Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Run 861 Apr 14 is in Eco Park Setia Alam

RLC Harriers Run 861, 14 April 2015
Hares : Mike Kuan & Boss
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Rain in the afternoon but dry during the run

The run route was to be expected ... first we ran up the hill and then
left towards another treacherous path, made slippery by the earlier
rain. Then came a check which was quickly broken. In fact, most of the
checks were very easily broken, leading Bugs Bunny to wonder whether
it was true. Mike seemed to have lost his subtlety.

The route took us up and down the various "hills and jungle" which may
not last too long as all have been earmarked for development. We are
going to run out of running sites.

Soon, we were at the illegal settlement and back to the long road
leading home. We were greeted by warriors packing pistols and cannons.
The Thai Songkran Festival has travelled down south. Most of the
shooters used water pistols of small calibre; no contest for the 5500
pressure rating (about 500 psi) water cannons sported by Uncle Yap and
CCGoh. Put in the ice water from the cooling box and you have a very
chilly greeting. It was great fun. Nice to behave like children once
in a while.

The on-site food was in galore ... nasi lemak plus chcicken feet plus
roast duck plus all kinds of goodies. A virgin guest (Why Me?)
remarked that it was a full meal, only to be told that was only the

The circle was, as usual, another round of harmless fun and
frivolities and when the beer barrel was dry, we moved to a proper
restaurant across the road where there was whisky and rum to wash down
the food.

We dined and wined well into the night. This has been another fine
production from the RLC Harriers. No animals were harmed or killed
during the production.

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