Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Run 869 Jun 9 is in Bukit Subang

  • Run 869 is by Choo Yon Kit and Ann
  • June 9, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Denai Alam Bukit Subang
RLC Harriers Run No 869
Run Site : Bukit Subang - Denai Alam
Hares : Playboy Choo & Ann
Weather : Fine weather

The last time we came here, it rained cats and dogs and the whole area
was flooded. This time, Playboy Choo did a slight tweak and shifted
the run-site a couple of streets away and we had fine weather the
whole evening.

Some 40 RLC Harriers started off into the palm oil plantation which
has some hilly bits but mostly flat land. Break after break were
broken and as we came to the final stretch, it was a ding-dong battle
between Quiksilver Fox and the young upstart, Justin Poh. Experience
won the day as Mike came in at 56 minutes FROP. 

It was a well-laid run with usual SCB completing the route in
daylight. At the Circle, Leslie who almost became a PIG (permanently
invited guest) of Col Johan was inducted as a member on his own right.
Col Johan was also feted as the person who invited the most number of
guest for the Beer Crawl (all 67 invitees) and his two children, Marie
and Daniel were similarly applauded for helping to bring down the
average age of RLC Harriers (now going above 60 years)

We then moved to Thiam Fatt, a restaurant in Subang Village (more like
pekan now) for a feast, complete with more beer and whisky. 

For those not here tonight, where were you? Notable absentees included
Bala, Guru, Allen, Woon, Alka, Tarzan, Wendy Lum ... 

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