Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Run 840 Nov 18 is an In Run - RLC - dress smart

  • Run 840 is by Bala Pillai and Guru Johal
  • November 18, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
Thanks Uncle Yap for the Boracay update.Envy u guys.Back home only 13 hashers took off when I sounded the horn at 6 pm. 8 other harriets started late but caught up with the pack as Veloo who carried the horn was given strict instructions not to leave the pack behind. Also they took 15 minutes to break Bala's first check.

All in all it was a good run with newbie Steven coming in at 7.15 followed by Veloo n the rest.
There were several charges including the late comers but Bala's guest (soon to be son in law) provided much laughter as he was grilled and made to confess hid love and devotion.

As expected we could not finish the barrel and 7 gugs had to be consumed at the Bunga Raya. When I left Bala's Glenlivet was hardly touched as the 7 gugs kept going around.
The food was sumptuous and surplus as Burns, Siti, Shyam and Alka failed to turn up.
Pity hare Guru missed a most enjoyable evening. On on.


On Sunday morning, we all met at the RLC where a bus was waiting to
take us to KLIA2. Our AirAsia flight took off at 10.50am and we landed
at Kalibo International Airport at 2.30. The airport is about the size
of Ipoh Airport. Then a bus took us for slightly over a hour's journey
to the Paraw  Ferry port.

On the way, we stopped at the Ibajay Rest Area to buy beer. Then the
party started with KFChai getting everyone to finish a litre bottle of
GlenLivet Special Brew. By the time we got to Paraw, we were feeling
merry and juiced up. The ferry took a few minutes to bring us to the
Island of Boracay where we were transported to Boracay Beach Club.

Since we would be around the sea, Tai Kar Cheh Vivian gave us each a
water-proof bag to protect money, phones from moisture. Most
thoughtful. That night we enjoyed a buffet dinner and roast pork was
the attraction; crispy skin and all that. We finished a whole bottle
of GlenMorangie. What a night.

Monday dawned bright and clear and we had breakfast across the road.
Then it was a short wait for the banana boat ride. Thirty of us loaded
into two long sausages and we had the time of our life, splashing
water and behaving like small children.

We had lunch at a seafood place where we bought fresh seafood and gave
them to a restaurant across the road to have them cooked. Lobsters,
giant prawns and other cholesterol-rich seafood washed down with
whisky and local beer.

After such a rich meal, I decided to take a walk with David Wee and
soon we came to a tattoo parlour where we enquired and got us both a
tattoo for our beloved. Mine was "I love Alice" whereas David chose a
cat design with Lilian written below.

We came back and most people saw my tattoo ... at teatime, Julie Fong
asked me in front of Alice to show my tattoo. I had no  choice but to
show and after that, a cold war broke out ... my wife, whom I had
declared my love for publicly treated me like a persona non grata ...
she even cried that I had mutilated myself ...

We went for the catamaran ride to watch the sunset and she
cold-shouldered me. All kinds of entreaties from friends failed to
move her. Die loh!!!

A lovely birthday party was being planned for Steven Oon so in order
to prevent untowards incidents, I decided to tell her "Ma, why so
angry over something that will disappear in a week's time?" Then she
smiled that she had been fooled into thinking that I would have a
permanent tattoo instead of a henna tattoo. That night, she was seen
smiling from ear to ear as we joined the party (sponsored by Boon Kee)
to celebrate Steven's 51th birthday. 

We had one of the staff dancing like a pro (only Wendy with her belly
dancing experience could match her). The party went on deep into the
night and we finished four bottles of Scotland's best. People like
Jeffrey Low and Thomas Fong could be heard singing 'Delilah', 'It's
Now Or Never' late into the night.

Tuesday morning dawned moist and wet; so it was a dismal party that
made its way to the boat for a round island trip. Quite interesting
and we saw the exclusive resorts like Shangri-la and Friday in
Paradise and other hotels with private beaches. The rain stopped BUT
the seawaves still found its way into our boat and many were drenched.
As usual, the Boss had made provision to have on board liquid
refreshment; so nobody went thirsty.

We came back and quickly made our way to Crown Regency Convention
Centre where we tucked in hungrily into a lovely buffet lunch,
courtesy of Hare Woon & Jenny. At four we started the highlight of the
trip, a special run around the beach and the surrounding hills. It was
quite novel to run through a resort and thanks to the kindness of the
hares, Woon and Mike Kuan, everybody came back well within 45 minutes.
Shit Stirrer Arthur Hoi found it too short and decided to have second

But here in Boracay, it got dark pretty early and we conducted our
circle while the RLC Harriers were just starting off the run round
Lake Garden. Today, their number would be severely depleted.
Walking Tall started the Circle and soon charges came fast and
furious, people carrying umbrella, couples holding hands, people
getting tattoos, people who lost their voice, etc etc

Dinner tonight was special, each hasher was wearing the special shirt
made for this occasion ... red shirt with a tropical holiday motif.
The buffet laid out was most generous  and we all tucked in with

Tomorrow we leave for home. How time flew when you are having a good
time. Wish you were here.

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