Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Run 842 Dec 2 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 842 is by Dr C M Yap and Cecilia
  • Dec 2, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In run - RLC - dress smart

RLC Harriers Run 842, 2 December 2014 
Hares : Dr Yap Chung Mui & Cecilia
Runsite : Lake Gardens & its vicinity
Weather : Dry but always threatening to rain

As we gathered at the quadrangle, we were most relieved to see the
return of our beloved GrandMaster, Col Johan, this time bringing his
nephew, Lee John Salmon, a strappling young man in his prime, to join
the run and the chapter.

At 6.00 pm, GM pressed the roti horn which he then gave me. Sheesh,
today I cannot shortcut   Off we went towards the National Monument
but the trail turned right into a check. The front runners were high
and dry but Arthur Hoi (aka S*** Stirrer) soon found the connecting
paper pieces along Jalan Parliament and we ran towards Bank Negara
after which we did a U-turn uphill towards the JKR HQ.

There was a check near the abandoned JKR quarters which proved to be a
red herring. We went on for a while longer and came upon another bit
of jungle (quite civilised really, without thorny undergrowth or wet
patches). On and on we ran until we emerged to Jalan Tun Ismail. 

This was a road stretch which joined Jalan Tunku and then into
Belvedere and up the slope (whatever happened to all the pandan
leaves?) and then we could recognise the way home through the evening
traffic jam. FROP was, as usual, Mike Kuan (aka Quiksilver Fox) at 58
minutes. I was 10 minutes or so behind. Excellent run for this time of
the year when it get dark quite early.

The returnee, Naidu and the newby Lee John (later christened as Small
Fry since he is the son of a Salmon) were duly inducted. Once again
the inability to follow simple instructions (repeat after me) proved
Small Fry to have IQ below 40 and hence a worthy Hasher.

GM proved to be a good solicitor, getting many Hashers to pledge
things for the Anniversary Run on 16 Dec. 
To ensure compliance, I am listing the pledges as I remembered :

Jon Azman & Nik Gee  - A barrel of beer each
Dr CMYap, Chew Kar Meng & Guru - Bottle of Scotch 
  (single malt or at least 12 years old)
Kumar, Playboy Choo & Bob Yong - 12, 12 & 2 bottles of wine
Burns & Bala - 2 bottles each of White Label
Buffalo Lee - Snacks
Lum Kor - Cash
Dato Nik Gee gave us each a golf umbrella
Thank you all!
The December children had their cake, after which the sinners were called to atone for their transgressions like vandalising the new sauna in the Men's Room (Bala), shortcutting (Prof Tie), wearing revealing garment like bicycle pants that leave nothing to the imagination (Woon). It was a hilarious circle and everybody played along sportingly. The sit-down meal at Bunga Raya was quite special with many delicious dishes washed down with a 16 year-old single malt Scotch, courtesy of the hares. Once again, a most delightful evening Next Week Hares : Allen Tan & David Liew Commonwealth Park .... go along the old road to Ipoh ... when you see the Shell station on the right, do a u-turn and at the Shell station, there will be signs to lead you to the run-site

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