Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Run 838 Nov 4 is an in run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 838 Serena & Thomas Tan
  • Nov 4, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • 1st Tuesday In Run RLC - Nov Birthdays
  • Dress RLC Smart casual

RLC Harriers Run 838, 4 November 2014
Hares : Thomas & Serena Tan
Runsite : Vicinity of Lake Gardens
Weather : Beautiful weather that held on until 6.55pm

It was the first run of the month and as convention has it, it must be
an in-run.

The whole day had been a very threatening one, anytime the sky would
open up and buckets would pour down. But hashers are also conscious
that God is also a hasher and will safeguard our Tuesday ritual. The
resulting dry and sultry weather made for ideal running conditions
when JM Jim Poh pressed the rotiman horn.

We ran off and Alka (for a rare occasion, on time) led the pack across
the road and down Jalan Parliament. At Padang Merbok, the trail turned
left and there was a minor hitch at the teh-tarik stall where a check
was being cracked. Soon, the sound of On! On! was heard and we climbed
up a stair almost hidden by creeping vegetation. Hey, this looks like
a longkang run which Wendy Lum is famous for ... rotting meat and
probably liquid body discharge.

Soon, we were out in the open with the first opportunity for people to
short-cut back. Die-hards turned right and soon there was another
trail leading down into another bit of jungle before coming out into
the open and across the ring road. This check took a while and some
like me went into the dragon trail. When the On! On! was sounded, the
pack went into another patch of jungle and circled the other side of
the fence for Parliament House and then back home. I went on to
Parliament House, met up with Lim Kit Siang and then headed for home.

It was an easy run, quite suitable for the kind of weather and light
condition at this time of the year. FROP was shared between newbie,
Steven Yong and old cock, Mike Kuan at 6.50 on the dot, followed by
Feel Good Veloo. The front runners were all back by 6.55 when the rain
started ... see what I mean about God being a hasher?

When we gathered at the Gazebo, we were inundated with Deepavali
goodies. The Circle, as usual, turned out to be a hilarious affair
with ridiculous charges following one after another. Hash Chairman,
Kumar fried another plate of fried rice, telling us that the GC has
approved RM350,000 for the renovation of the Gazebo. Old stale news
... we were told the same old story four years ago when Veloo was GM
and Ng Boon Puey was Hash Chairman ... all we got was a new cold box
worth RM300 while the Tennis courts were given a make-over costing
about half a million. Talk about poor cousins!

The November babies were all feted with a birthday cake (later served
at the dinner). Tarzan was the flavour of the night, going up to get
free drinks all of six time (not running, a sore third leg, etc etc)

The dinner at Bunga Raya was washed down with three bottles of
GlenFiddich and all had a wonderful time.

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