Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Run 874 Jul 14 is in Jalan Desa Kiara 1

RLC Harriers Run #874
Run Site : Vicinity of Mont Kiara
Hares : KitKat & Derek Wong but mostly plotted by Wendy Lum
Weather : Fine weather, thank goodness

As we waited and watched the Filipino maids walking the designer dogs,
little did we know the drama that would unfold later that evening.
Exactly at 6.00 pm GrandMaster Woon pressed his roti-horn and off we
went straight up the hill and into the cool verdant covers of Bukit

Up and up we climbed and then there was a check which stopped
everybody for quite some time. At the bare hill-top, we looked down on
some pretty sights. Soon "On! On!" was heard and we came down sharply
on some steep ground. Mercifully, the ground was largely dry,
otherwise many backsides would be muddied.

At the bottom, there was some confusion. Shit-stirrer (aka Arthur Hoi)
was heard shouting "Short cut" and like fools, we all followed him up
a trail that seemed to go on for at least one km, only to find the
trail ending abruptly without a single shred of paper. In the
meantime, Wendy (she was everywhere) assisted the slower runners to
the correct trail and off we climbed up another steep hill.  We could
see the amount of work Wendy and her crew had put into clearing the
path through a jungle little run by other chapters. 

At the top, Wendy was there (told you she was everywhere) to point to
the Walkers' Trail and the Runners' trail. The difference was an extra
long loop which covered some treacherous steep inclines. The walkers,
meanwhile walked along a path carved out by water flowing down all
these years. It was quite a long way down before we emerged at the top
of the highest condominium block. After that, it was plain walking
down to the site for a welcome drink.

It was quite a remarkable trail, well thought out and marked (yes,
with plenty of identification paper saying 874) and should rate as one
of the best runs of the year (Sorry, Ann Choo, have to borrow your
favourite phrase)

As we bathed and drank and had our usual circle of fun and
frivolities, little Jeremy Poh could be seen asking everyone "Have you
seen my Dad?" Extra Virgin Jim Poh was still missing and after the
recent escapade of Oily Teo in Bukit Hatamas, we were all so filled
with misgiving and apprehension.

We went to D'Fong for dinner but the mood was not quite the same ...
on everyone's mind was the nagging anxiety of a lost comrade. We did
not notice that Derek, a true connoisseur of the finest Scotch and who
has one of the best collections of whiskies in Malaysia had fobbed us
off with ordinary single malts like GlenLivet, Glen Fiddich and Old
Pulteney ... as soon as we had satisfied our physical hunger, we all
made our way up to the run site to await news of the search for Jim

A search party had gone in and sometime after 10, there was a cry of
joy and jubilation "He's found!". We all burst out spontaneously with
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a poor wretch like me
I once was lost but now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

Thus ended an evening of high drama. Anxiety and anguish were replaced
by relief and delight. Nope, Jim, you will have to wait another time
for your headline in The Star.

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