Teh & Auntie Margaret 
Weather : Fine weather 

As we waited for GM Woon to press his roti horn, we were introduced to
Trevor, a New Zealander here on IT business with Steven Yong. Trevor
is a keen runner and he has been running with us recently. He will be
coming to run with us again next week and has promised to do the Haka
(a NZ dance usually performed by the All Blacks before a rugby match,
please go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hYlNO61ImA for samples)

The trail led up to the National Monument and then on to Datin Ann's
house where the route led downwards into a forest that emerged at the
junction of the MRR (middle ring road lah). We were held up by a check
which was soon broken when Wendy came along (everything happens when
Wendy is around). Right into another bit of forest which ended up
inevitably into the Dragon Trail. 

Alas, the whole Trail is now seriously blocked by fallen trees and is
impassable (anyone keen to join UY and Dato Steven Woon on a Sunday
outing to clear the Dragon Trail? Anyone has access to a power saw?).
So a short cut to civilisation was to run along the fences of
Parliament House and then down and back to the bridge/road from
Parliament House to the Club. FROP was, as boringly usual, Quiksilver
Fox at 52 minutes.

At the Circle, we bid welcome to Dato Xavier whose readmission meant
that if one were to throw a stone at an RLC Harriers Circle, it would
hit a Dato' and the stone would rebound and hit another Dato'. Colonel
Johan sang all the assembled Dato's a lovely song about the pleasure
of digital manipulation. The new Dato will be formally inducted next

There was also a changing of the guards (even grander than the one
performed in front of Buckingham Palace) when new member, Leslie was
formally inducted as the new Butler. Alas, the out-going butler forgot
to bring the royal gloves and was on-downed for his oversight.

All the leg-pulling and teasing were taken in true hashing spirit and
we then made our way to Bunga Raya where we were treated to many
courses of delicious food, washed down generously with a bottle of
GlenMorangie and a smoky-peatish Scotch. 

We all had a jolly good time and if you were not there but still
reading this, then, what the hell are you doing? Missing out on all
the fun
P/S Next week's run is at the same site as Wendy's two weeks ago in
Kiara Mas (remember parking on one side of the road and then watching
all the Filipino miads walking their dogs?)

PP/S Tarzan & Jane will be celebrating an anniversary next Sunday (12
July) with a pizza run at Gasing Playground at 5.30pm plus an
invitation to their hill-top residence for a swim and refreshments. 

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