Sunday, 14 September 2014

Run 831 Sep 16 is the 2014 WWW Pub Crawl

  • Run 831 OC by Tommy Chin
  • September 16, 2014 Tuesday (Public Holiday)
  • Start from RLC 7.00am (registrations open)
  • if late go direct to Old Railway Station (near National Mosque) before 9am
Run 831 : Wild Wild West Ale Train Pub Crawl
Whole day Tuesday 16 Spetember 2014
From RLC to Railway Station to Tanjung Malim to Ipoh and back
Weather : Early morning drizzle who morphed into a glorious day

Malaysia kita sudah berjaya! 
What better way to celebrate Malaysia Day by a pub crawl that started
at the break of dawn when the crew woke up early to get ready to
receive the guests ... and they all came together and caused a stir by
the long queue that formed. Fret not, enough time allowance had been
made to ensure that the registration process and the freebie
distribution and morning bite could be carried out with time to spare.

The first leg of the pub crawl was a scenic route from the Club to the
old KL station, passing the picturesque Masjid Negara ; we had more
than half an hour to take pictures while waiting for the train. In
line with the Wild West theme, hashers were clothed in pseudo-deerskin
garment; many with Red Indian headwear.

The 200 odd hashers were divided into three sections, D, E & F after
the coaches booked. Each had its own crew, comprising stewardesses and
butlers. Since alcohol was not allowed on the train, a fruit punch was
distributed. Alas, due to poor storage, some of the pieces of fruit
had started to ferment. Nevertheless the punches were quickly and
greedily consumed without a single complaint. Many who have never been
on a Malaysian train were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and
the speed. We made the journey to Tanjung Malim in an hour and to
amuse us, Tom & Jerry was played plus an educational film on how to
use the toilet ... most fitting fare for people with IQ below 40.

At Tanjung Malim (that town which had a 23-hour curfew imposed by Sir
Gerald Templer during the 1948-1960 Emergency for suspected harbouring
of bandits although some, not without reasons, called them
freedom-fighters) we started the second leg of the pub crawl from the
station. The two hares, Michael Kuan (aka Quicksilver Fox) and Lilian
Wee (aka Mighty Mouse) had set a route through a simple rustic
kampong, complete with rubbish being burnt under the coconut tree and
goats and chicken running about. There were signs that bovine
creatures were also being reared when some careless hashers stepped
into cowdung (or it that bullshit?)

The trail ended at a shady spot conveniently near the railway station.
The hashers tucked into the nasi lemak with great gusto. Beer had been
chilled while being carried in a pick-up truck driven with great care
by Shyam Doshi (aka Tarzan) and guarded by a teetotaller, David Wee.
Would you trust a drinker to guard the beer? There was a brief circle
conducted by Arthur Hoi (aka Shit Stirrer) and we soon had to pack to
await the next stage of the journey, from Tanjung Malim to Ipoh. While
waiting for the train, we caused a stir by singing the national anthem
and got everybody at the station standing up. Tanjung Malim must have
felt the reverberation from our spirited rendition of Negara Ku.

For this one and a half hour journey, the organisers have purchased
barley water for the customers. Alas, due to lax quality control, the
manufacturer had substituted a poorer quality of material, namely
coconut sap and again due to less-than-adequate storage, it had begun
to go off a bit. Strangely enough, the only complaint was that it
would taste a tad better with some Guinness Stout added to it. Hashers
are an easy lot to please.

Then came a surprise ... each runner was presented a cowboy hat
courtesy of Joint Master, Tommy Chin. On arrival at Ipoh, we started
Run #3, routed through a very historic part of town and ending at the
Royal Ipoh Club where we were welcomed by none lesser than their
President, VP and Sports Chairman. We had arranged for this affiliated
club to serve the famous Ipoh chicken rice with taugeh. Beer flowed
freely and the hosts were feted at the Circle. Seeing how much fun we
were having, the Club is now contemplating starting a hash chapter. We
wish them well.

The final part of the journey, the homeward ride back to Kuala Lumpur
was quite eventful. Even though the acoustics in the coach was not
exactly meant for Bach and Beethoven, the wandering minstrels led by
guitar-wielding C.K.Leong went from coach to coach, leading some
singalong sessions.

We arrived at 6, in time to begin the final run from the station to
the Club on our customary Tuesday time slot. The Grand Circle was
conducted by Grand Master Col Johan on the front lawn. Event chairman,
Tommy Chin and the brain behind the event, Jennifer Kuan (aka The
Boss) were duly acclaimed. The crew that had spent much time and
effort to ensure everything went well were similarly honoured. Some of
the charges that followed drew merriment and laughter e.g. our
President, Mr Teoh Cheng Hai caught holding hands with his wife in
Ipoh. Such exhibition of affection is a no-no during a hash run. 

A quick shower and soon we were in Bunga Raya, enjoying an
eight-course dinner. It was a very noisy affair with animated
conversation at every table. Beer, wine and whisky flowed.

We all came home, exhausted and spent after a long day, feeling very
satisfied and elated at an event that had turned out to be such a huge
success. On! On!

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