Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Run 828 Aug 26 is Royal Lake Club

  • Run 828 is by Mavis Wong and Julie Fong
  • August 26, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC 
  • On on - out of club

RLC Harriers Run 828
Hares : Mavis Wong & Julie Fong
Runsite : Vicinity of RLC
Weather : Fine weather

Yesterday, Monday night was a whooper of a night. We visited Carlsberg
Brewery and had a jolly good time. Some people were still feeling the
effects of too much good beer ...

... but the majority of us turned up punctually for the in-house run
crafted so carefully by Rule Number One; yes, Wendy Lum set a most
interesting run, squeezing out the last bit of jungle in this centre
of Kuala Lumpur.

We ran to the traffic lights but Uncle Yap made a detour up left
towards the National Monument. The trail took us towards Padang Merbok
but it ended with a check. We were wandering around like headless
chicken until we heard a shout of "On! On!" from Mike Kuan. He, in
turn, had heard a shout of "On! On!" from Uncle Yap who had spotted
the resumed trail.

Into this tiny bit of jungle, we ran. It was very well laid with paper
bits ... in such remote places, who bothers about "too much paper"?

Then we came to the roads and here Mike Kuan and Playboy Choo overtook
Uncle Yap. Soon they came to another stop ... another check. They ran
forward and then came back "False Trail!" Another group started going
into the "illegal kampong" and shouted "On! On!" and we ran into the
settlement of make-shift huts and found that certain government
quarters which used to have dogs barking at us when we passed have
been abandoned (they must have got the utility companies like TNB,
Telekoms and Bekalan Air to stop services and drove the residents out
... now they have some valuable real properties in the centre of KL so
more development from crony companies????)

We then passed the Madrasah and it was up and left whereas some SCB
(not Standard Chartered Bank, but short cut bastards) turned right and
ran home to the sauna. Since I was  one of the SCB's, I cannot
describe the legitimate run any further.

I must say I was impressed by Wendy's careful cutting into new
territory and her liberal laying of paper into the god-forsaken jungle
around RLC ... she is truly a good lay, oops layer of paper.

At the Circle, it was another round of riotous fun and frolic. I must
say we have a very sporting band of hashers who will even go up and
drink to some nonsensical charges.

Dinner was along Jalan Ipoh, at a restaurant (Kesuma) where we had
plenty to drink and much to eat. Serve RLC Caterers right for
over-charging Hashers. RM740 Tim Moey had to pay for chicken rice for
50 people !!!???? I suggest we continue to boycott RLC caterers
(except possibly for Bunga Raya) until they come to their senses and
not overcharge Hashers.

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