Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Run 841 Nov 25 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 841 is by Lee Bulchand and Jai Belani
  • November 25, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 841, 25 November 2014 
Hares : Lee Buchan & Jai
Runsite : Lake Gardens & its vicinity
Weather : Intermitten drizzle

At around 5pm, rain started coming down. Then it stopped and the sun
came out, producing a glorious rainbow. But this did not last long and
the slow but steady drizzle accompanied us all through the run which
started off in the direction of the Panggung Anniversari before
meandering out of Lake Gardens, past Tun Razak Memorial and then to
the multi-junction that led to the Polis Museum, Planetarium and the
National Museum. There was a check.

After some ten minutes, a shout of On! On! was heard at the back of
Tun Razak Memorial and we descended into Lake Gardens again. Another
round of walking/running and soon we were within visual contact of the
Club; here many could not resist getting out of the miserable rain and
made a beeline for home.

The other more robust hashers ran off into the green yonder and
towards the final bit, had to traverse another bit of jungle in the
dimming light of the day ... didn't they learn to keep the last bit of
a run on the road? As all the trail was more or less skirting the
Club, a few at a time found their own way home ; the weather was
really not conducive for staying out and running in the cold when a
hot shower beckoned.

The Circle at the Gazebo was enlivened by certain hashers who have
submitted their forms to stand as candidates in the upcoming AGM. But,
as usual, legs were pulled and ridiculous charges were made to ensure
the beer barrel was emptied. The shirkers who did not venture out were
identified when our Bomoh made a check around the Club and caught them
exercising in the gym, texting near the barbershop, swimming in the
main pool like Johnny Weissmuller (only those over 60 will recognise
the Olympic swimming champion who gained fame as the best Tarzan of
the silver screen) or generally lepakking.

The dinner was bryani rice made from the best basmati rice and
accompanied by either chicken curry or mutton curry or both. Quite
delicious but a tad tame (next time, put in more chilli) ... and we
continued wining and dining and having a jolly good time.

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