Sunday, 28 June 2015

Run 872 Jun 30 is in Duta Nusantara

RLC Harriers Run No 872
Run Site : Duta Nusantara
Hares : Dato Good Mood Veloo
Weather : Fine weather

It has been a couple of years since we last ran here and the changes
in the meantime have been tremendous, one aspect of which was the
total absence of natural vegetation in the public domain. Every inch
around the area has been exploited by rapacious developers for big

GM Veloo had laid on a pre-run spread of curry puff and vegetarian
pakoras at the Clubhouse of his gated community. The slow clock (by 15
minutes) at the Clubhouse resulted in the run being horned off 5
minutes late. Then it was a relentless road run from here to eternity.
We covered the whole of the Government complex and across through the
hockey stadium and even crossed a main road via one of the entrances
to the Agong's new palace. A long 8km or so of dangerous road running
while cars whisked past us perilously.

The bunch of 9 front-runners led by Quiksilver Fox came in about 65
minutes, followed by another foursome (no, not the taxi-patrons who
love to reprise the previous week's run but Steven Yong and his New
Zealander colleague, CKLeong, the siew-chee lover and UY) some five
minutes later. Thereafter, the rest came in proudly to claim their
t-shirts. Some of the hashers took of their tops and dived into the
inviting pool while others sipped cold beer or partook of the ABC.

The hare had also provided a wide array of drinks which included 4
different brands of whisky and this side-bar was open even before the
beer ran out. The Circle was the usual riotous affair with absentees
being welcomed back into the fold. Then we sat down in comfort to a
sumptuous buffet of bryani rice with mutton and other goodies like
freshly-made tosais. It was a generous spread by a generous host who
also brought his daughter, oops, wife (she is quite young-looking) to
savour the ambience of a hash gathering. The only minus note was the
absence of fish-head curry (next Veloo on-on-on should be in Sentul
where we can have a POP run around the old golf course)

... and so we yakked and drank into the night in the safety of the
gated community and all had a good mood time ... 

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