Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Run 825 Aug 5 is an In Run (RLC) - dress smart

  • Run 825 is by Dr CM Yap and Cecilia
  • August 5, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • In Run - RLC - dress smart
RLC Harriers Run 825
Hares : Dr Yap Chung Mui & Cecelia
Runsite : Lake Garden & its vicinity
Weather : Dry weather 

The two Joint Masters, Tweedledee and Tweedledum aka Tommy Chin and
Jim Poh flagged off the run promptly at 5.30 pm according to the slow
clock (whatever happened to the RM5 IKEA clock that Uncle Yap bought?)
hanging above us.

The paper trail led us out across the road to the foot of Tugu Negara
(National Monument) where there was a check (why do hares set a check
so near the start when all the hashers are still bunched together?).
This was not so quickly broken as the trail resumed innocuously by the
side of a "jungle". This patch used to house some hostile hornets and
bees. Fortunately, they no longer live there; probably chased off by
the noise from the construction in the adjacent lots. We ran through
this patch to emerge at the junction of the ring road where there was
another check.

Helter-skelter we searched in vain for the resumption of the run
route. Wendy Lum had declared the Dragon Trail a false trail and
according to Rule Number One, Wendy is never wrong. Rule Number Two
states that when Wendy is wrong, refer to Rule Number One.

Fortunately Uncle Yap and Arthur Hoi persisted and found the trail
which quickly went upwards by the side of the fencing for Parliament
House. It was a steep climb and then on to the road which meandered
through the exclusive residential areas of Jalan Duta before coming
home. Good moderate run of some 6.5 km with Michael Kuan being FROP at
65 minutes.

The Circle was another boisterous and entertaining affair with hashers
being hauled up variously for having a haircut, singing song in the
Karaoke Room, having small nuts and not wearing RLC hash attire. 

It was also announced that the planned Carlsbery Brewery Run has been
cancelled due to a mistake (not ours) in booking and replaced by a
Brewery Visit on the evening of Monday 25 August 2014. Please make
your own way there; no sports shoes and clothing please, just smart

On-On-On was at the Bunga Raya where the hares gave a good (but dry)
spread. Ah Lum Koh again failed to bring that bottle of whisky that he
had pledged (for the Janda Baik outing) but Tommy Chin just happened
to have a bottle of Chivas Regal in his bag. Phew! Saved by

We dined in fine air-con ambience and had a jolly good time. On! On!

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