Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Run 870 Jun 16 is in TTDI

RLC Harriers Run No 870
Run Site : Rumah Bakti, TTDI
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Weather : Fine weather

As we gathered at the familiar spot, it was evident that many of our
die-hard regulars were missing, mostly travelling to others places
like Allen Tan in the UK, Steven Oon in Pangkor Island, Playboy Choo
playing somewhere, etc. Nevertheless the 40-odd of us pressed on up
the hill and into the cool shades of tropical trees.

The trail meandered to the left and allowed runners to run parallel to
one another. I chose the upper route (never like to lose the height so
painfully gained) and could see the rest running below. On and on we
went until we reached the summit where pieces of triangular paper
appeared, indicating the short route back. Of course, I followed that
whereas the macho runners like Peter Leong, Steven Yong and Wendy Lum
opted to punish themselves further. Their route took on more up's and
down's whereas the triangular route was almost a beeline to the
run-site. I was FROP at 65 minutes.

The regular FROP was again Quiksilver Fox Mike at 75 minutes, followed
quite quickly by the rest. Alas, there was no young chikoo from the
Poh family to push the old fox. Most came back in the diminishing
daylight and we tucked in heartily into the finger food galore ...
chicken legs, pows, kuehs and Duck King's duck. The Circle was
slightly enlivened by the arrival of the Chairman, Burns who nowadays
is not running but only eating and drinking (you are going to grow
fatter) and Buffalo Lee. Try as the various bomohs and quasi-bomohs,
the beer just could not be finished. So the rest was poured into a
Coleman and brought to the restaurant.

One issue was discussed and it was overwhelmingly accepted that one
run per month wef September 2015, will be declared an open run with
nobody assigned as hare and the food at the On On On paid for on a
pro-rata basis. Only two , Veloo and Yong Tow Foo objected but they
graciously accepted the will of the majority to give the proposed
scheme a try. The whole idea of the change is not to burden each
hasher with more than one hare duty per year.

At the restaurant in Uptown, we walloped the mee-hoon curry, the
chicken and all the other goodies provided by the generous hares;
actually too much, judging by the number of tar-pow. Yes, we managed
to finish all the beer left over from the Circle and polished off
another bottle of Green Label.

Indeed, a lovely evening with good friends, good run, good fellowship,
good food, good beer and good whisky; what more can a person want?
This is life, c'est la vie as the French would say. On! On!

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