Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Run 829 Sep 2 is an In Run (RLC) - dress smart

  • Run 829 is by Jon Azman and Chew Kar Meng
  • Sepetember 2, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run (RLC) - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 829 2nd Sept 2014
Hares : Jon Azman & Chew Kar Meng
Runsite : Lake Gardens and its vicinity
Weather : Dry, cool and balmy weather ideal for hashing

RLC members are so used to being surrounded by the Lake Gardens that
we all take it for granted and seldom know what's housed within until
a Treasure Hunt forces everyone to notice things. This run was
something like that, a thorough going round the nooks and corners of
the Lake Garden. Do you know the lake in the garden is called Sydney
Lake, after the wife of the wife of the Governor of the Straits
Settlement, Sir Frank Swettenham.

Anyway, the hired hares in the form of Peter Leong, Tim Moey and
HongKong Cath laid a trail that ventured into every small recess of
the Lake Garden from smelling the faeces of deer to two gardens
dedicated to the cultivaltion of orchid and hibiscus, our national
flower aka hibiscus rosa senensis aka bunga raya (where we adjourned
to later for our grub)

For some, it was an educational tour while for others like Uncle Yap
and Thomas Tan, it was completely lost as they veered far far away
from the track, following the papers of the Shah Alam Hash that
happened to have a run in the same vicinity on Tuesday evening.

Be that as it may, the five checks helped to keep the pack bunched up
and less that 30 minutes separated the FROP (Mike Kuan, of course at
less than an hour) and the last runner.

Notable absentees from the run were our GM and our Tarzan/Alka duo
whose shop in Jalan Gasing must have been invaded by many customers
that they were too busy counting bank notes to come to the run. I will
surely on them down next week.

At the Circle, our VP who is also the Editor-in-chief of the Club
Newsletter was punished for taking out the story about Col Johan's
"wear and tear" circumcision. Now, a whole generation of RLC members
will be deprived of this wonderful tale.

Since it was the first Circle for a new month, all the birthday boys
and girls had a joint celebration and they did a good blow job with
Pauline actually celebrating her xxth birthday.

Burns, Siti and Richard Low were on-downed for treating the RLC
Harriers like a supper club. They have not joined in a run for many
months now.

After the Circle, we adjourned to Bunga Raya for a lovely seven course
dinner, washed down with wine and whisky and of course, beer.
Another fun evening of good exercise, gooder beer & food and goodest

On! On!

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