Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Run 827 Aug 19 is in Pantai Hillpark

  • Run 827 is by Uncle & Auntie Yap
  • August 19, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Pantai Hillpark/Bangsar South
  • On on - Hoi Kee in Tmn Desa, directly opp Tmn Desa Medical Centre, off Old Klang Rd.
RLC Harriers Run 827
Hares : Uncle Yap & Alice
Runsite : Pantai Hillpark, Bangsar Selatan
Weather : Sultry but dry weather after a heavy downpour at midday

The hares, assisted by Lim Boon Hiong and Ng Boon Puey, had gone to
lay the trail at 9.30 in the morning. All went well until noon when
they were done and just about to reach the Community Centre. Then all
hell broke loose and it pelted down with a vengeance. All the flour
and shredded paper (so thoughtfully and eco-friendily used by the
hares) would be compromised; as found out later.

At the runsite, Harriers started coming in quite early. Dato Allen
Tan, fearful of losing his slow Ferrari in an exchange for Uncle Yap's
fast Alza came to the site at 5.35, 25 minutes early !!! Your Ferrari
is safe for now (phew!)

At six, GM Colonel Johan blew the horn which was then passed to ex-GM
Vellu and away they ran to the right of the building site and into the
cool jungle forming part of Bukit Gasing. Up and up the trail went
until the peak was reached. Then it was down the hill where workmen
were busy laying on concrete walkways and there the first check was.
That was soon found to be left of the hut, previously thought to be

We soon came along a stream and then up again along a steep incline
which included a circular check. It was around here that many hasher,
tired of looking for the paper trail (now obscured by the rain) turned
back for an early shower. The other persevered and came down to
another site where some work was in progress to turn the place into a
scenic rest-stop (the cynics among us think these are all projects for
cronies at vastly inflated prices). Another check here was broken and
the trail led ominously towards the Telekom Tower.

Mercifully, the trail then veered right and soon we were at the
entrance to this nature park. A short run along the road to the
suspension bridge and a few front runners were fooled into crossing
the bridge to find a check which resumed on the homeward trail to the

Theorectically, this was how the run was planned and laid. Alas, the
severe and heavy downpour around midday had destroyed most of the
flour and masked most of the paper shreds. Only the identification RLC
tags stapled intermittenly to leaves and trees along the trail
withstood the wind and the rain. Uncle Yap apologises for the choice
of material which resulted in agony, anguish and anxiety.

In any case, the true-blue hashers in the form of Walking Tall, Arthur
Hoi and Peter Leong were the first three FROP, clocking in at 7.20pm.
Not far behind was David Wee who was totally jubilant about beating
Wendy Lum and Mike Kuan in the same run. The usual suspects like Tamby
Chai, Tommy Chin, Tarzan and Alka trickled in. Then a long gap while
we waited for the last group of six stragglers. They came back safely
at 7.53, just in time to join in the Circle.

After the usual delightful nonsense when parts of the anatomy were
made into chee-cheong-fun, it was also revealed that grab bust (moh
lin) is better than stroking the thigh (moh thai peh). Notable guests
included WSLee & his wife, Walking Tall & Pet Pat, Leslie and a runner
who ran with his knapsack (My name is Sue, how do you do?) 

The Circle was then told of the misfortune that befell Chairman Kumar.
Apparently, he got into the Lake Club lift from B2 and a buxom lady,
very generously endowed came in to share the lift and Kumar could not
keep his eyes away from her huge boobs. Then she (both hands occupied
holding some packages) said "Please press one" ... and Kumar, whose
eyes never left her ample breast stretched his hand and pressed one
... Kumar is now in Room 515, Assunta Hospital, PJ. Visiting hours: 12
to 2 and 6 to 8pm.

Dinner was at Hoi Kee in Taman Desa. Thomas Yee, the chef had laid on
a mouth-watering spread including steamed Song Fish-head and oyster
fried with egg and chee-yow-char. Two bottles of Glen Morangie plus
some cans of beer helped to wash down the scrumptious meal. It had
been another delectable and enjoyable evening.

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