Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Run 877 Aug 4 is an In Run - RLC - Dress Smart

  • Run 877 is by Thomas and Serena Tan
  • August 4, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run #877 August 4 2015
Run Site : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Hares : Thomas & Serena Tan
Weather : Fine weather

As we waited for the clock to reach 6.00pm, people were still talking
about the last two runs, the Quadrangular in Klang and the Bukit
Lagong "feed the leeches" run, so beloved of Tommy Chin and the
durians that he brought. At the appointed time, we set off to the left
while for some obscure reasons, Extra Virgin was seen turning to the
right. Up we went to Monument Hill by a circuitous route and then made
our way to see the Sultan of Selangor. 

However, His Majesty had been called away on important state duties
and our tea had to be postponed to another day. As we climbed down to
yet another piece of jungle, we reflected sadly that we are running in
pieces of greenery that is fast disappearing daily. We meandered here
and there like the TV programme, "Dunia Di-Sana Sini" and then came
the long stretch home. As usual, the sly Quiksilver Fox was FROP
slightly over the hour while the rest came trickling in.

At the Circle, there were a lot of finger food and GM Woon was
officially christened Buta-Buta amidst other wild and frivolous
charges against all and sundry. 

The concept of Open Run was further discussed whereby 6 hashers will
be involved each time, 2 to recce and lay the trail, 2 to provide
tidbits and 2 to provide extra drinks like wine and whisky. Food will
be served to people who must positively opt for it in writing before
the run and the cost per table shared among the people on that table.
The first of such runs will be on the last Tuesday of October and
thereafter, the last Tuesday of every month. With this innovation,
every RLC Harrier will only be burdened with one hare duty per
calendar year.

We made our way to Bunga Raya where a feast awaited us. As always, a
good time was had by all.

See you at next week's run, somewhere near Zoo Negara

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