Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Run 862 Apr 21 is in Jalan 5/4 Gasing

  • Run 862 is by C K Leong and Dato Lee Seng Chuan
  • April 21, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • New Car Park on Jalan Tanjong 5/4 PJ
RLC Harriers Run 862, 21 April 2015
Hares :  C K Leong and Dato Lee Seng Chuan
Runsite : Gasing Car Park
Weather : Threatening to rain but held off until after Circle and food

As we gathered at the new car park, we marvelled at our luck to have
such a facility that is private, big enough for our chapter, has
toilet facilites, so close to the entrance to Gasing Hill Nature
Reserve and yet so far away from residents who have complained about
our noise in the past. For convenience, we shall henceforth refer to
this place as the Gasing Car Park.

At the hour of 6.00, GM Woon pressed his roti horn and off we went
right to the entrance to the nature park. It was up, up and up until
we hit a check which was quickly broken by UY and Mike Kuan. Then the
trail led to the "abandoned" Indian temple at the top of the hill and
then down again along some concrete drain leading to the reservoir.
Another check was broken and soon we were going down the hillside
where we could see Old Klang Road with Veloo leading the pack as he
was very fortunate to find the previous check down a rubber hose.

The trail led down and then up along a new road before going into some
more jungle. Then we emerged at the temple road and we went down and
did a u-turn into  the verdant jungle of Bukit Gasing. Near a stream
there were two signs; straight on for the normal route and left for
the short route. I took the left and was FROP at 66 minutes followed
by Lim Boon Hiong and Kumar. For the normal run, our Mike Kuan was
FROP, followed close on his heels, by our new member, Sam who could
not keep up with the wily Old Quiksilver Fox at the final stretch.

At the car park, some one came with a 60 katty burnt offering. It has
been a long time since we last had such a delicacy as appetiser. The
queue was long but everyone had a decent share. Thank you, Dato Lee
for the treat.

The Circle was, as usual, hilarious ; alas, we soon ran short of beer
so it had to be truncated when Dato Lee shouted "Food is served!"
The on-site meal was the crowd favourite of chicken rice and chicken
leg soup. We all tucked in with gusto. Meanwhile, Tarzan, living
nearby, made a dash and came back with two cases of Carlsberg to be
chilled and shared.

Chew Leng Soon, one of the hired hares, brought out a bottle of 12
year-old Old Parr and we partook eagerly. We ate and we drank and we
all had a good time. Pity the drizzle came and made us leave a
wonderful site of fun and enjoyment.

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