Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Run 863 Apr 28 is in Bkt Hatamas Cheras

  • Run 863 is by Tan See Meng and Pauline
  • April 28, 2015 Tuesday 6pm
  • Taman Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
RLC Harriers Run 863, 28 April 2015
Hares :  Tan See Meng & Pauline
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Kepong
Weather : Raining all the way until during/after Circle 

It was a dark and stormy night

Yes, Lilian, tonight was one of those days when it was miserable, wet
and thoroughly gloomy. 

We gathered at Ah Pak San (old man's hill) and it was raining cats and
dogs. We waited a while but the cats and dogs kept on coming down

6.00 came and GM Woon had no choice but to press his roti-horn to
start the run. Off we went to the right and into a series of jungle
paths. The paths were slippery and soon we came to a check. Playboy
Choo broke it and off we ran through some more jungle path until we
saw daylight. The daylight was at the side of the hill where you could
see the world and where you came from.

Of course, being the lazy scb, I chose to run down, followed by Thomas
Tan and other intelligent hashers whereas the other heroes turned
right up the hill and continued with the long route, together with two
other hash chapters. Alas, the torrential rain had swept away much of
the paper trail and subsequent checks were either missed or not
broken. For those who persevered, it was one mistake after another.
When the FFROP (false front runner on paper) in the shape of CCGoh
came back at 7.08pm, he was quickly followed by Mike Kuan and Peter

Tan See Meng, the hare said nobody broke the 2nd and 3rd check; so
everybody who came back did not complete the intended run. Anyway, all
of us had fun, notwithstanding the horrible weather. Never mind the
weather, as long as we're together.

We tucked into the wide spread of snack food, nuggets, chicken
backside, oneh oneh, yam cake, roast duck, etc etc. Then we started
worrying when someone mentioned that the two Joint Masters (CKLeong &
Steven Khoo) were still in the wildiness but life must go on and the
Circle started when the rain let off a wee bit. More charges followed.
In the midst of another ridiculous charge, someone shouted "They are
back!" and we saw the faces of CKLeong and Steven Khoo. Phew! Tan Meng
See, according to Bala, had been spared the duty of going in to rescue

It was then time to announce next week's in-run. Dato Nik Gee was
mentioned as one of the hares and then C.K.Wong. A voice in the crowd
shouted "Dato and Datin's run" We do have some witty comics in this

We then partook of the fantastic array of food from fried ikan kembong
to chee-toh tong (non-halal soup) to chicken rice. By this time, we
could see the moon shining brightly on the Hashers. Someone announced
the opening of good Scotch and we made a beeline for that elixir of
life aka Scotch whisky.

We drank and we ate through the night. What a wonderful time we had.

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