Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Run 839 Nov 11 is in Taman Bukit Hatamas Cheras

RLC Harriers Run 839, 11 November 2014 
Hares : KFChai & Wong Fook Loy
Runsite : Bukit Hatamas, Cheras
Weather : Beautiful dry weather in this period of rain

It was a glorious day ... in this season of rain rain rain, the whole
run and the circle was drenched with sunshine and dryness

As we left for the starting trail, we passed another chapter CHHHHH,
must be the Cheras Hash House Harriers & Harriettes. We went straight
into the jungle and the route led to an uphill climb ... there was a
check which Mike Kuan broke easily. 

Then we ran downhill and we came upon a resting point, complete with
cover, table and water-dispenser. Then I remembered ... this was the
exact spot that I spent a couple of hours when I got lost during a
kaki Hash run a year ago when Alice was in London, looking after the
grand-children. I waited and found a table top ... I was completely
wet but I did not feel cold because there was no wind blowing. I
decided to settle in for the night. Then some kind souls decided to
mount a hunt for me and tiba2 I heard Peter Pan's voice. I started
banging on something ta ta ta ta Ta Ta. That night, we rejoiced for my
deliverance and I sang " I once was lost but now I'm found, Was blind
but now I see"

We ran uphill again and soon we came upon Stage 3 and there was a
sign, Left, short run; Right, long run.  Of course, I turned left. It
was a very good trail downhill (anything down is, by definition, good)

From talking to the people who went for the long run, their trail led
upwards to Stage 5 and 6 before coming down to join the short run

I was at the forefront until a group of runners led by Lim Boon Hiong,
Ann Choo and KFChin overtook me at a long stretch of uphill trail.
Then a dark horse by the name of Allen Tan overtook all of us. A group
of CHHHH runners came by and soon we could see the downhill roue to
base camp.

At daredevil speed, we ran downhill but I overtook everyone. Then, in
sight of base camp, someone overtook me ... sheesh, Mike Kuan again

He became the FROP for the long run at 60.1 minutes, followed closely
by Wendy Lum and the shit-stirrer, Arthur Hoi. Uncle Yap led the
short-runners with an FROP time of 60.2 minutes, followed very closely
by Ann Choo, Allen Tan and Lim Boon Hiong.

It was a fantastic run with all kinds of variations of jungle trails.

Then we settled down for the circle and the On-On-On! ... all in the
same spot ... another excellent POP Run (park Once Policy)

The chicken/duck rice that followed soon was great ... then the bottle
of 12 year-old single malt was brought out and we tucked into the good
food and the excellent drink

Another excellent outing!

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