Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Run 832 Sept 23 is in Setia Eco Park

  • Run 832 is by Choo Yon Kit and Ann
  • September 23, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Setia Eco Park, Shah Alam
RLC Harriers Run 832, 
23 September 2014 Equinox
Hares : Ann & Choo Yon Kit aka Playboy
Runsite : Setia Eco Park
Weather : Dry

From Chambers Dictionary
   n either of the two annual occasions when the sun crosses the
equator, making the night equal in length to the day, about 21 March
and 23 September

There are very few sun worshippers left nowadays; most having died off
with the Egyptian Pharaohs but RLC Harriers briefly resurrected the
worship by celebrating the crossing (we are 3 degree north of the
equator) with a run at what remains of a virgin jungle that is
destined to be destroyed and made into more houses by greedy

Promptly at six, GM Col Johan, without his faithful dog but
accompanied by his 'Uncle John') pressed the roti horn and off we went
up a hill. The trail was along a path where trees were being murdered
by cuts around the bark. The once-verdant jungle seemed quite surreal
like a movie scene from the day after a nuclear holocaust.

Then another hill beckoned, this one with more green remaining but the
freshly cut road is an ominous sign that the green will not remain for
long. From a distance, the front runners could be seen to come down
another freshly cut road and Uncle Yap was fooled into short-cutting.
Then a shout was heard and the downward run was a false trail. Up
across cut trees everywhere we ran until we reach a summit where a
make-shift gym was found, complete with tables and chairs. The hares
have also written a message for hashers to take a rest and enjoy the
panoramic view, which was quite spectacular.

From there on, it was down and down except that the trail ended at a
squatter settlement where foreign workers employed in the development
housed themselves. Some huts even had their own generators. Then it
was a long 2km run along the road but it seemed like 4 km to the
now-tiring legs. Home at last after 85 minutes or so, less than half
an hour after FROP, Peter Leong who got in at exactly 7.00pm.

The Circle honoured the RLC Harriers who had won most of the prizes at
the Charity Run last Saturday. We can also take pride that the
President, Teoh Cheng Hai had referred to us as from Loyal Lake Club
(no, not Arthur Hoi talking) as loyal members who come forward and
partake of Club activities. Our Wendy Lum (running in the Veteran
section beat the winner in the Open section with miles to spare) For
more, please read the next Newsletter.

Two new members, Steven Yong and Ruby Lim were duly sworn in and yes,
they fumbled the 'state your name' part. Since Ruby was initiated on a
Tuesday, a suitable name would be Ruby Tuesday, after that famous
Rolling Stones hit.

We adjourned to a nearby restaurant where good food awaited. The hares
had very generously provide free flow of beer, Guinness Stout and two
bottles of exquisite Glenlivet single malt. Sheila, the GM of
Damansara Hash was a guest of the hares and she played mother-in-law,
going from table to table, drinking with hashers.

A good time was had by all.

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