Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Run 837 Oct 28 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

RLC Harriers Run 837, 28 October 2014
Hares : Uncle Teh & Auntie Margaret
Runsite : Bukit Lagong
Weather : Rain earlier on but dry and sultry from 5pm onwards

Most of us approached Bukit Lagong with a bit of trepidation. The
leeches there are reputed to be most active during rainy season, but
Tommy Chin, the hired hare assured us that the route bypasses leech
territory. He was even prepared to give RM10 for each leech brought
back clinging to a body.

So off we went, first up that hill that stretches on for a few hundred
metres and then there was a check. Wendy found it first but never
shouted (I would have on-ed her down but it would be a waste of
water). CK Leong found it next and we all moved down the gentle slope.
The earlier rain was evident everywhere, wet plants and pools of water
on the path.

Then there was a gentle rise of about 15 degree gradient for about a
couple of km. Slippery but never hazardous. Sudddenly, there was a
sharp turn to the right and we knew we were coming to the homeward
stretch. Nevertheless that downhill stretch was treacherous in parts
as some muddy backsides attested. Soon we reached the kampong
settlement and on to the tarmac road and homeward bound.

FROP was Mike Kuan in 40 minutes. I was back in 50 and among the top
ten (Thank you Lilian and David Wee for not coming ... Lilian was busy
in China taking her parent on a tour of Zhangjiajie National Park)

That was the correct route to set for this time of the year when it
gets dark pretty fast. The first half or 3/4 in jungle and hills but
the last bit on tarmac road. The last runners came in safely at 7.20
with the last bit safely on the road. Arthur Hoi, please take note.

GrandMaster Johan was absent so Joint Master Jim Poh took over the
rein. The habitual late-comers, Burns and Siti failed to turn up
although Bala did. The Deepavali festivities must have kept back
Tarzan and Alka, Lee Buchand, Guru and Veloo, all AWOL.

As we sat and drank, we found the number wanting ... only 27 runners.
Uncle Teh telephoned the restaurant to change the menu to include
abalone but that was not available. He tried roast suckling pig and
was told this requires advance order ... sheesh, what luck.

Tried as we did with charges after charges but we just couldn't
finished the barrel. So Aru followed us to the restaurant and served
beer there to accompany the bottle of single malt.

The number may be small but we made up with increased spirit; in fact
I left for home rather spiritual, after a few rounds of whisky.

Footnote : Mike Kuan & Tim Moey came back with one leech each and Bob
Yong and Jim Poh wore leech-guards. Yes, all were punished suitably.

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