Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Run 871 Jun 23 is in Mont Kiara

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

This was such a good run that 4 hashers led by Uncle Yap crossed the
fence and re-ran Boon Hiong's short trail (marked identically with
small triangular paper), ending up once again at Rumah Bakti where
they caught a cab and paid RM21.40 (can buy empat ekor?) to join the
rest at Wendy's Lum's intended run-site.

Okay fast forward to ------>

RLC Harriers Run No 871
Run Site : Mont Kiara
Hares : Wendy & Lum Seng Yip
Weather : Fine weather

We waited patiently at Jalan Desa Kiara 1. watching Filipino maids
walk their dogs and watching exotic dogs shit all over the grass. Then
the roti horn held by JM Steven Khoo sounded and off we went across
the road and into the green wilderness yonder. The hare was on hand to
take pictures of us running up the hill and also to accompany Uncle
Teh and Auntie Margaret down safely home.

It was a route that we have not run for many a year and remained quite
challenging as we struggled all the way up this side of the Kiara
Hill. As we started to climb down, a check beckoned and the front
runners had to backtrack. On and on, we meandered through the forest
until the short trail appeared, marked by small bits of triangular
paper. Some sort of confusion arose near the fencing and the front
runners ran helter-skelter, trying to make out which paper was facing
the right way and which was fresh. Eventually, the correct way home
was found except for the four heroes who felt nostalgic about last
week's run and did a reprise. 

As Ann Choo would say, it was the best run of the year; although
Steven Khoo felt Wendy needed another lesson in laying paper which
should include the following :
- on the same hill as last week's run, use different paper (certainly
NOT the same small triangular)
- once in a while, do put up some RLC identification to differentiate
from other chapters' trails
- once in a while do make clear the direction of the trail (chalked
arrows or RLC identification paper facing you on a tree)

GrandMaster Woon rose from his sick bed to join us for the circle and
there was a discussion on the unfortunate case of Teo Kim Lean, the
hasher who is still missing at Bukit Hatamas in Cheras. Past GM Veloo
informed the group that next week's run-site is a gated community and
only cars registered with him will be granted entry and that bathing
facilities will be made available.

The Circle was, as usual, a bundle of frivolous fun and enjoyable
entertainment as sinners were hauled up for all manners of
transgressions which emptied the beer barrel before we made our way to
Chez Steven in Bangsar for our 5-table dinner. Head Chef May presented
us a good table, complete with vegetarian curry, smoked chicken and
other goodies. Lum Kor brought a bottle of GlenFiddich and a bottle of
Grant and guest Edward, some bottles of wine.

We dined and wined into the night.

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