Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Run 826 Aug 12 is in Bukit Lagong Selayang

  • Run 826 is by Tommy Chin and Yem
  • August 12, 2014 Tuesday 6pm
  • Bukit Lagong Selayang GPS: 3.2558406, 101.6413759
RLC Harriers Run 826
Hares : Tommy Chin & Yem
Runsite : Bukit Lagong, Selayang
Weather : Murky weather with heavy rain

The day started off murky and continued being grey and dismal.
However, life must go on and promptly at 6, JM Tommy Chin (also
doubling as one of the hares) horned off the run. (Editor's note: it was 6.03pm and the run was flagged off by Tarzan).

We climbed a very steep hill and then it was down; followed by a
steady upward climb along a very long trail. Deja vu, does this mean
we have to go along the long long trail that goes on for miles and
taking more than an hour to complete. Like people on a roller-coaster,
we had no choice but to go on and on and on. Thankfully, the route
suddenly turned right and then after a little bit, we saw civilisation
and the road leading back to the run site.

It was pelting down dogs and cats and whatever creatures and it was
difficult in the heavy downpour to discern who came in first. Anyway,
the top five included Wendy Lum, Tambi Chai, Mike Kuan, Arthur Hoi and
Dato Steven Oon ... FROP is between 50 to 60 minutes.

The hares had arranged to have a POP (park once policy) run but with
the unrelenting rain continuing to pour down, alternative arrangements
had to be made and a hurried Circle was started with the intention of
going to a fully-covered restaurant. But the weather God played tricks
and the rain stopped.

Food was brought on to the site but the Circle must go on. Apparently
the Gods observed that two persons who would normally be counting bank
notes in a place called P.Lal in Jalan Gasing had actually been at the
run-site before 6pm. No wonder the gods cried with disbelief and hence
we got a very wet run. Please remind me to on them down again next

Dato Steven Oon went home to shower and maybe have a quickie and when
he called to find out where the on-on-on was, he was politely told
that the quality food had run out. Home-cooked chicken curry, "lemang"
(glutinous rice cooked in monkey pitcher plant) and beef and chicken
serunding. It was a feast full of quality, albeit lacking quantity.

We sat in the moonlight (no more rain, thank you) finishing the barrel
(this kind of weather is not conducive to beer-guzzling - where were
you, Dato Allan Tan) with a great deal of difficulty.

Then we went home after being told of next week's run , hared by Alice
and Uncle Yap.
Run-site : Pantai Hilltop Community Centre aka Bangsar Selatan aka
Kampong Kerinchi
On-On-On : Hoi Kee in Taman Desa, directly opposite Taman Desa Medical
centre, off Old Klang Road.

Uncle Yap, Village Elder, RLC Harriers

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