Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Run 830 Sep 9 is in TTDI Bangunan Bakti Hasmah

  • Run 830 is by Anne and B H Lim
  • September 9, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bangunan Bakti Hasmah TTDI
  • On On at Yoke Tho Hin Rest in Uptown Damansara Utama
RLC Harriers Run 830
Hares : Lim Boon Hiong & Anne
Runsite : TTDI Hills from Rumah Bakti
Weather : Intermitten rain which cleared up for a dry circle 

Tuesday afternoon saw horrendous wind sweeping KL and PJ accompanied
by a rain storm. It did not look good for our Tuesday run. But, as
they say, God is a hasher and it cleared up to a manageable drizzle
come 5pm or so. Into this fine mist, we started the run up the tarmac
road into the TTDI hills.

Then the trail veered left into the verdant jungle and we went up and
up until we reached the crest. Then it was down and you guessed it, it
went up again. The hares led by Sifu Lim Boon Hiong had very
imaginatively woven an interesting path, maximising the leafy cover
which minimised the effect of the rain; like as if we had a giant

Checks abound but were quickly broken and soon, we recognised the
homeward path as we ran down the hill on to the tarmac road leading
home. FROP was again Mike Kuan at 60 minutes. Then came the long wait
for the last runners (CheeMooi, Uncle Teh and Auntie Margaret) who
checked in at 8pm, one whole hour after the FROP.

But no time was wasted. The weather was now balmy dry and the
expedition led by Dato Steven Oon had a photo-shoot of their first
training session for an impending assault on Mount Kinabalu. We tucked
heartily into the post-run food galore, mooncake, pomelo, fish cake,
water melon, etc

Then it was time for the Circle, another uproarious affair which not
only honoured the most caring couple on the run (Playboy Choo & Ann,
of course together with a new hasher, Steven Yong & his guest) but
recognised the most neglected spouses (dead-heat between Jennifer
Kuan, Lum Seng Yip & Derek Wong; hereinafter called the "neglectees")
and their spouses (Mike Kuan, Wendy Lum & KitKat; hereinafter called
the "neglectors") who run off on their own, totally neglecting their

... and of course, no Circle would be complete without Tarzan and Alka
being brought up so that we can sing the song that begins "A rich girl
rides a limousine ..."

Finally, the beer ran out and we convoyed our way to Uptown for a
delicious meal preceded by Anne's famous chicken legs. A bottle of Jim
Beam was largely untouched as Malaysian are not used to the raw
Kentucky taste of bourbon or whiskey (spelt with an 'e' ) The
12-year-old single malt aka GlenLivet Whisky (no 'e' ) saved the

Surprise, surprise, Tarzan and Alka (they named an effervescent
antacid and pain reliever called Alka Seltzer after her) came and the
hares had made prior arrangement to given them a couple of vegetarian
dishes, curry and toufoo plus fried rice. Welcome, please join us more
often for the On-on-on.

And so the jolly hashers from RLC Harriers made merry into the night
and a good time was had by all.

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